Run Report #36 May 8th 2021

On Saturday I was in Whanganui early, so I decided to run the Whanganui Parkrun for the 2nd time. My friend Steve drove over from Palmerston North with another parkrunner, Paul, just to do the Whanganui run. Then, by chance, Sharon and Warren, also from Palmerston North, turned up to the run. So there were five of us from Palmerston North - I figure we swelled the Whanganui numbers by 10%!
The conditions were perfect for the run: cool, not cold. The Whanganui parkrun seems more interesting to me than the Palmerston North run. It stays right beside the wide, tidal river the whole way. There are sometimes rowers and power boats skimming along the wide, slow river; and hills, traffic and houses on the far bank.
I also like that it's a smaller Parkrun crowd at Whanganui at present - it seems more friendly than Palmerston North.
We joked afterwards that it is easy to get "hooked" on the Whanganui course - we were a bit wary running past the fishers who were getting ready to cast their lines into the Whanganui river, and we didn't want to get caught up in their activities on our way past!
Thank you Anne and all the other cheerful Whanganui volunteers who make the parkrun possible for everyone. We really appreciate your giving and what you do for us.
Thank you for a great start to a Saturday in Whanganui,

John Anson


Run Report #35 May 1st 2021

Have to confess that when the alarm went off at zero stupid hours o’clock my first thought was to turn over and go back to sleep. But Louise decided otherwise and got up before either of us could change our minds. So it was shortly after 4am that we drove out of our garage and headed west to Whanganui and Whanganui Riverbank parkrun. We had been talking about coming over for long enough but somehow never managed to find the time. It was a pleasant drive and the roads were easy. The sky was getting brighter as we got past Palmerston North and then we were in Whanganui before we realized it at 7am! I told Louise we could have had an extra half hour in bed!
It was great to finally catch up with Judy and John. We had been talking a fair bit while Judy was doggedly stepping over the hurdles and getting everything in place for the Whanganui Riverbank parkrun. It was certainly well worth the effort as I am sure all the regulars and visitors will agree. Louise and I thoroughly enjoyed the course as it meandered back and forth along the riverbank. But how ‘nasty’ is it to have to run past the finish for another 700m or thereabouts before getting to the chute? That’s the sort of thing that I would do!
Louise and I joined the 42 other friendly people who ran, jogged and walked the course while being cheered on by the hi-vis heroes. Eight of of the park runners were first timers and 8 recorded new Personal Bests – not sure that our PBs should count as we’d never run at Whanganui but we’ll take them anyhow! Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Whanganui Riverbank parkrun Results Page.
One of the great things about parkrun is that you don’t have to be able to walk, jog, or run 5km. You can just volunteer, although I perhaps shouldn’t say ‘just’ volunteer because the volunteers are the reason why we can parkrun every week. Without volunteers none of us could walk, jog, or run. But it is important to note that if you have family members or friends who don’t want to walk, jog, or run 5km they can still take part in parkrun as a volunteer. And you can be sure they will be most welcome. This week’s parkrun was made possible by these 9 volunteers:

Volunteers are needed every week. None of the tasks are difficult or onerous. Any training needed will be provided absolutely free of charge but most importantly you get to wear a funky hi-vis vest so that all the park runners can thank you. Please do volunteer occasionally, or even more often, so that parkrun can happen every week. Opportunities abound and you can see which roles need filling from the website - or on the board on display at the start/finish line each week.
Another great thing about parkrun is the opportunity to visit other areas and parkrun with different people on different courses. There are thousands of parkruns around the world that you can visit. Granted at the moment travel is a bit challenging outside of New Zealand but that does not mean you can’t travel around New Zealand. At last count we had 33 parkruns in New Zealand and more to come. So that’s 32 other places you can turn up to with your barcode and join different groups of people in different places. parkrun tourism is growing rapidly and along with it a whole heap of different challenges. You can get more information about these challenges by visiting this website - or download the extension for Firefox or Chrome internet browsers. There’s also a smartphone app for Android and iOS phones. Whanganui Riverbank parkrun was our NENDY. Now it’s Kapiti Coast’s turn for a 4am start and drive. What’s NENDY? There’s your first parkrun tourist challenge. Find where your NENDY is and parkrun there. Hint, if you’ve only ever run at Whanganui Riverbank parkrun chances are it will be Palmerston North parkrun.
Hopefully we’ll see some of you at Flaxmere parkrun in the not too distant future. In the meantime, enjoy your parkrun and get ready to celebrate your first anniversary.
The Age Grade course record is held by Paul MARTELLETTI who recorded 91.97% (14:57) on 6th February 2021 (event number 24).
Whanganui Riverbank parkrun started on 4th July 2020. Since then 465 participants have completed 1,296 parkruns covering a total distance of 6,480 km, including 280 new Personal Bests. A total of 71 individuals have volunteered 324 times.
All the very best
Louise and Philip Shambrook


Run Report #34 April 24 2021

As many parkrunners will know, If there’s ever an opportunity to tweak a trip slightly (or even majorly!) to include a not-done-yet parkrun, you take that opportunity.
Our club (Manawatu Striders, Palmerston North) was sending a few teams of runners and walkers to take part in the ANZAC relay races (hosted by Wanganui Harrier Club); amongst them were parkrunners that I knew would be up for an early departure to include Whanganui Riverbank parkrun as well!
All nine of us were welcomed warmly by Judy Mellsop alongside a few other parkrun tourists from Greytown Woodside Trail, Wellington & Auckland.
After a well delivered run briefing (and first timers briefing!) - which included a warning to watch out for fish blood on the boardwalk! - we were ready to start.
“Take your Marks... Go!” And we were all off, running upstream, past the Riverside markets, turning at the famous sphere sculpture (it’d be rude not to stop for a photo here, thanks to the turn around Marshall for taking our picture!)
I always enjoy an out and back course; seeing everyone coming in the opposite direction, a great opportunity to encourage and congratulate everyone else on their efforts.
Past the finish line for the short out and back section; cheers from those already finished; then around the cone and you’re not far from home.
There were 54 runners and walkers yesterday - well done everyone!
There were four first timers to parkrun yesterday - I hope you enjoyed it and have caught the parkrun bug!
Well done to those who achieved PBs today - 10 of you!
Thanks to yesterday’s volunteers: Varya BRANDON, Karen GRAY, Maureen MCMILLAN, Alec MCNAB, David MELLSOP, Judy MELLSOP, Michelle SELBY, Kate SOUTHERN.
You all did a fantastic job. I encourage those of you who haven’t tried volunteering yet to give it a go. It’s easy, and fun, and you’ll feel good knowing you’ve been a small part in many others’ parkrun journey.
Thanks for having us, Whanganui Riverbank parkrun! I extend a warm invitation to come and visit Palmerston North parkrun sometime.
Kate Southern


Run Report #33 April 17, 2021

After a dawn deluge and a brisk cold wind, 28 awesome parkrunners still turned up to run, jog and walk the course. Four were first timers and five recorded new Personal Bests. Amazing!! We welcomed parkrunners from three different clubs and had a lovely catchup at Columbus Coffee after.

The event was made possible by these 7 volunteers:

Brian DUNNE • Michelle SELBY • Kerry BENNETT • Anne BENNETT • Malcolm HUTCHINS • Varya BRANDON • Keira BENNETT

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Whanganui Riverbank parkrun Results Page.


Run Report #31 April 3rd 2021

The Tale of many footsteps.

“Lend me your ears little ones, for some of the ramblings you hear are mere whispers ... though some of these are indeed true”.... T’was the day of an age gone by, a tough and merciless time, affected by plague and uncertainty... however the villagers were merry, and chocolate festivals rang out in the land, and people sang, and they played, and they ran! This special land little ones, is in fact near to where you are right now.. less than a day or two march as the crow flies. It is this place where this tale takes us, a place full of history, a place when unrivaled feats of courage and stamina and conquering took place. Listen well little ones for I want you to remember...

34 mighty adventurers entered the field that day. May this achievement be known!
8 daring adventurers whom had never trod on this path, faced the unknown, showing immense courage and lived to tell the tale! May this achievement be known!
1 brave soul etched her name in history equaling unrivalled strength, and stamina and speed and shall know be known as Ser Lindsay Johnson equal record holder of WRBPR and first place honour. May this achievement be known!
1 blessed adventurer showed remarkable courage taking overall honors and shall henceforth be named Ser Mark Bouwman! May this achievement be known!
9 hardy and determined adventurers forged into uncharted territory, battled superbly and shall be given the honorable title of PB beside their names. May their achievements be known!

9 Lords and attendants bore witness to the days spectacle, providing exceptional guidance, counsel and care. May this achievement be known!
The purple tee shirt high honours has been awarded to the legendary David Mellsop for outstanding services provided and will now be awarded the title Ser V25 David Mellsop. May this achievement be known!
Most fitting of all was that all 34 adventurers conquered their own dragons on the field that day and all lived to tell the tale and their names will now be etched in folksong WRPNE31! May their achievements be known! And the villagers praised their efforts and each adventurer was awarded a golden dragon and were also showered in their own weight of Easter eggs, chocolate and sweets!

Now little ones, thanks for your attention, and one day from now when you receive summons will you be bravely step forward and take the field, face the path of unknown steps, and face your dragon, so little ones I prey you will be ready! Bye little ones, I have to run!

Happy Easter everyone!

Ser Adam Adventurer of Porirua PR, WRPB, 81 Dragons.

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