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Stay safe and well during the Covid alert levels and see you all back at Wanaka parkrun at Level 1.

Katy, Glenys & Blair

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Wanaka parkrun – Event #158 – 14th August 2021

We were honoured last week to be visited by Annalese and Hayden from Lower Hutt who kindly sent through the following run report. It was lovely to meet you both.

We were very excited to tick Wanaka off our Parkrun tourist list whilst also adding a W to the ABC badge! As we were travelling from Windy Wellington to Wanaka we thought a W theme was in order for this run report.

In what would be one of the wee-est parkruns in New Zealand this week, 29 runners wrapped-up warm for Wanaka Parkrun #157. It was a slippery start to the run but the rain had stopped (which we had to mention). The trail kept some wet remnants of the morning weather in the form of some wayward puddles. It is not a well-kept secret that the course here is both wonderous and a must-do! The snow tipped mountains looked like a winter wonderland and overlooked the crystal clear lake, as the 29 of us puffed and panted around some locals trying to enjoy their morning walk. The wild wind picked up just as we reached the wretched hill, to test our dedication to the scones waiting for us at the Edgewater (We ordered the gruyere cheese and buttermilk scones which we can wholeheartedly recommend). You’ll also get a wicked view of the world famous #ThatWanakaTree.

One of our favourite parts of visiting other Parkruns is the coffee and chat afterwards. We’ve found smaller events tend to out-do themselves at both the café quality and the friendly locals. Wanaka is no exception to that rule! A truly wholesome morning, thanks everyone.

What might not be so well-known is that 1 in every 4 finishers this week was a first timer to Wanaka! Wanaka welcomed: Ed RADCLIFFE, Melissa WESTWOOD, Sarah THOMPSON and Josie TAYLOR as well as Zoe INNES and Oscar THOMPSON who ran their first ever Parkruns – Way to go!

Adam EASON was the first across the line to take the winners spot, which Hayden thought was his until 1400m to go. Lisa RITCHIE brought it home for the ladies as the first woman finisher.

Thank you to the wonderful volunteers this week for helping the event run and also for making us feel so welcome:


Parkrun can only run because of people like this – if you have ever considered volunteering give it a go! You’ll find it worthwhile we promise!

mā te wā from The City Slickers

Annalese LAPWOOD

Hayden KING


Wanaka parkrun #153 – 17th July 2021

Many thanks to Julie Collard, ED Owairaka parkrun in Auckland, for writing this run report and the wonderful images

Wanaka Rulz
We love Wanaka! That is me, my husband and our daughter. We arrived on Tuesday afternoon and it has since only rained at night. I’m starting to wonder how the town manages to rig that! The scenery is just stunning and so different from what us Aucklanders are used to. Driving or walking around here feels like being on a slightly exotic movie set, with so many differences such as the houses, solidly built out of stone, the views of snow-capped mountains round every corner, and the rabbit holes pitting the surface of any grassy expanse, and yet there are some familiar quintessential Kiwi touches around town too. It’s kind of like a quiet New Zealand holiday town plonked down in Aspen, Switzerland or Nagano, Japan! Anyway, enough gushing. Suffice it to say we have had a splendid trip with the same kind of experiences as every other visitor: skiing at Cardrona and a mulled wine at the hotel afterwards, a hike up Mt Iron, a walk to That Wanaka Tree and lots of gourmet food experiences around town! They were all fun, but the point of difference and main attraction (for me) was always going to be running my 18th overall and 17th New Zealand parkrun, and the fact that it’s my 99th run as well as my 99th volunteer occasion, so quite a big deal and the absolute highlight of my trip.

parkrun @9am rulz
It felt so weird to parkrun AND get a sleep in beforehand, but definitely good-weird! We arrived early to greet run director Katy Macpherson and I was grateful to hear she had managed to wrangle things so a marshal would double as tail-walker so I didn’t have to. A run director’s role every Saturday morning is challenging and around the country today there were some difficult decisions to be made at lots of parkruns. My home parkrun at Owairaka also had a volunteer unable to make it and consequently needed a shuffle of the volunteer pack. Many parkruns had terrible weather today and Porirua was cancelled due to fear of trees falling on the course. In Blenheim it was the decision to go ahead on a flooded course rather than cancel that must have been hard. They had 8 hardy souls running and 5 volunteering. In most of the country, if it wasn’t raining it was blowing, and some unfortunate parkruns suffered both. Few, if any, could have been so blessed this morning as we were by the Wanaka weather gods. Clouds not obscuring but enhancing the mountains, sunlight sending its magic glow down through the trees into the glorious Wanaka Station Park, and temperatures that were brisk rather than downright freezing.

The People
This morning 46 parkrunners set off through the slightly slippery park course and down onto the lakeside path where the hard-packed route made it easy to dodge the puddles left by the overnight rain. There were visitors like myself and some others from Auckland, a bunch from Dunedin and a couple from Waihi who don’t get to run parkrun very often, but it’s great to see them carrying their barcodes for a tourist run. There was also a hardy bunch of locals, including original Wanaka parkrun event directors Adam and Jane Sharman with their lovely sons. I was happy that I could meet them and incoming ED Katy Macpherson (co-ED with Glenys & Blair Martin), as I too am the ED at Owairaka pakrun. Drawing on a much larger population up in Auckland we find it hard enough to find volunteers, so I thank all the Wanaka EDs, past and present for taking on this awesome role to ensure the future of the parkrun community here in Wanaka.

Volunteering in the cold
A huge shout out to the volunteers who helped today, especially to those who stood around in the cold while the rest of us got warm and toasty as we raised our heart rate out on the course. The hi-vis heroes are: Andrew Voss, Hilary Tomkins, Julie Collard, Kathy Voss, Katy Macpherson, Neville Ferguson, Richard Keeling and Suzie Baillie. Without a constant supply of keen and willing volunteers parkrun would just be an impossible dream, so please consider taking your turn so others can take part.

The café
Having heard great things about the parkrun café, I eagerly continued on to the Edgewater Café for a sampling of their scone menu. I chose the gruyere scone which totally lived up to the fame. Now comes the part when I realise how beautifully small the parkrun world is. Two weeks ago at the inaugural of Sherwood Reserve parkrun in Auckland’s Brown’s Bay, I found myself sitting next to a brand new parkrunner, Josie, at the café after. We got talking and I mentioned I was coming to Wanaka soon. Josie then told me that her partner Bruce is a regular parkrunner down here. So who did I sit down next to at Edgewater Café but Bruce himself. So we instantly had a connection! I also chatted with the couple from Waihi who do not have a local parkrun, but have an ‘imitation’ 5k run on Saturday morning. It seems that to them it is too tricky, time-consuming and plain old hard to actually go through the correct channels to start up a new parkrun. I can’t say I blame them for their views. It certainly was harder work than I imagined. And that’s all the more reason why we should treasure the work Adam and Jane did to introduce parkrun to Wanaka, and appreciate and support the new team to take over from them, Katy, Glenys and Blair. Please support them as much as you can!

Julie Collard
ED Owairaka parkrun in Auckland






Wanaka parkrun – Event #146 – 29th May 2021

This parkrunday I was reminded of the saying “there’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes”.

Google tells me it originated in Scandinavia, regardless, it still holds true today.

Packing for my weekend away in Wanaka I was attentive to the weather forecast and brought all my winter run gear. Okay maybe not all of it, but enough for a weekend of running.

Brisbane visitors Chris Mckelvie and Prue Johnson ran their parkrun in puffa jackets, though I also spied a local in a singlet.

Overall, parkrun numbers were down this week.

At Wanaka there were 29 finishers, Adam Eason brought the field home in 18:48, while Glenys Martin was first female in 28:22.

Two parkrunners recorded personal bests, well done to the aforementioned Adam Eason and to junior parkrunner Oisin Corbett.

There was one first timer at the start of their parkrun experience, welcome to Danny Warley.

While overall numbers were lower than last week, Wanaka welcomed six parkrunners visiting its parkrun for the first time.

Welcome to Wanaka to Yvonne Tse, Alison King, Blake Porteous, Chris Mckelvie, Prue Johnson and Debra Yeh.

Congratulations to Melanie Bradley, who celebrated her 50th parkrun.

We couldn’t do parkrun without the volunteers, so a big hand goes to:

Melanie Bradley, Gavin Craw, Neville Ferguson, Richard Keeling, Alison King, Blair Martin, Geoff Tomkins and Hilary Tomkins.

There is a milestone shirt for those who have volunteered on 25 occasions, from September 1 there will be shirts to match the running milestones.

Volunteers don’t do it for the shirts, if you’ve not yet volunteered give it a go.

You can download the Virtual Volunteer app and have a play at home so you can confidently give it a go in the field.

The beauty of parkrun is that once you have registered you can run anywhere. I’m on a quest to complete all in New Zealand and I hope to achieve that this year. Wanaka was my 31st event.

I also like to tell stories – or at least, I collect stories to share on my blog. You can find out more about parkrunners I’ve come across on my travels over at and if you want to share your story I’d love to hear from you.


Wanaka parkrun cancelled this weekend (6th March 2021)

Due to COVID-19 restrictions under Level 2 and 3 all parkruns in New Zeleand are cancelled for this weekend.

Fingers crossed we will be back up and running next week.

Stay safe.

The Wanaka parkrun Team

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