Whanganui Riverbank parkrun |Event number 44 | 3 July 2021

This week 77 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 17 were first timers and 5 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 10 different clubs took part.

1 degree on our happy 1st birthday. The volunteers were there extra early to sweep ice off the boardwalks and for safety reasons the decision was made to use the alternative course. Of which made for a social party atmosphere. Cupcakes and cakes made during the week were put out ready and seats for everyone to mingle and celebrate this amazing occasion. COVID had made for a stop/start to the event which made the birthday celebration extra special.

After one of the coldest weeks, it was no surprise it was a very cold morning. Blue was the colour of celebration of which many of the runners, walkers, and volunteers had dressed accordingly. Maybe it is no surprise there were five new personal bests as everyone was probably trying to keep warm!
Celebrations always seem to bring out the runners and walkers and from out-of-town. Today was no exception with this being the second highest participated event. And a good balance of runners and walkers made it feel supportive and fun.

Fun is the name of the game in parkrun. It is about doing your best. Everyone is supported no matter their ability. It is always heartwarming to see the regulars improve their times.

If you haven’t yet made it to parkrun - come on down, you’ll be glad you did. And of course a big thank you to our core runners and walkers.

Not forgetting a huge thank you to the volunteers who made this event possible:
Michelle SELBY • Rachelle COCKER • David MELLSOP • Judy MELLSOP • John MELLSOP • Maureen MCMILLAN • John VAN DALEN • Anne BENNETT • Alec MCNAB • Steph LAIRD • Malcolm HUTCHINS • Varya BRANDON
Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Whanganui Riverbank parkrun Results Page.
The male record is held by Paul MARTELLETTI who recorded a time of 14:57 on 6th February 2021 (event number 24).
The female record is held by Hannah OLDROYD who recorded a time of 17:46 on 20th February 2021 (event number 26).
The Age Grade course record is held by Paul MARTELLETTI who recorded 91.97% (14:57) on 6th February 2021 (event number 24).
Whanganui Riverbank parkrun started on 4th July 2020. Since then 526 participants have completed 1,672 parkruns covering a total distance of 8,360 km, including 358 new Personal Bests. A total of 80 individuals have volunteered 405 times.


Run Report #43 June 26

A great start to the day where 35 parkrunners were on the field and getting their usual parkrun fix to get them moving. It was a cold and nice day out there, which did not stop those who turned up to enjoy a still and calm day. Although it did spit a little bit, luckily there were no wet patches of weather that did not hinder our parkrunners and volunteers from participating.

As everyone was eager to get the event going and for it to commence, the briefing was kept to a minimum and the first timers to the course were not disappointed to see how many of us were willing to keep ourselves motivated out there. We hope to see the first timers who did their debut parkrun with us today and hope to see them again soon, they are as follows: Brendon SHARRATT, Elizabeth MCMENAMIN-PERVAN and Mrs P. LOONS. There were 12 personal bests and no milestones were recorded today. So it is just over a third of participants getting new personal bests. The course is mostly flat and it is great for racing shoes.

Today also marked national volunteer day and it was great for some parkrunners out there to wear purple to show some support to support this cause. This includes those who volunteer occasionally, regularly or do them as a one off. These are still great opportunities for parkrunners to help out with the options to do both a run plus volunteer or solely volunteer to make every week events happen. The hi-vis heroes are the real heroes every time, so if you are injured or need rest for an event that’s coming up, then please put your name forward and you’ll enjoy it even more.

There were a few participants today who had their Manawatu singlets on today that stood out from the crowd. The most recent news is the nationwide male record has been beaten by Luke Scott at our neighbouring Manawatu parkrun at Palmerston North. The new record is now 14:26, which is an amazing record for other fast runners from other running clubs that might aim towards in the future. The female record is still at Hagley parkrun in Christchurch with the time of 16:40. There is an opportunity for a fast female runner who can beat it one day. Fingers crossed that this record is at a North Island parkrun.

Next week is also Whanganui Riverbank parkrun's first birthday. So please do come and join us for a great celebration along with the dedicated volunteer team. Until next time, keep up the good work and keep smiling. We are almost half way through the year. Christmas is not too far away either.

Many Thanks,

This week 35 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 6 were first timers and 12 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 6 different clubs took part.
The event was made possible by 10 volunteers:
Michelle SELBY • Dan JOE • David MELLSOP • Judy MELLSOP • Maureen MCMILLAN • Anne BENNETT • Alec MCNAB • Malcolm HUTCHINS • Varya BRANDON • Keira BENNETT


Run Report #42 19 July 2021

Whanganui parkrun Event #42
Saturday 19th June started early for us, the alarm went at 4.40am and 20 minutes later my son James
and I were out the door, picking up my sister Chrissy Robertson at 5.10am heading to Whanganui.
We arrived in Whanganui at 7.40am, weather said 8 degrees, feels like 5, Mmmm still feeling tired
and now cold – should I run with James around 28/30 minutes or walk with Chrissy?
Our friends Brian and Nuala Dunne are there, excellent runners who we met in the early days at Lower
Hutt now regulars at Whanganui who despite the cool morning are wearing sleeveless shirts which
inspires me at the last minute to harden up and lose the jacket. I was happy with my run, first proper
parkrun in a few weeks, managed to finish 5th overall in 23.54 a minute off my course PB.
Whanganui is a beautiful course situated along the Whanganui River, if you haven’t run at this
course, I would highly recommend it. Volunteers are always supportive of the athletes and provide
encouragement throughout the event.
This week numbers were lower than usual due to the overcast cold conditions with just 28 starters
so opportunity to have a good finishing number.
Congratulations to Michelle SELBY, one of our Hi Vis Heroes volunteering for the 25th time, qualifying
for the 25-volunteer purple shirt. Thank you to all our volunteers this week Michelle SELBY, David
28 people ran or walked the course today, with no first timers.
Four people recorded a Personal Best:
Congratulations to the very speedy Katie JORDAN visitor from Trentham United Harriers, Debra
LYNCH visitor from Taupo parkrun and local runners Catherine PAGE and Denny KUMEROA.
One significant milestone: Michelle SELBY 25th volunteer
Top Finishers this week Males:
David MELLSOP 20:38
Brian DUNNE 21:59
Kerry BENNETT 22:52
Top Finishers this week Females:
Katie JORDON 20:57
Nuala DUNNE 24:00
Leigh SOLOMON 26:38
The male record holder is Paul MARTELLETTI with a stunning time of 14:57
Paul is also the age grade record holder with a staggering 91.97%
The female record holder is Hannah OLDROYD 17:46
Hannah is an outstanding athlete holding many of the parkrun records around NZ.

Parkrun Challengers
People often ask about parkrun challengers, there are a series of challenges on the 5k free app
which can be found in the app store, it is a white figure on a purple background.
This app gives you your personal run details as well as your latest results and shows challenges such
as the Alphabet challenge, Pirates, Bee Gees as well as indexes such as the V index volunteering, the
Wilson index based on run numbers and the P index number of runs and X number of courses.
These add variety to parkrun and ensures it is never boring.

Martin O’Sullivan


Run Report #41 June 12th 2021

No doubt the calm, dry, mild conditions contributed to the PBs earned by 12 of the 40 of us ran and walked the course today. These included age category records for George Lambert, Paula Dunne and Nuala Dunne. 8 members of the Whanganui Collegiate cross country team, who are heading to NZ Secondary School Nationals in Hawera next weekend, had a big work out. All the best with meeting your goals at this major event.
How exciting to see 7 new parkrunners. Welcome Azian, Philip, Sonny, Thomas, Ana, Ashleigh and Mikaere. Join us again anytime. Any out of towners today were regular visitors.
As usual a massive thanks to all our volunteers who made the event possible. Anne BENNETT, Varya BRANDON, Malcolm HUTCHINS, Alec MCNAB, David MELLSOP, John MELLSOP, Judy MELLSOP, Michelle SELBY. One of you is super excited about reaching her V25 milestone next week. Thanks for getting your names on the roster so early too. Nothing makes the RD’s heart sing more than seeing a full roster early in the week! (Except for seeing you all enjoying exercising on our stunning, ever-changing riverbank!!)
Congratulations to Steph Laird on completing her 25th parkrun. This will be an official tee shirt milestone on September 1st. Steph did her first parkrun at our inaugural event and has been a regular ever since. I see Elliot Jones ran his 10th parkrun today. This is a tee shirt milestone for under 18s.
Paula delivered the unofficial NZ parkrun guidebook to Run Director Anne. Steph will take it on its next relay leg as it travels round NZ’s 33 parkruns promoting parkrun tourism.


Run Report #40 June 5th 2021

A couple of weeks ago - whilst sitting alongside 24,000 other Wellington Phoenix fans at their first game back in Wellington since before the lockdown - my wife Clare, 10 year old daughter Bella and I agreed that it was about time we volunteered to help out at parkrun. Although we live in Upper Hutt, we're semi-regular visitors to Whanganui as Clare’s dad lives in Aramoho, so after getting in touch with Judy we agreed that we would start our parkrun volunteering in the river city over Queen's Birthday weekend - Clare on scanning, Bella on finish tokens, and me writing my first ever run report!

And what a stunning winter morning we woke up to! This was my 5th parkrun in Whanganui, and the beauty of the river and surrounding hills at 8am never fails to disappoint.

There was a definite chill in the air, but the golden sunrise more than made up for that as 41 people ran, jogged and walked the riverside course towards the market and the inviting aroma of coffee, crepes and cinnamon scrolls. At the Waimarie paddle steamer we returned towards the start line, before the final flourish up and down the gentle hill at the end (which always seems steeper after 4.2kms than it really is!)

Of the 41 participants, 7 were first timers - I hope you enjoyed it, and it would be great to see you again. Four of us recorded new PBs, and representatives of 4 different clubs took part.

Although the Whanganui event is smaller than our home parkrun at Trentham Memorial Park, it's always very friendly and I inevitably end up chatting with someone to find out that we have something in common. This week I met a teacher from my old primary school in Rotorua - six degrees of separation and all that!!

Other than the three of us from Upper Hutt, there were also visitors from Lower Hutt, Napier, Rotorua, Snell’s Beach, Levin, Otaki, Palmerston North...and possibly elsewhere! Apologies if I missed you.

A big thank you to the volunteers - Martin O'SULLIVAN • Michelle SELBY • Judy MELLSOP • Richard SEVICKE-JONES • Clare CURRY • Isabella SEVICKE-JONES • Alec MCNAB • Malcolm HUTCHINS • Peter MONRAD • Varya BRANDON - with a special mention for Judy who has been great at communicating with us since we got in touch a couple of weeks ago.

We’ll be back again soon, but until then you’re most welcome to join us at Trentham Memorial Parkrun in Upper Hutt if you’re visiting the Wellington region.

Ka kite ano, Richard Sevicke-Jones.

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