Whangarei parkrun #185

Whangarei parkrun
Event number 185

3 August 2019

Of Milestones: Visitors, Doubles...and Sussex By The Sea!!

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No theme this week , nothing about buggies. (Except to say that the buggy pushing express Ange Brearley notched another PB!!) .Nothing about anyone being unavoidably detained,of course it was good to see a liberated Maureen out there again! But, no. This week the focus is on three milestone achievers, which the report will cover as well as dealing with the usual results info.


aug1 1Briefly first a mention for young Elijah Neilsen who today was presented with his certificate for completing 10 parkruns as a junior. His running, and conduct, under the watchful eye of dad , David has drawn a lot of positive comment.Elijah has already achieved a PB of 28.22. Well done both of you, and long may it continue. Must also mention Lorraine Witana who was presented with her certificate for having completed 50 parkruns before today's start.

aug1 8Of course in any sport the achievement of a 'Double' is cause for celebration. In some quarters such celebrations can continue for many , many years.. obviously that depends on whether any further cause arises! So, when our own Sarah Garner not only completes her 100th parkrun, but also acts in a volunteer role for the 25th time, then we have a unique double to celebrate. On one same day she has  become entitled to two parkrun milestone shirts: the black for 100 parkruns, and purple for 25 volunteer stints. I have no doubts about Sarah achieving further success in the future!

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She hails from Horsham in Sussex, England and has actually run the local parkrun there, as well as one at nearby Cranleigh.She is truly an international parkrunner! Her other foray away from Whangarei was at Hagley Park, Christchurch. That means 97 parkruns, or 485km have been run around our local course since her first appearance at Event 3 on 27 February 2016.

It's not just about her running..I think we've seen Sarah in all of the various volunteer roles (bar Run Director) and that cheery smile is always a welcome sight. Sarah, I'm sure everyone at Whangarei parkrun appreciates all that you have done as a volunteer, and congratulates you on your wonderful milestone achievements this weekend. Long may you continue with us!


One visitor today running here at Whangarei for the first time was Ian Hoad. It looks like he usually runs in the Melbourne region (Sunbury and Brimbank) although to date he has completed 10 different parkrun venues. Ours will always be special now, because this is where this morning Ian completed his 50th parkrun and will be joining the group of red milestone shirt owners. Congratulations Ian, we hope it was a memorable morning for you!

First Timers:

In addition to Ian, we had 10 others who were completing their very first parkrun. It was brave to come out and do that on a day like today, so we hope that all of you will be back, in better weather conditions, for more. Welcome: Callum Fallows; Greg Waite; Jiwon Kang; Blake Murray; Nicole Whitehead; Maddi McCoy; Kate Dent; Dayna Adcock; and finally Georgia and Jennie Cross. Georgia certainly made her mark this morning! Running as a junior (11-14) she was 3rd lady home, and clearly the fastest junior! Great running Georgia, and Jennie was just behind her!

Personal Bests:

aug1 1311 First Timers and also 11 of you achieved Personal Bests. Pride of place goes to the Brearleys-I've already mentioned Ange, and Shane too notched a PB, so double celebrations there! Equally we congratulate Bretton Gavin (two in a row!); Angela Goodall (two in a row , with a 3 month gap-welcome back!); Sarita Englebrecht; Sarah Yoo; Chris Bates; Cindy Matthews; Andrew Sterling(two in a row, again welcome back!); Yanghee Kang (third in four!); and Matthew Brereton .


Ladies                                                                Men

1. Anna Gray                                                      1. Tim Goodwin

2. Judith Stewart                                                 2. Shiloh Rumbal

3. Georgia Cross                                                3. Mat Chiaroni

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Fastest Juniors:

As already mentioned above, debut making Georgia Cross was the fastest, while the quickest of the boys was Ray Witana. well run both of you!

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Age Graded Performance:

aug1 12With no shame, I'm listing the top 5 here, together with the age group in which they are grouped-purely and simply to show that age is absolutely no barrier!( Note: I'm not betraying any confidences, all of these details are shown in the published results!) Hats off to:


1. Judith Stewart          89.85%    70-74

2. Judith Bradshaw      83.2%      65-69

3. Colin Thorne       81.3%           95-99 (Yes, Really!)

4. John Kent           76.97%          65-69

5. Jim Kettlewell     74.43%          70-74

Photographer and All Volunteers:

A big, special thank you to Blandine for stepping up today, and producing some great pictures. Best wishes also to our usual photographer Jan-see you soon!

Of course all our volunteers are essential , and we must not forget that. Yes, I'm eating humble pie having done exactly that in my first draft! So with my abject apologies, huge thanks not just to Blandine, already mentioned above, but also to today's Run Director , Simon Charles and his team: Nigel Stewart; Martin Harrap; Tae-Choi Kim; Peter Minson; Ian Kleingeld; Emma-Jane Matthews; Antoinette Smith; Jim Kettlewell; Ron Crowhurst; and (how could I??) of course the lady of the moment Sarah!!

july4 9One more volunteer in a newish role I'd like to draw attention to is the Visually Impaired Guide. Rachel Hill fills this role, and it is wonderful to see help being given so that more people are able to join us, despite visual problems . Love what you're doing Rachel!

Good Luck and Safe Travels

Parkrun is always well represented at Sport Northland events, so no doubt there will be a contingent at Kaitaia tomorrow! Good luck to all, travel safely, and run well...most importantly enjoy the morning!


Next Time...

Could be Polly Barach's 100th parkrun?

Could be Mark Anderson's 50th parkrun?

Could be the day that you run the whole 5k without stopping to walk? It's up to you whatever challenge you set yourself, and remember walking is fine! The main aim is to be out there, enjoying it! Until next week #Loveparkrun