Whangarei parkrun is cancelled on 2021-09-25 – Due to current COVID-19 restrictions

Whangarei parkrun Covid-19 week 27

19th September 2021

Well done to all you (non) parkrunner's for getting out there and doing your 5km runs - good effort from everyone :)

I set myself up for a challenge this week of doing a 5km run every day and I almost had it bar one day but made up for it Sunday on the crazy 10km Glenbervie run - so feeling pleased with 35km's all up. That is the most I have ever done in a week !!! To top that I have been doing the keto diet and not eating any pies (apart from the sneaky one on Sunday at the RPCC - see if you can work that acronym out .. ha ha). Having said all that some people do those distances in a day or two - mind blowing.

Martin Harrap achieved a big 60km this week - an absolute legend. Thanks Martin and Ron for your encouragement not just towards me but all the other people you encourage and inspire - well done :)

Now on with the results from the week - I have put a snip here of the top runners and a link to how you can view the results follows:

Results Link


There were a total of 51 Whangarei parkrunners for the week who managed to run 142 (not) parkruns with the average time being 40:06. We even had a virtual tourist join us for a run :)

Now I cant find all the stats that other writers put on here so you will have to dig around on the parkrun website if your interested.

Keeping it short as always...

Until next time - stay safe and have a wonderful week ahead - enjoy the warmer sunny weather now spring is upon us !

hatea run



Whangarei parkrun Covid-19 week 26

Whangarei parkrun

Event: Covid-19 Week Twenty Six

11th September 2021

A few weeks ago, New Zealand was fortunate to have parkrun on a regular basis in fact from the long Covid lockdown until four weeks ago we had had 47 out of 48 weeks with parkrun. Just a short hiccup in March 2021 when we lost one week. Now four weeks in without parkrun and the country in two forms of lockdown, we find that this Not parkrun report is issue number 26!

We all have to wait until Monday at 4pm to find out what the Government is going to do and one hears of another week or in fact two weeks for Auckland and personally, I cannot see the Level two parts coming down to a Level one when Auckland is in Level four. Therefore, I would not see parkrun until at least October for the whole country.

Over the past four weeks we have seen a surge in people throughout the country opening up the computer and logging into their parkrun profile to log a 5km run.

Last week it was announced that whoever was behind in the Male v. Female Whangarei list then it was the loser who was going to write the run report! It was going to be written in Italian or Elvish! More on both of those later, in the mean time its English from hereon in……

It has been a difficult week for some getting back to work. For some people this has meant that logging a five km run is hard and even getting out there to do the five km, (run, jog or walka) is even harder. Over the past four weeks we have risen in numbers from 12, then 31, 57 and 59. These people have achieved the following number of runs over those weeks, 21, then 74, 160, and 151.

This week we had thirteen first timers thank you for taking the time to get out there and log those 5kms.

Circumstances do change and it could be for many reasons, but we seem to have lost a few who for whatever reason where not able to log any this week. We hope that you are not injured and if you are that you recover very soon. Not just to log those runs but for your own health. Since I came back to running some four years ago, it certainly makes me feel good when I get back from a run or even a good walk even in the rain!


  • Last week the average time was 43:52
  • This week the average time was 41:50
  • Last week we had 8 PB’s
  • This week we had 16 PB’s Well done
  • Last week we moved 800 km as a relay team we could have walked to the outside skirts of Greymouth
  • This week we moved 755km and as a relay team we could have walked to the outside skirts of Hanmer Springs.

Over the last four weeks we have been 11th in the country, followed by a 3rd and then two first places. Both first places we had Hamilton Lake just behind with just 12 less and even closer this week with only 8 behind us. That was a bit close. Can we make it three first places in a row?

This week for the males it was a bit closer with 28 of us out there, but the females managed to get 31 onto the “track”. Come on guys this coming week we can get more of us out there, it will be a tough week as Hamilton Lake will be trying that much harder.

No pictures this week! I can tell you that if you look at the list of runners this week that you will see that our normal photographers where out capturing “times” and not prints. For next weeks report how about posting some pictures on the Whangarei parkrun Facebook page of your achievements.

I am off for a run, back in thirty or so minutes and then after a shower, I will be registering my 5km on https://www.parkrun.com/ sign in. Until next weeks report, stay safe, stay strong but stay on being you.

As they say in Italian Arrivederci and in Elvish Namárië.


Whangarei parkrun Covid-19 week 25

Whangarei parkrun

Event: Covid-19 Week Twenty Five

4th September 2021

Kia ora parkrunners! Probably one of the strangest Reports ever given the circumstances, and that is why it is being published so late. Martin Harrap hit the nail on the head, when he likened  Sunday night to a General Election...That was exactly how it felt as we watched as results of the (not) parkrun changed over the afternoon and evening. It shows how interested some of us are in the results nationally...and the local challenge! By now many of you may well know what happened as an announcement was issued early this morning, but the report shall carry on regardless..

First and foremost a couple of routine matters.

To all the dads out there, normally there would have been a timely wish but because of the delay it can only be a belated 'hope you enjoyed Fathers Day' in suitable style.

march22 1 23feb22 3 492433

Second , a dynamic duo who both had birthdays on what should have been parkrunday last Saturday. It would have been great to give them a shout at the pre-run briefing but it wasn't to be, and this will have to do! Happy Birthday to both Pauline Dinsdale and Dori Gillming , Whangarei parkrunners since day one!

july21 12august21 6





The good new this week was that at least we started the move out of lockdown! That first step from level 4 to level 3 is a start. We may get to level 2 later today with any luck.. We know that parkrun cannot restart until level 1, that is crystal clear. But (not) parkrun has generated a lot of interest, enthusiasm and yes , rivalry!

It's amazing to look back on a week in which the weather was not really 'run friendly' in the early days , and yet so many of you managed to get out there! To give that some perspective, our average numbers over the last 12 weeks were 130. At the time of writing this, 53 of you have 'logged' at least one 'not' parkrun- many have several, despite those torrential downpours! That means in simple terms that about 40% of our usual group have joined in a (not) parkrun this last week, which is a great success. There are all sorts of reasons behind that..

According to David Bowie 'We can be heroes...just for one day' Well I suggest he might be wrong! Some can be heroes far more regularly, just by getting on with their day to day business with no fuss, no drama. Take for example Emma and Tyler Watson who you will all know from Saturday mornings. This was the first time either had done a (not) parkrun, but yet they have managed to get out twice this week which is so impressive. Well done you two-total determination there, for all to note! Maybe not a hero, but abandoning his camera and doing his first (not) parkrun was Ricardo, so kudos there too! And a shout to Jim Kettlewell who notched up a couple of runs for the boys!

feb22 4 55feb22 2 61october20 5 2

As many will know a bit of rivalry was stirred locally. Last Monday morning Maria Easterbrook and Martin Harrap kicked off a boys v girls competition which has continued to be 'fuelled'  throughout the week. Fair to say that both are competitive by nature. A benefit to Whangarei parkrun of course is that this has encouraged an overall number which is pushing us to the fore in the National count.

(not) parkruns can be logged throughout Sunday so a final result could not be declared until Monday morning.

Nationally:               Parkrunners           (not) parkruns

Whangarei                        57                        160

Hamilton Lake                 81                         148

Invercargill                        44                        114

So whilst Hamilton had more parkrunners, we at Whangarei topped the National total for (not) parkruns logged. That is a  great result , no doubt caused by the competition generated by the girls v boys challenge


The Girls                                                                      The Boys

Runners          (not) parkruns                                        Runners   (not) parkruns

31                          85                                                    26                    75

Not only did more individual girls log (not) parkruns, but in total they amassed a greater number too. This despite the fact that of 6 runners who recorded the maximum 7 runs for the week, only captain Maria was from the girls team!

23 of you took on this challenge for the first time , and this surprised me: 14 were for the boys, and 9 for the girls.

8 PBs were achieved: congratulations to Paul Greenwood and Helen Smith ( remarkably exactly the same time!): Maisey and Kate Easterbrook ( on different days) ; Rachel Miller; Mark Lewry; Kylie Gutterson; and Cecilia Vorster.

Obviously we have no way of knowing how comparable your 5k courses are..but for the sake of interest, the fastest times were:

Ladies:       Dianne Zucchetto     26m18secs

Men:          Roydon Hawks           20min32secs

Captain's Comments

To be fair, these were sought before the full, final outcome was known. first then, some edited comment from Martin ..

oct20 5 52For some reason I seem to have been given Captain status of a group of males who have benefited from a hard week of running, jogging and walking. Maria Easterbrook, has well motivated the girls to again nearly run away with the notparkrun challenge again this week. With her rallying around of the troops all I can say is Whangarei parkrunners give yourselves a pat on the back.

Overall as “Team Captain” I believe that we have done very well what with getting over fifty percent more males adding in their notparkruns. As a “TEAM” we are at this point well ahead of last week by

To my fellow runners the weather forecast for today is good and the rest of the week is going to be great. Get out there and run, jog or walk but remember register a 5km every day.

Well, done to one and all. Hoping to see you soon, me I am off for a run!

Then, the victorious Maria..

july21 13'I must say the women have done us proud. They have left their housework/husbands and sometimes even the children and put on their running shoes and got outside for their "nation" The males on the other hand have basically stayed on the couch. Where was their commitment to our local parkrun?

Teehee Everyone loves a bit of competition and jest especially while we are in lockdown.

I didn't realise I was crowned captain of the girls team, but I would like to say I'm very proud of the females that got out there in all elements that were thrown at us this week, to do our bit for the  overall team. We as a small city have succeeded at achieving a wonderful goal'

At about 8:30pm on Sunday night thee she was on FaceBook..

'Great work team. Are you ready for round two next week?'

Quick as you like Darlene is back with 'Absolutely 100%'

Captain Harrap: What say you? 'Of course'

So it's on again! Can we reach a total of 200 (not) parkruns? There are lots of strava runs which are not being recorded as (not) parkruns. Don't forget, you don't have to run exactly 5k:if you run further, you can include  a 5k time from your total run. Just log the 5k...please!

Whether your motivation is girls v boys, or to stay at the top of the list for NZ, or simply to get out and enjoy your 5k (not) parkrun while we wait for the return of the real thing...does it matter? Do it, for whatever reason makes you happy!

Watch the banter on Facebook..it can be lively and amusing.

It may not be much to many, but to see little Whangarei sitting at the top of the list of the National ratings for the week reflects well on our parkrun, and is something to be proud of. Well run Whangarei!!





Whangarei parkrun Covid-19 week 24

Whangarei parkrun

Event: Covid-19 Week Twenty Four

28th August 2021

Kia ora parkrunners!

A second week without parkrun proper, but we have news of a fair number of you who have taken up the (not) parkrun option and used it to great effect-especially one competitive young lady, but more about Maria shortly..!

august21 6august21 5august21 4

Some comments on Facebook make it clear that you are missing the Saturday morning outing already, with a number of reasons being mentioned. Wayne Watson ,for example, says that Emma was on 49 parkruns when lockdown happened.Emma of course is well known to many of us, walking regularly with young Tyler who himself is now on 42 parkruns. Sadly Emma is now temporarily marooned, waiting for the next opportunity to complete her 50th and claim that well earned red milestone shirt!   She is not alone however: Kaylee Earl and Justin Hill are both hanging on , on 99-one short of their black  tshirt! Another example came from Kim Balcombe who is missing Saturday parkrun, 'missing the people because they are a fab bunch' . So true, many will be nodding their heads in agreement !

jan 21 02 33august21 3IMG_2846





As for motivation...well arguably a competitive streak within is always helpful there. It would appear that our Maria Easterbook loves a competition! She has been following the Whangarei (not) parkrun stats studiously. Rumour has it that she has had no small influence on the results being reported. She has turned it into a Girls v Boys competition, and proved highly successful at doing so too. If tales are to be believed, she has been communicating with her (female) parkrun friends, encouraging them to log their midweek 5k runs in order to ensure a win for the girls. This and making the occasional comment on FaceBook too! She has backed it up with action in fairness, having notched 5 herself and I'm sure encouraging Maisey and Kate (2 each!)

nov20 1 45feb22 1 24nov20 1 18





At the time of writing Whangarei in total has 73 (not) parkruns from 32 runners. 22 ladies recorded ,as a group, 46 runs showing how successful 'Captain' Maria has been.The 10 boys have achieved a total of 27 with their one crumb of comfort being that the top individual score was by a mere male..

august 21 1Arguably more important (Sorry Maria!) is what overall position does all this put Whangarei in across NZ? The answer in total terms ,at present, is 3rd- behind Invercargill (124) and Hamilton Lake (95). Measured on number of participants, we would finish joint 4th with Balclutha. Hamilton Lake (64) ,Invercargill (47) and Millwater (36) finish ahead of our 32.

That's a big move on last week. We know that lockdown will continue for a while yet, so why not target this? Log your 5k run throughout the week and maybe we can climb higher on the National Table.Perhaps Maria should be our motivator!! Listen to Chris Hipkins: get outside and stretch your legs! (That was what he meant wasn't it?)


Remember we were linking with Wycombe Rye in England, and following their entertaining (not) Run Reports? It's good to report that they are fully returned now, with 458 finishers this week...and all done in under 1 hour! That needed a team of 26 volunteers..Welcome back guys!

Having mentioned a Welsh connection last week, a sad tale has to be told. Imagine turning up after around 70 weeks with no parkrun, running it, and discovering you have done the unthinkable...no barcode!! You know who you are, and I'm so, so sorry for you...

Hopefully everyone saw the note about milestone tshirts and what changes are happening from 1 September? If not, here is the link:


And now..we wait. Realistically, a return is not going to happen for a while so why not adapt to the next best alternative, and get into (not) parkrun? The link you need is here:https://blog.parkrun.com/.../changes-to-milestone-t-shirts/

Until next week then, stay safe!

#Loveparkrun   #Love(not)parkruntoo


Whangarei parkrun Covid-19 week 23

Whangarei parkrun

Event: Covid-19 Week Twenty Three

21st August 2021

Deja Vu?

So here we are back into Non-Run Reporting again! I think we were all hoping those days had been put behind us, but here we are! At least we had a brief taste of normality, and let's hope it won't be too long before our PM is able to lift restrictions again so that we can enjoy Restart 2: The Sequel!

That is not a new opening paragraph- it's a straight lift from the report we published one year ago! So this is not uncharted territory, and in the absence of normal parkrun,  'Non Run Reports' will again be produced until normal service can be resumed. Obviously we have no idea as to when that might be, but hopefully you won't be waiting too long before the usual Saturday morning routine is restored.

It's so much easier now to slot back into the routines that were established in previous lockdowns too. You can still walk/jog/run your 5k and record it as a 'not' parkrun. Why not (not)parkrun set a course close to your house of residence and log your run here. https://www.parkrun.co.nz/whangarei/results/notparkrun/

Look forward seeing you all log (not)parkruns. Several of you already have done so! At the time of writing 11 parkrunners have logged a total of 20  results this week. Some locations around the country are taking this quite seriously- at Hamilton Lake, 41 runners have logged 42 (not) parkruns, whilst Invercargill have managed a total of 41 between just 25 of them! Our near neighbours at Millwater have 36 in total via the efforts of 20 runners..
If you're lucky enough to live with The Loop in your neighbourhood of course you can still legitimately exercise there. So an early Saturday morning walk just had to be done, around the time that parkrun would normally be coming to an end, and the coffees would be in full flow. It was a beautiful morning, but it felt so strange. The light was stunning, and I just kept wondering what creations Jan and Ricardo would have produced-as well as thinking 'Where's Wally?'
Looking back around year ago, it seems hard to believe that the  run reports were highlighting the near completion of the concrete path alongside the .... This meant life would be easier for the buggy pushers , no more tiptoeing across that grass stretch just after the bridge, and of course the end of those little markers that showed the way ! One less task to do each Saturday...that all seems like something from a long lost era!
aug4 1nov1 8aug3 2
Another news item at the time was the departure of David and Janet Fellows back to the UK. to return They left early in September to return home to North West England. Ironically we have just heard from David, and he tells us that Janet has not been at all well. We know she watches our Facebook page closely, and comments regularly, so Janet best wishes from all your friends here, take care and get well very soon!
aug1 19april1 7april1 6
While on matters UK related, following the return of parkruns in Scotland last week, this week it was the turn of those in Wales to resume. No bias from a writer who spent 3 years at University in Cardiff, or has had the good fortune to run at Conwy (3 pictures below) and Penrhyn -Welsh parkruns with Castles as a background... but welcome back Wales parkrun!!
This week was National Photograph Day, and some pictures caught the eye..
That last one says it all-we all miss it! Hopefully not for long. We've got Colin Thorne on 88 parkruns and we want to get him to that black milestone shirt apart from anything else!!
Stay safe in your bubble. Try to keep running/ jogging/ walking but above all healthy and smiling. Watch Facebook for updates.
IMG_0602IMG_0603Sep1 1

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