Whangarei parkrun #287

Whangarei parkrun
Event number 287

2 July 2022

Colin's 100 Milestone 

july2 16

Time to get the Thesaurus out and find any as yet unused superlatives in connection with this amazing man- doubt that you will find many! This becomes a challenging report to write because either:

1.It's all been said before


2. It's about to be said again given all the media presence from Seven Sharp, The Advocate, parkrun etc

Colin was quite the media personality , and how he took to it! You forgot his age as he happily went from one interview to another, one photo session to the next! This after playing the role of Pied Piper as he led a large contingent of his family who walked with him in celebration of his  milestone achievement.

july2 28

Let's pause momentarily there to ensure that others who achieved milestones don't go unrecognised. Fellow family member Rob Dinsdale coordinated his run to ensure that he and Colin would both achieve their 100th together, and it was wonderful to see the two run that last straight down to the finish line together, with many other family members following closely behind. Well done Rob, congratulations on your own century.

Then there was Grant MacGregor who was completing his 50th parkrun, earning his red milestone shirt. Grant and his effervescent partner Annmaree are regulars walking 'The Loop' and at parkrun. Grant's first run with us was in April 2019, and his 50 include 2 runs at New Plymouth. Another family celebration is only 3 runs away because Annmaree completed her 97th this week, having first run with us in May 2016. So congrats to Grant, and not long to wait for Annmaree!!

Back then to the Thorne family, and what an amazing turnout in support of their man! It was so impressive to see the throng gathered around before the start..and not everyone had come to walk either!! 5 generations attended from the
Thorne family..son Barry, 3 daughters Pauline, Judith and Colleen plus partners; 7 grandchildren plus partners; 3 great grandchildren plus partners; and 1 great grandchild! They could have a parkrun of their own!! Thank you all for coming, you certainly added to the day in a big way.

Dinsdale Family Honours went to Scott who finished 19th (23:21), followed by Cameron 21st  (23:26) and Rob31st (24:53) A special mention however for Barry Thorne , running his first parkrun   in age group 65-69. He finished 33rd in a time of 25:07...a chip off the old block??

Of course mention must be made of the wonderful catering, again the family shone-those cakes were wonderful, thank you from all of us at Whangarei parkrun. Blessed are the cakemakers!! The 2 cakes were beautifully iced by Nicole Merritt (Don't forget Salt cafe!!)

july2 22july2 15july2 21

The weather wasn't unkind was it? So 156 Runners, Walkers, Joggers, Media people..etc were called to order by Run Director Dawn Spence with those dulcet Orkney Island tones! That incidentally placed us 3rd in the country! She called upon Event Director Ron to make a special presentation of Colin's black parkrun milestone shirt which had been agreed by special concession with London. A great gesture on their part so that Colin got his shirt on his big day. The roar that met the presentation was one of pure unadulterated affection, and thankfully the moment has been well captured in photos.

july2 5july2 6july2 7

That's good, because several people who wanted to be there,   but sadlycouldn't. Ines Neubert, Caro James, Cindy Matthews and Helen Brereton are just four examples. John Markby from MoreFM would surely have been there were he not having to isolate.  Interest has been huge from other parkruns: Invercargill; Palmerston North; and Runs With a Barcode Facebook pages have been paying close attention.


Thank you to all of our volunteers who won't forget the day they stepped forward..Who scanned Colin's finish token?


First Timers/Visitors

There were 16 first timers, many maybe members of Colin's family.Welcome all-we hope you enjoyed your visit to Whangarei parkrun

Barry Thorne

Dylan Merritt

Harvey Fifeland

John Smith

Kelly Ludlow

Mark Thorne

Rupert Wakeman

Anitha Suresh Kumar

Chloe Ludlow

Colleen Smith

Emily Fountain

Jessica Mankin

Jo Thorne

Judith Ludlow

Kayla Ludlow

Lydia Codlin

4 people were visiting Whangarei parkrun for the first time: Liam Ryan from Hamilton Lake; Andy Harvey running his 3rd different NZ parkrun, and he finished second overall; Taylor Adams was running her second parkrun, her first was at Dunedin; Sanji Suresh Kumar also running her second parkrun, having taken her first steps at Hagley. Welcome all four..
Personal Bests
july2 11Strangely few this week, just 7 of you achieved new bests. Colin will be very happy that one of them was again Cameron Dinsdale, his second in three weeks. Well done Cam! Shannon Morgan also ran well in a Colin 98 shirt to achieve a new best. Other achievers were Hannah Thompson, who was also third lady home, James Macken, Ruby Peterson, Jessica Rooney-that's 5 in a row!! Finally Marshall Dawson achieved a PB and also earned a milestone shirt as a junior completing his 10th run.
Congratulations to all of you seven..
july2 101.  Sophie Dean
2. Debbie Monaghan
3. Hannah Thompson
The ladies finished 10,12 and 13 with just 21 seconds separating them.
july2 91. Dwayne Collecutt
2. Andy Harvey
3. Nigel Gilmour
Age Graded Performance:
1. Colin Thorne                    96.78%
2. Judith Bradshaw              88.07%
3. Clasina Van Der Veeken  83.59%
The man of the moment was top not only here at Whangarei, but right across the nation. This despite saying with a big grin early on in the proceedings  'They're slowing me down!!'
Around The Country..and Beyond!
There were a few other things going on yesterday with our fellow parkruns.
3 celebrated anniversaries: Porirua (9) ; Whanganui (2) and one of our nearest neighbours , Sherwood Reserve (1) . Their Co-Event Director Scott Arrol stood down yesterday. Congrats to him, well known for bringing Scott Airplanes to parkruns everywhere! He will continue as a Run Director.
Meanwhile at Bushy Park, home of parkrun , in England, the annual over 80s get-together was happening for its fifth stint, with a probable combined age of over 4,000 years! There is talk of 92 year old Marie Palmer who has just completed her 100th pakrun. But most impressive is Les Brown who was completing his 438th parkrun , 300 of which have been at Bushy Park. he runs in VM 80-84...But there is also a Len Voralla who ran 40:50 in his 501st parkrun this weekend in VM80-84!! Makes you wonder...
We'll just stick with Clasina and Colin I reckon!!
On Friday evening, for fun, we asked for suggestions for a playlist to mark Colin's milestone. Simply The Best was a popular choice. Walking On Sunshine was another. Some suggested The Proclaimers I'm Gonna Be (500 miles) -ignore the metrics, you know the sentiment! Don't Stop Me Now, the Queen song was another, Nothing Gonna Break My Stride (Matthew Wilder) and a couple of us had several Oasis songs listed!
To finish with, are the words of a combo who sold millions . These resonate somehow in relation to this amazing man..Of course he can't be here forever..but it wouldn't be so bad if he could would it? His influence and inspiration surely will be around for a long long time! Not that his show is over, not by a long long way!!
july2 27There's a man
Who plays the game of life so well
There's such a man
Did you know - this man can do anything?
There's such a man
I wish that we could bring
And it's just the way he thought it would be
Cause the day has come for him to be free
Then he laughs, he kicks and rolls up his sleeves
I'm alive and I'm here forever
This is the man
(Songwriters: Paul Mccartney / Michael Joe Jackson)
That's it on a momentous weekend at Whangarei parkrun.
See you all next time. Especially you Colin ..because you can't stop here.
The show must go on...!







Whangarei parkrun #286

Whangārei parkrun event #286, 25th June 2022

Inclusion is intentional. It is about identifying and removing barriers so that everyone can participate to the best of their ability.
parkrun is about inclusion “practices which ensure that everyone belongs”. Last week we had the news that Colin Thorne was taking part in his 98th parkrun at 98! This week we move down the age scale a bit and I would like to mention Tyler WATSON.

He started parkrun on 15th February 2020 and today completed his 50th. It is without a doubt a pleasure to see him taking part and on asking Emma. She said …” that they would like to thank the volunteers for their patience and also everyone for the support vocal or otherwise as Tyler appreciates it and it is quite something to see Tyler involved in parkrun and the enjoyment he gets from participating.”

Fellow runners, joggers, and walkers that’s what its all about the enjoyment of every moment we see a fellow human (and dog on a short lead) take part in a parkrun, be they completing the 5km for the first time, gaining a new t-shirt for a milestone and of course volunteering, it’s all about inclusion.


A slightly chilled day not just for the weather but for the Run Director Darren, a man with a mission. His first in the position and like any job when one is the “one “who is in the keystone, one wants to get it right and from what I hear, no problems. Well, none that came to the surface I am sure that we will hear about it at some stage. Darren well done on all fronts.


Being our first Matariki long weekend we were guarantee a few tourists. That we certainly had namely Anna Harding (65) thank you for coming to see us, Anna has been a bit of a tourist recently, Belinda Walsh (16) another Hobsonville Point parkrunner, but been on a bit a tourist session I see recently. Finally, Marion Hammond (8) mostly at Western Springs but again a bit of a tourist it seems.

Now to go to your first parkrun can be intimidating but for this these thirteen, we hope that it was so much fun that they will return. Welcome to your new Saturday life from now on Amy Van Kalken, Dion Robinson, Dyanne Kokich. Ian Gale. Kartik Ghansela, Katrina Walker, Maia Thorburn, Michelle Thorburn, Rose Peters, Samantha Graham. Sienna Learmond, Tafi Manjala and Trista Comer.

Being the end of Volunteers week, it was great to see that the roster was filled up this week with the following: Joshua CALLAN, Delwyn COOK, Ron CROWHURST, Ian DALE, Rob DINSDALE, Maria EASTERBROOK, Martin HARRAP, Izzy HILL, Jim KETTLEWELL, Dennis LANGFORD, Mark LEWRY, Michelle LEWRY, Nadia MORGAN, Scott MOYSE, Darren NISBET, Helen SMITH, Max SMITH, Dawn SPENCE, Dianne ZUCCHETTO, Ricardo ZUCCHETTO.

Fastest Male.

17:52 Pat Kalin

19:28 Ian Gale

19:46 Tim Goodwin

Fastest Female.

22:11 Shannon Leigh Walker

23:12 Anna Gray

24:08 Trista Comer

Top age grade male.

96.08 % Colin Thorne

80.99 % Ian Gale

78.87 % John Kent

Top age grade female.

84.77 % Judith Bradshaw

83.70 % Clasina Van Der Veeken

75.46 % Janet Dale

Most runs.

193 Neville Bassett

143 Dennis Langford

The PB’s this week were achieved by the following twelve people.

48:35 Jasmine Manga

32:54 Samara Walker

32:48 Jen Mills

31:01 Jeff Burson

31:01 Conrad Burson

28:34 Olie Bradley

27:35 Rob Peterson

25:38 Maria Easterbrook

24:58 Peter Dixon

24:28 Nikki Van Den Broek

20:31 Mark Turner

17:52 Pat Kalin

Well done to you all, be you surpassing your previous time by a lot or a little or that you have taken a long time or a short time, we hope that you feel you have made yourself a little better by achieving this. To some it’s a hurdle, to some it’s an achievement after a long illness or similar. But in the end, you did what you had to do when it felt right!

Milestones this week and those soon to gain a t-shirt.

We will soon be seeing some red t shirts for Shannon Leigh Walker and Tyler Watson and a white one for Nicholas Dawson.


Now the upcoming, we have of course a very special one for next week that being Colin who will be getting the black shirt with one hundred on the back and we will say more about that achievement next week. But safe to say that the following are not too far away with new coloured tops namely Teresa Dunn on 98, Grant Macgregor on 49 and Margaret Crooke just two runs away on 48.

Number of finishers?

The 52th person this week achieved the Whangārei title of being the 25,000 finisher at our parkrun! That goes to James MACKEN. James managed a PB last week and this week was in position 52. Well done.

Age Category Records for Whangarei parkrun.

This does not happen every week and when it does its great to see that in the VW75-79 age group that Margaret CROOKE gained a 64.07 % running in at 37:51

The following clubs where represented this week at Whangarei: Athletics Whangarei Inc, Hatea Run, New Brighton Athletic Club Inc and Port Hills Athletic Club Inc

The runners, joggers and walkers this week have covered a total 6271 parkruns between them.

At this point I think one should go to https://www.facebook.com/sportnorthland and look at the two of our special volunteers Ron and Jan. All the news is on there I will not repeat, but safe to say Congratulations on be recognised.

You missed out on volunteering this week? Would love to assist then email to whangarei@parkrun.com

More update news and this week’s pictures can be found on https://www.facebook.com/Whangareiparkrun


Whangarei parkrun #285

Whangarei parkrun
Event number 285

18 June 2022

It's (Nearly) All About Colin!

colin 2colin 1

The big story this week at Whangarei parkrun was clearly all about our legendary Colin in his 98th year completing his 98th parkrun. Who would have believed he could add to his story by calmly walking in and collecting finish token number 98?His  An absolutely magcal moment to witness! Fortunately it was all closely followed by local radio dj , and fellow parkrunner, John Markby, who interviewed our man immediately after he crossed the finish line. That interview will be broadcast at some point on John, Flash and Toast's Breakfast programme on Monday morning, but we will also try to get a copy so that parkrunners who miss it will still get a chance to hear it later. Clearly no promises can be given however!

Let's not forget a couple of other things.. Mandy Edge completed her 50th parkrun here , thus earning her red milestone shirt. Mandy is a very familiar figure, having been with us since the start-indeed she was first lady home in Event #5. Important to ensure this achievement is recognised, so congratulations Mandy!

colin 4colin 14colin 27

Secondly , just after Colin finished in walked another amazing , if somewhat younger, man. Of course that was Tyler Watson accompanied as ever by mum Emma.He was finishing his 49th parkrun which means next week will be a big milestone one for him, another claimant for a red shirt. Please Whangarei parkrunners, make a big fuss of this young man next week, even more than usual. Emma says it's the suppport he gets that brings him back each week, which is wonderful to hear. so let's show him lots more on his special day..

Finally, just want to wish Jim Kettlewell well-a brave effort to walk with colin , sadly curtailed due to his injury. Wish you well Jim, and hoping you will be able to get back to walking round the parkrun you kicked off..

The weather didn't really play ball with the occasion, but spirits weren't dampened! 104 walkers, joggers and runners were there at the brief to hear Run Director Dennis set the scene and congratulate Colin on 98 @ 98. What a roar that got from everyone present! Our leader for the day acknowledged the support of all of his fellow volunteers:Joshua CALLAN, Lea CALLAN, Ron CROWHURST, Janet DALE, Maria EASTERBROOK, Corrine LANGFORD, Dennis LANGFORD, Mark LEWRY, Michelle LEWRY, Inthia LINDBERG, Annmaree MACGREGOR, Grant MACGREGOR, Andy MEARS, Peter MINSON, Darren NISBET, Max SMITH, Alesha WALL, and Ricardo ZUCCHETTO .,

colin 28colin 22colin 8colin 16colin 23colin 19

Thanks one and all! Special note to Michelle who stepped in to cover photographer duties for Jan who was away for the day. Great work Michelle!

Maria Easterbrook briefed the First Timers. There were 3 of them, but none were running their very first parkrun! Adam Sigley running number 111 is a Porirua based tourist! this was his 19th NZ venue. Matt Doherty was runnng number 129 and is a serious tourist! He has 9 NZ venues, around 60runs in the London area and many visits elsewhere! He was 5th home at Whangarei..well run! Sophie Dean became an International parkrunner here! She celebrated by taking 4minutes off of her previous best, possibly because Whangarei is a little flatter than Hampstead Heath where she has previously run in London! Sophie was second lady home too-congratulations!



1. Denika Clooney

2. Sophie Dean

3. Anna Gray

Incredible to note that Denika and Sophie have just 7 parkruns between them! Denika finished in fourth place overall and is running as a junior-outstanding running! Congrats to all three ladies, Sophie mentioned above, and Anna a second consecutive 'podium 'finish..


1: Ben Watkins

2. Pat Kalin

3. Nigel Gilmour

The guys determined to outdo the girls-the first two home have just 5 parkruns between them, and Ben like Denika , runs as a junior! Maybe it's fitting that in the week a 98 year old is at the forefront, a couple of juniors are stating their case too! You know Colin would be totally happy with that too!!!

Age Grade Performance:

1. Colin Thorne      101.36%

2. Judith Bradshaw  88.7%

3. Denika Clooney   85.00%

Just extraordinary! What can you say about the man? But also, that third place number, for a junior is amazing too, huge credit to Denika. (Judith, you are not being ignored, well run!)

Personal Bests:

It seems Colin's achievement inspired a whole lot of people, which is just as he would like it. 22 new personal bests were achieved and surely Colin's favourite will be grandson Cameron Dinsdale. Going it alone without her walking buddy Sheryl and despite the rain , well done to Jane Winton for a PB all of her own making! Birthday girl today is Dianne Zucchetto who celebrated early-well run you! Where's Wally's alter ego Maria Easterbrook wasn't hanging around hiding, she ran faster than she has  before..!

colin 21

colin 31colin 30
But how about this..9 of the first 10 home earned PBs! The one who didn't? He couldn't! He was Matt Doherty, a first timer. Call me lazy, but if you want to check out the first 10 home , look at the results list -congrats all of you on achieving PB's..

Then there is: Hamish Land; Bart Van Derr Meer; Cecilia Vorster; Brighton Mutepfe; James Macken; Poppy Smillie; Ava Van Den Broek (that's 4 in 9 runs!) ; Kathy Bennett; and Donna Zappelli.

Congrats to everyone who notched a new personal best at event #285.

'The Milestone'

98@98 is not a real milestone as defined by parkrun. But is anyone really arguing? The full formal parkrun tributes will come in a couple of weeks when (all being well) Colin completes his 100th parkrun to finally gain that well deserved black milestone shirt. But that doesn't mean a few informal words can't be posted now...does it??

Jim Kettlewell hit the nail on the head in a conversation on Friday.' He's an absolute pleasure to walk with'  he said, and of course he was talking about Colin. Post an article about him on our Facebook page, with a photo, and watch 'likes' fly over 100 in no time! you never hear a negative word!

Jim's words echoed as we walked the course yesterday. Time doesn't drag when you are in his company. The biggest challenge to any conversation is that people are constantly yelling greetings at him. Everyone says hi! Or waves, or something-and gets that wonderful smile in return! There is such an aura about this modest  man. He is so determined to keep going too. To walk with him is inspiring, indeed it's a privilege and as Jim says 'An absolute pleasure' Congrats on 98@98 Colin. Here's to your well earned black milestone 100 shirt my friend. I will miss #99, but aim to be right there walking #100 alongside what I imagine will be a large number of others!

colin 3

colin 26colin 12

colin 18colin 13colin 25

colin 9colin 7colin 6


Thanks to all the rainbow shirt people!


Whangarei parkrun report #284

Whangarei parkrun
Event number 284

11 June 2022

'It was the best of times,

It was the worst of times..'

june 1 1

Though not necessarily in that order, and in hindsight Whangarei did not get the worst at all, although at 6:30am you could be forgiven for expecting the worst! A swift review of Run Reports from elsewhere in the country provides some perspective. Starting with the party people at Queenstown ..Their 4th anniversary celebrations (congrats to all  involved!) were greeted by...snow!! A little further North at Lower Hutt things were clearly challenging: no PB's were reported, and writer Brent Foster calls it a 'roller coaster morning"...'The finish chute had one last surprise, more surface water, just finishing the job to completely soak the shoes and socks' Reading the report you get the impression of a tough morning..and yet his positive enthusiasm for parkrun shines! 'Once we had all finished it didn't seem that bad after all. What was all the fuss about eh.' Love it Brent!  Nearby Porirua got cancelled due to fallen trees! Trentham had issues with some serious puddle obstacles around Barton's Bush section of their course. So from the deluge that was threatening early morning, to the bright sunshine that developed Whangarei had probably the best of times!!

Was it Fancy Dress Day at The Loop? Dennis The Menace was there..He was masquerading as Run Director for the day! (Does a grand job to be fair!) Jennie Wellbrook had threatened to come as the Michelin Man , but actually all she had done was to wrap up warm in several layers to keep warm while volunteering as a barcode scanner...and even then she didn't look nearly as rotund as that tyre man-thanks for volunteering Jennie!! Was there a pieman somewhere too?

june 1 22


june 1 14june 1 2

Then  of course there was the absolute star of the show! Typecast? There couldn't possibly be any comment, but Maria does slip very easily and naturally into playing the part of Wally! She dressed up as the cartoon character 'Where's Wally' following a midweek discussion.. The joy she showed in distributing bars of chocolate to volunteers and anyone else who correctly claimed them was wonderful to see. It all formed part of an initiative which will help Matarau School where Maria teaches-they should be very proud of her! (Thanks M!..or is it W??) She volunteered for that role, as well as being a tail walker on the day and in another challenge on Sunday she along with several of our parkrunners will be heading North to run in the Sport Northland event at Paihia-go well everyone, and enjoy the day!

june 1 25june 1 20june 1 18

The High Viz Heroes

On a day like this the volunteers need extra thanks-one look at poor, cold Jackie, as she returned from her Marshall post on the far side of the river, said it all really!

So Run Director Dennis was leading the team that included: Darren Nisbet; Max Smith; Sean Kemball; Corrine Langford; Jim Kettrlewell; Jennie Wellwood; Jacke Grant; Kathy Morgan; Shannon Morgan; Maria Wally-Easterbrook; Jan Sherley; Ricardo Zucchetto; Ron Crowhurst; Tony Hill and  Andy Mears.

Thank you everyone!

june 1 15june 1 7june 1 19

First Timers and Visitors:

James Kettlewell carried out the First Timers Briefing this week, and there were 3 people taking their first  paces at a parkrun event..anywhere! So welcome along Michael-James Leseur; Samantha Jones ; and Joan Lascuna. Hopefully you caught the parkrun bug and will be back for more!

Also visiting Whangarei for the first time, but not first time parkrunners were:

Graeme Olliver from Palmerston North completing his 7th  different NZ parkrun.

Valentina Missen from Millwater, completing her 4th different NZ parkrun

Pauline Fitzsimmons also from Millwater, this is Pauline's first 'away' run!

Among other runners , David Everest was visiting from Barry Curtis and ran in to finish in second place overall on what was his second visit to Whangarei-well run David!

Whangarei parkrun welcomes all visitors, and would love to see you again...and again!

Personal Bests:

The not so secret seven! Congratulations to: David Everest; Corbett Rumney; Nikki Van Den Broek; Brighton Muteppe; Ellen Maindonald; Joel Garces; and Kathy Bennett who all achieved new personal bests on a day when there were not many around-well done you seven!!

Speedy Girls

june 1 24

1. Anna Gray

2. Dianne Zucchetto

3. Nikki Van Den Broek

Groundhog day for Anna! Although her placing was 12th this week, compared with 24th last time out her time of 23.43 was exactly the same! Even more bizarre, the week before was 23.34!!

Speedy Guys

june 1 23
1. Sam Rout...

2. David Everest

3. Tim Goodwin



Age Graded Performance

june 1 17

1. Judith Stewart                   88.92%

2. Clasina Van Der Veeken   80.98%

3. Tim Goodwin                     74.53%

So good to see the return of Judith following an achilles injury which has kept her away for so long.. This is Judith's first run here since July 2021, so a big welcome back!!


No formal milestones this week.

Mandy Edge will be running her 50th parkrun next time out..

july21 21
There is also a need to issue a belated acknowledgement of a volunteer having achieved the 50 mark. The fact that he has now reached 58 and this has only just come to light is not good, but the hope is that on the premise that 'better late than never' if the right thing is done now, he may forgive us!

When the person in question is our very talented and innovative photographer Ricardo, readers will understand the embarrassment felt. Sorry sir, and congratulations on a hard earned and thoroughly well deserved red v50 milestone shirt!

Next week will see the return of Colin Thorne as he nears his milestone 100th run. He runs his age next week.. Run 98 at 98 years!! So we may have to start some celebrations a little early! It's a unique achievement by any measures.. If we have an attendance of 158 or more next week it will take Whangarei through the 25,000 total to date . A great way to  celebrate! Let's hope for good weather next weekend...


Finally on milestones , I wonder how many saw the note about NZ parkrun volunteers who have reached 250 and earned the green milestone shirt? At the moment only 5 have achieved it. Our own Jan Sherley is not far off though! Jan currently  has an amazing 236 volunteer credits, so watch this space.(I'm making no predictions , fearing jinxes like Covid etc..)

That's enough for this week. Thanks everyone for a wonderful parkrunday . It was pretty

special for me to walk/run a fastest time since those modifications in March. Enough said!


Andy M


june 1 21june 1 16june 1 13


Whangarei parkrun report #283

Whangarei parkrun report #283

Queens birthday weekend! Happy Birthday “Mrs. Queen” …..

This week looked as if it was going to be a very wet day with a forecast from about the middle of the week that it was going to be very wet, windy and thundery. It was a little wet or should I say damp at the start. Our lovely Run Director was getting the proceeding off just before eight and the rain started, along with a double rainbow that made it all worthwhile! Pauline was skilfully assisted this week by the following: Joshua CALLAN, Ron CROWHURST, Martin HARRAP, Katrina HOLDER, Jim KETTLEWELL, Dennis LANGFORD, Kay LENGYEL, Mark LEWRY, Michelle LEWRY, Peter MINSON, Nadia MORGAN, Darren NISBET, Jan SHERLEY, Max SMITH, and Ricardo ZUCCHETTO.

It was great that we had all these volunteers on board well before the end of the week. Before we had even started yesterday’s run next week was ALREADY FULL!

First timers to our parkrun.

Of the 146 participants this week, YES 146, that up by a massive 34 from the previous week! We had the following 10 first timers   Brighton Mutepfe, Conrad Burson, Eric Burson, Graham Green, Jeff Burson, Joanna Wheway, Kate Burson, Phoebe Coers, Vivien Morgan and Whitney Coers. Welcome to parkrun. You know have a free ticket to any parkrun not only in New Zealand but the world.

Tourists: Being a holiday weekend we normally find a few of these “humans” around and we were not disappointed, this week with six at this week’s parkrun. Bruce Jenkins (207) who has mainly run at Kapiti Coast parkrun with 194, but I see that Ōtaki River parkrun is starting to add up. Olivia Krakosky (73) mainly a Lower Hutt runner, Darius Simpson (5) and Megan Simpson (5) who have done three others at Porirua parkrun, and welcome back after a break. Ruby Coers (4) welcome back after a long break its great to see you return to parkrun, and finally Holger Fiedler on three parkruns, good to see you all up at Whangarei.

Fastest times Male.

17:31 Darius Simpson

17:39 Allan Staite

18:14 Dwayne Collecutt

Fastest times female.

21:03 Denika Clooney

22:18 Ruby Coers

23:06 Kate Bajczyk

Top age grade male.

92.97 % Colin Thorne

Top age grade female.

76.18 %, Jill Sklenars

Most runs.

The numbers are getting up there with the number of runs they have done with the following way over 150 runs, 230 Jill Sklenars, 218 Andy Mears, 207 Bruce Jenkins, 195 Simon Charles, 176 Inthia Lindberg and 173 for Maureen Kettlewell.

The PB’s this week were achieved by the following 17 people,

19:07 Ben Watkins

20:46 Mark Turner

23:06 Kate Bajczyk

23:23 Shane Brearley

23:46Ruby Gray

24:46 Jill Sklenars

25:25 Katie Griggs

26:13 Maria Easterbrook

26:18 Bart Van Der Meer

30:14 Nadia De La Guerre

31:23 Elizabeth Cullen

31:46 Rebecca Rooney

33:56 Jen Mills

34:31 Ellen Maindonald

34:56 Lea Callan

42:39 Jessica Rooney

46:01 Tracey Clooney

Milestones this week and those soon to gain a t-shirt:

Milestones go to Shane Mcinerney on 100, and Katie Griggs and Cecilia Vorster on 25.

Under the category of I am nearly there we have Simon Charles (195), Rob Dinsdale (97), Colin Thorne (97), Grant Macgregor (48), Tyler Watson (48) and Jack Koenen (24)

The following seven clubs were represented Athletics Masterton Inc, Athletics Whangarei Inc, Calliope Athletic & Harrier Club Inc., Hamilton Road Runners Inc, Hatea Run, Kapiti Running and Tri Club Inc, New Brighton Athletic Club Inc and parkrun World tourists.

Our 7938 parkruns this week between us, that 39690 km which is 9.922 times across Australia.

Other numbers this week relevant to the runners and volunteers this week we have

13 people in the Volunteer 25 Club

3 people in the Volunteer 50 Club

2 people in the Volunteer 100 Club

35 in the 50 Club

31 in the 100 Club

Finally, this week I wish to make reference to Andy Mears who will be your Report writer for the next couple of weeks and this week’s participation took him to 149 runs at Whangarei. Next time out he will be at 150 at Whangārei and on top of that he will soon be able to sport a 250 shirt. Well done I look forward to your words of wisdom next week.

If you wish to volunteer, please have a look at what is available and send an email to whangarei@parkrun.com

More update news and this week’s pictures can be found on https://www.facebook.com/Whangareiparkrun