Whangarei parkrun # 282

Whangarei parkrun # 282

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I am reading a book called “The Lost Art of Running “at the moment and I wonder if it’s a case that we have lost the art of many other things in life? This is neither the forum and I really do not have time to worry about it because I have a number of other things, I wish to write about………………….

The return of Helen of the South Island………………..

The continued achievements of Colin………………….

How to be a good pacer…………………and not forgetting what makes you get out of bed on a Saturday morning?

More on all that later. Firstly, Saturdays parkrun here in Whangarei was attended by an incredible 112 runners, walkers and joggers. They all turned up to be greeted by Pauline Dinsdale as she took on the reins of the Run Director. This was her 37th time in this volunteer role, so one could say she knows what she is doing! She certainly does, with a good strong voice (who needs the microphone) she announced that the first timers and tourist briefing was about to start.

Dennis LANGFORD was up and ready to greet a total of nine first timers to our parkrun and hear what happens here on a Saturday morning, namely Amelia Brearley, Bart Van Der Meer, Jordyn Adams, Kevin Hart, Max Haberkorn, and Tracey Hale, welcome to parkrun. May this journey continue next week!

As for tourists, we had Emma Ross (18) who mainly runs at Lower Hutt, Alex Nicholson (3) who has done two others at Barry Curtis, we see it’s a case of welcome back after a long break, finally Taylor Reedy (2) who started their parkrun journey at Millwater. This week was just ONE SECOND slower than that run, not bad on a brand-new course to have almost the same time

Those of you that are regular parkrunners, know that parkruns cannot take place unless we have volunteers. These are great roles to take on and if you have never tried any or even wish to try a new one, remember the team can give you “training”. With technology these days it’s very easy to feel that you cannot do it, so have a look at a volunteer role and maybe “piggyback” for a week. The group this week was quite large as we had pacers and they included the following: Colin SMITH, Corrine LANGFORD, Darren NISBET, Dianne ZUCCHETTO, Geno MILNES, Jan SHERLEY, Jennie WELLWOOD, Jim KETTLEWELL, John KENT, Joshua CALLAN, Judith BRADSHAW, Kim CAIRNS, Maria EASTERBROOK, Martin HARRAP, Max SMITH, Michelle LEWRY, Rachel MILLER, Ricardo ZUCCHETTO, Ron CROWHURST and Shannon-Leigh WALKER.

On the last Saturday of the month, we have pacers and this week we had at 23 minutes (6 seconds over, times over or under) Geno MILNES, on 25 minutes (3 seconds under) Shannon-Leigh WALKER. Dianne ZUCCHETTO was at 28 minutes (12 seconds under) and finally Colin SMITH on a special time of 29.599 (14 seconds under)! They all did well, remember that the timing is done by two humans as they see you go past the two cones at the end and are not done by a computer chip on your bib number. That’s because parkrun is free and we do not have bibs.

Being a pacer is these days made a little easier with watches that can be set to times to suit the field. If you would like to have a pacer for other times so that you can improve, these can be arranged. Just send an email to whangarei@parkrun.com and we will work these in. You may even find that one of the parkrunners that you made friends with will work with you and create a “one on one” pacing session for you at any time. Plan, pace and perform!

Top age grade male

94.56 % Colin Thorne

79.43 % Allan Staite

73.34 %, Ian Birch

Top age grade female

75.29 % Jackie Grant

69.28 % Sarah Gibby

64.79 %, Debbie Monaghan

Most runs

Numbers are getting up there for these incredible runners 217 for Andy Mears, 194 Simon Charles, 189 Neville Bassett, 175 Inthia Lindberg, 164 Donna Bird, and 135 Antoinette Smith.

The PB’s this week were achieved by the following 16 people,

20:36 Alex Lang

21:30 John Benson

21:38 Al Aldabbagh

22:28 Glenn Fulton

23:42 Mark Callan

24:26 Erin Fowler

25:03 Peter Dixon

25:32 Nikki Land

26:17 Martin Harrap

27:13 Sean Kemball

27:18 Meltem Lang

27:30 Cecilia Vorster

27:43 Marcel Versfeld

32:14 James Macken

33:50 Shaun O'shea

36:21 Jen Mills

Milestones this week and those soon to gain a t-shirt.

Well done to the following who achieved milestones; we had Dave Campbell (100), Sean Kemball (50), Shaun Fisher (25)

We have quite a few Up-and-coming milestones over the next month, be there to see them achieve these milestones. Namely Rob Dinsdale (96), Colin Thorne (96), Tae Chol Kim (95), Teresa Dunn (95), Tyler Watson (47), Shannon Leigh Walker (46), Margaret Crooke (45), Debbie Monaghan (24) and Cecilia Vorster (24).

At the beginning I posed a few statements that need answering,

The return of Helen of the South Island. She returned just for a few days and managed to get a run in. In fact, it was her 99th run at Whangarei out of the 102 so far achieved. Being in Nelson at the moment it is very difficult to do a parkrun as the nearest is Blenheim some 115 kms and 90 minutes one way! We look forward to seeing you back here soon to complete your 100th at your home parkrun.

The continued achievements of Colin! We have in the main two Colins at parkrun. I have already mentioned one, this time I wish to mention Colin Thorne. Colin is certainly a man to look up too, this Saturday was unfortunately the first anniversary of the passing of his wife. Time to reflex and we thank you Colin for coming along again taking the 5km in your stride. With only four “runs” to go towards the achievement of 100 and the Black shirt we look forward to this moment. With an age grade percentage sitting at 95.45% and the oldest parkrunner in NZ, we look forward to this achievement.

You are certainly and inspiration to every one of us young and old.

Dear friends thank you for reading and we hope that you have a great week in what is “Your world”.

Hoping that whatever makes you get out of bed on a Saturday morning, that you wake up in time to be part of Whangarei parkrun as we have a long weekend, coming up, see you 4th June ready for an off at 8am.

If you feel that its your time to volunteer send an email to whangarei@parkrun.com

As I write this report, we only need two marshals for the coming week!

More update news and this week’s pictures can be found on https://www.facebook.com/Whangareiparkrun a total of Four hundred and seventy-one shots by our two photographers!