Our partners

Weekly timed events FREE FOREVER, thanks to the support of our partners

At The Athlete’s Foot we give a fit, and now we give a fit about parkrun as a proud sponsor.
As the experts in FIT for the past 30 years, we are passionate about health, fitness and are dedicated to helping people of all ages reach their personal and performance fitness goals by providing correctly fitted footwear.
We take pride in caring and supporting our local community and like us, parkrun believes in being accessible, inclusive and welcoming, which is why we believe they are the perfect FIT.

At Polar, we fell in love with running a long time ago and couldn’t be happier to be matched with parkrun.

For over 40 years we have provided leading fitness, running watches and heart rate monitors to millions of people across the globe to help support their individual fitness journey.

We help people succeed in their pursuit of a happier and healthier life, through personal guidance made possible by our dedication to science and deep understanding of sports, wellness and technology.

Our technology allows people to see how their body performs every day. Our science helps you enhance it. We could not be prouder to be bringing our support to the walking and running communities supported by parkrun across Australia and New Zealand.

We offer the most accurate way to track your activity and performance 24/7, so we always believe that no matter what you do, do it with heart!

Our supporters

Eukanuba™ is a Super Premium pet food company that has been proudly supplying high quality nutrition to dogs around the world for over 50 years. We’re passionate about bringing each dog to their full potential by providing high quality ingredients such as animal based proteins as a first ingredient to help promote a healthy active lifestyle for dogs of all ages and sizes. Our partnership with parkrun is built on our shared passion that everyone is born to be active whether you run or walk using two legs or four legs.

A natural collaboration between parkrun and iPRO Hydrate has been formed due to the shared ethos and objectives of encouraging healthy, active lifestyles.
iPRO Hydrate – Sport Edition, Student Edition and the new iPRO Hydrate are made with high quality stevia and enriched with electrolytes, vitamins and minerals. They all have zero caffeine and contain no artificial colours of flavourings resulting in an ultra-refreshing taste.
We believe that it is incredibly important for everyone to stay hydrated, whether they are dog walkers, casual joggers, weekend warriors or joining local runs just for friendships and fresh air. We will be working with parkrun to encourage parkrunners to capture and share their #parkrunMoment.