Tauranga parkrun is cancelled on 2021-09-18 – COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

New Years Day Event

Here's a great way to start your 2021 parkrun year, either by volunteering or by running/walking at our New Years Day parkrun (Friday)

Same time, same place as usual.

Then, the following day is parkrunday again!


Run Report for Aug 1st. Thanks to Nigel Milius



A dull and grey morning with a short but heavy burst of ‘liquid sunshine” a few minutes before 8am greeted 116 people, and a collection of canines, to the 105th running of Tauranga parkrun. Those in the know (the regular volunteers here) confidently told those of us visiting that there would be no rain during the event as that was the way at Tauranga, and they were duly proved correct!

The course is a fairly flat out and back on a mixture of gravel paths and boardwalk, through the Kopurererua Valley, or K Valley as it’s known locally, a 300 hectare reserve that has been developed for wildlife and recreation. In 2017 it won a merit award in the Outstanding Park category from the NZ Recreation Association. Wetlands have been established (ponds and a re-alignment of the river), and over 200,000 natives trees have been planted. There are 12km of shared walking and cycling tracks, of which parkrun uses about 20%, so there is plenty more to explore pre and post parkrun. As keen birdwatchers, my wife and I always take note of what we see during parkruns and today we found Pukeko, Mallard, Paradise Shelduck, Pied Shag, Harrier, Fantail, Blackbird and Chaffinch. Not a bad list considering we were actually running and walking and concentrating more on that!

In the 1800’s, the site was the main focus of two significant battles between Maori and British forces, but the “parkrun battles” fought today are much more friendly in nature! Whether it’s battling to be first home, battling to set a new PB, battling to finish before a friend or parent, battling back from injury, or simply battling to get home it doesn’t matter. Parkrun is different for each individual, and all are embraced in a friendly, positive and welcoming atmosphere. Visitors today came from far and wide; Auckland, Hamilton, my wife and I from the Coromandel, and even some “overseas” visitors from Christchurch. Welcome to the 6 runners who began there parkrun journeys at Tauranga this morning, Quin Proctor, Debbie Moore, Robin Cromb, Suzie Weir, Heidi-Jane Perry and Kenzi Davidson. May parkrun provide you with many happy experiences over many years. There were an additional 9 people taking part at Tauranga for the first time, and of those returning, 17 returned new PB’s. Well done all.

One of the things I really enjoy about out and back courses is the opportunity to marvel (albeit briefly) at the style and grace of those who find their names at the top of the results page, and this was epitomised today by Olivia Burnie who seemed to be moving effortlessly (though I’m sure she was really working hard!) on her way to being first home in 18.11, just over a minute ahead of the first male Matthew Davies, who, in turn was 18 seconds ahead of Daniel Vining, all 3 returning PB’s. Well done folks. Something else courses of this nature allow, is for you to offer words of encouragement to those behind you, those still heading for the turnaround as you’re heading home. Everyone has their own pace, and the only way you’ll ever be bottom of the results sheet at a parkrun is by volunteering to be the tail walker. The only “losers” at parkrun are those who stayed in bed instead of getting up and taking part.

Another part of “parkrunday” for me is the post run breakfast, and Tauranga has The Whipped Baker café for this, situated in the Historic Village very close to the start/finish area. Here, one gets a chance to replace those calories burned (and add a few extras!) and chat to fellow parkrunners. The Historic Village is a collection of old Tauranga shops (original and replica) and therefore provides interest for those with a penchant for history or retail therapy.  

Lastly, a big thankyou to the team of volunteers who turned up this morning to direct proceedings, set-up, pack-up, marshal, time-keep, scan barcodes, tail walk and all the other tasks necessary for the event to remain free, for everyone, forever and every Saturday. These people freely give their time (many every week) but please consider that they may also like to actually run every so often too. Don’t just think about volunteering, sign up and do it! There are a variety of roles, with free training provided, learning skills that are (or will be post Covid) transferable to over 2000 events worldwide, and best of all, it’s fun! 

I hope everyone had as good a time at Tauranga as my wife and I did this morning. We are extremely fortunate to be in New Zealand right now, embrace it and enjoy it.

Nigel Milius, Cooks Beach, A1125245



New Years Day Event

Delighted to announce that we will be holding a New Years Day Event starting at 8am.

We look forward to seeing you there to get 2020 off to a great start.


New Years Day Event

We are pleased to announce that we will be holding a New Years Day event to kick off 2020.

Same time -8am, same place.

Come along and get 2020 off to a great start.



Event number 10

Tauranga parkrun
30th June 2018

This week, on a frosty morning, 77 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 15 were first timers and 21 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 5 different clubs took part. Well done to all who prised themselves from their nice warm beds and completed the run/walk or volunteered.

The event was made possible by 9 volunteers:

Blair ROUNTREE • Rich AVEYARD • Emma VAN DE MOLEN • Amy FRAZER • Peter EAST • Jackie EAST • Leanne DAY • Hineawe SHIVAS • Pauline LOUIE

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Tauranga parkrun Results Page.

The male record is held by Corey HINDE who recorded a time of 18:26 on 28th April 2018 (event number 1).
The female record is held by Sally GIBBS who recorded a time of 18:21 on 12th May 2018 (event number 3).
The Age Grade course record is held by Sally GIBBS who recorded 96.09% (18:21) on 12th May 2018 (event number 3).

Tauranga parkrun started on 28th April 2018. Since then 507 participants have completed 1,302 parkruns covering a total distance of 6,510 km, including 404 new Personal Bests.

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