Our Sponsors and Supporters

Our sponsors are our lifeblood

At parkrun we work very closely and in partnership with our sponsors and supporters. Together we have been successful in developing a unique partnership where our partners secure the operational costs of parkrun allowing parkrun to operate a no cost to the runner model.

This unusual, innovative and inventive method of partnership is delivering unbelievable results in the community. Grassroots sport has never witnessed collaboration of this nature before.

The benefits to all parkrunners are that you get the running experience you want with a very light touch from our sponsors.

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New Zealand Home Loans is proud to sponsor parkrun New Zealand.

Our supporters

They differ slightly from our sponsors in that they are involved in growing the number of parkrun events or are partnering to improve our existing offering.


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parkrun New Zealand is proud to have Athletics New Zealand as a supporter and together aim to help grow grassroots running across the country.
Founded in 1887, Athletics New Zealand has a rich heritage of Olympic and Commonwealth Games success and is part of the sporting fabric of New Zealand. Athletics clubs across the country offer fun, inclusive and exciting programmes for all ages. So if you want to become involved more regularly in running, make new friends or even get a little competitive then joining an Athletics club could be for you.

To find a club near you click here.

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Achilles International is a worldwide organisation whose mission is to enable people with all types of disabilities to participate in mainstream athletics, promote personal achievement, and enhance self-esteem and lower barriers.
Visit Achilles International to learn more.