Whangarei parkrun number 276

Whangarei parkrun number 276

The Easter egg bunny run.

Before we get onto this week’s report, may I introduce you to Dennis Langford our newest Run Director

He started running 10 years ago when he joined the Northland Masters Athletics. Back then he used to think that 1500 metres was a long distance! He decided in 2016 to try running longer distances with Whangarei Harriers and came along to the inaugural Whangarei parkrun on 13th Feb 2016.

He says “parkrun brings a variety of people together to participate in a relaxed, fun and social event. It is great to see new faces each week”. He even manages to get his Wife and Son to come along and participate

He has 136 parkruns under his belt, 129 at Whangarei, a couple of other NZ parkruns and the rest in Australia and the UK. According to the records he has done more runs in January and the least in November! He had his best Age grade at Whangarei on the 3rd July 2021 at 74.65% and his PB on 6th April 2019 at 18:51. He has finished first on 8 occasions and been in the top ten 106 times. For those of you that are into the parkrun Stopwatch Bingo Dennis has many of these times done with just 6 to go, namely 22, 30, 32, 52, 54 and 58!

So how did he go?

Dennis was assisted by the following volunteers Bevan HAND, Jan SHERLEY, Janet DALE, Jeremy BROWNE, Katrina HOLDER, Lee HOLDER, Maria EASTERBROOK, Martin HARRAP, Max SMITH, Michelle LEWRY, Rachel HILL, Ricardo ZUCCHETTO, Ron CROWHURST, Samara HOLDER, Shannon MORGAN and Yvette BOWERS. Thank you.

It must be Easter! A lot of visitors amongst the 125 participants another increase on the previous week. We had the following at Whangarei for the first time visiting this parkrun:

(Number of parkruns)

Clementine Annabell (61) and Stephen Harlow (33) mainly Hamilton Lake, Joe Martin (61) mainly Lower Hutt with a fair few at Greytown Woodside Trail, Kelvin King (53)and Shirley Tang (48)both well-travelled parkrunners, mainly in the Auckland area, Ivan Bergh (44) and Zach Bergh (33) mainly Fosters, Gerard Denis O' Connor (23) mainly Cornwall, Phil Limsowtin (12) mainly Palmerston North, Claire Rye (8) been a bit of a break but back into it down at Millwater, Greg Gates (4) and Geoff Gates (3) at mainly Tauranga, Thomas Annabell (4) and Nathan Annabell (3) been a bit of a break but back into it down at Hamilton Lake and last but not least Etienne Van Huyssteen (2) only the second with the first at Hobsonville Point, it was great to see so my parkrun tourists.

The following added to the first timers list as completely new to parkrun namely Jacob Mills, Mish Waylen, Patrick White, Renee Trass, and Tracey Clooney all first-time visitors. Great start see you next week. Your journey has started.

Top three males

Ben Winder 21:18

Sam Rout 21:19

Tommy Earl 21:22

Top three females

Bella Earl 21:20

Mish Waylen 21:36

Claire Rye 21:47

Top male percentages

Colin Thorne 83.58 %

Steve Fairley 78.58 %

John Kent 75.05 %

Top female percentages

Judith Bradshaw 86.25 %

Christine Fraser 76.18 %

Bella Earl 71.72 %

Closing in on his 200th we have Simon Charles at 191 today

PB’s, those letters after your name, what a list today and I feel sure we would have had a few more had the bridge not gone up!

Ian Skelton 23:31

Dianne Zucchetto 24:19

Ezra Browne 24:23

Andy Mourits 25:01

Dani Nauman 25:30

Ange Brearley 25:38

Dion Mccracken 26:05

Innocent Ncube 26:44

Elizabeth Cullen 34:32

Cindy Scholtz 38:33

Theo Browne 42:51

Steve Bradley 50:17

Sherie Pullman 52:30

We all achieved something today but one of the first goals is a red t shirt when one has done 50 and today that went to Alesha Wall, well done ……. time to get that red t-shirt.

All being well next week’s we will see Corrine Langford gain a red t-shirt. I am sure the Run Director will have something to say about that in next week’s briefing!

That’s about all the news this week about the “runners and riders” as they would say in the horse racing business. In the English Premier League, they would have a team out on the team sheet and a few substitutes! Then of course one would have some members of the “team” out with injuries! After a while those people get better. Slowly but surely the team changes, our team changed a few weeks ago when Andy Mears moved from the team and onto the side lines. I am pleased to say that he came back to “training” today and in my mind achieved a great deal, not just with the many many questions that I am sure he had to answer but a short walk with Jim and Colin along with the tail walkers. Just a short walk at a pace that he could manage, staying for some banter at the end; especially about certain North London Football Clubs! Andy, we look forward to seeing you back again as soon as you can to maybe do a bit further each time until you can walk and then run a full 5km. Each and every one of us look forward to seeing your name back on the list of participants at Whangarei parkrun.

For all the great pictures go to https://www.facebook.com/Whangareiparkrun

The final word from our newest Run Director, (paraphrased) “I enjoyed that so much that I will come back next week and give some more cheek to more people” (Editors note; Or words to that effect).

Enjoy every piece of chocolate and see you all next week.