Whangarei Parkrun #253

Whangarei parkrun
Event number #253
10th April 2021

With the early-morning wintry bluster, some at parkrun went fishing. Others went flying.

There were 11 parkrun flyers today achieving PBs among the 108 finishers.

Congrautlations to Asher Johnston, Cecilia Vorster, Christopher Mainland, Duncan Bayne, Greg Waite, Jacob Oxford, James Bannister, Kaye Logan, Nathan Barnes, Sharon Walsh, and Steve Staunton.

Three completed their first-ever parkruns today, including Ester McGrath placing 2nd among the women with 21m30s. Welcome also to Petra Currie, and Nathan Johnston, and see you again soon.

Top Age-Grade

  1. Judith Bradshaw
  2. Kay Lengyel
  3. Esther Mcgrath
  1. Tim Goodwin
  2. Steve Cowan
  3. Steve Trass


rock milestones the race is on race on 2 finishing 2 thumbs up grove bunch 2 pondering ian dale wave

First Home

  1. Katie Mcverry
  2. Esther Mcgrath
  3. Kay Lengyel
  1. Francois Joubert
  2. Tim Goodwin
  3. Sam Rout

Thanks to all volunteers, listed on this week's results page

All photos , thanks to Jan Sherley and Ricardo Zucchetto, from today's event are at Whangarei parkrun photo page