Queenstown parkrun – Event number – 134 3rd July 2021

Queenstown parkrun
Event number 134
3rd July 2021

This week 57 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 10 were first timers and 4 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 8 different clubs took part. We had visitors from across New Zealand and also Australia(Brisbane and Melbourne).

It was possibly the chilliest morning this year for Queenstown parkrun with a -1C temperature at start time.  Pockets of the course had a breeze that likely dropped the temps even further.  We celebrated Gary Johnson's 50th parkrun today on his 51st parkrun event! Gary thought he had a few more weeks to go until he got his milestone and unwittingly knocked over number 50 last week.  Coincidentally Gary crossed over in 51st position on his 51st event today!

Seamus Costello went "Full Seamus" in his trademark red singlet today braving the frigid temperatures to cross first for the third week in a row.  He crossed the line at 18:41 with local parkrunner Matt Rayner chasing him in at 18:45.  Luke Hammington was third across with at time of 19:10

Local parkrunner Becky Sheffield celebrated her birthday in style coming across first female with a time of 20:18.  She was followed in by local parkrunner Sara Metzger at 20:30. Queenstown parkrun Run Director Wendy Banks rounded out the top 3 ladies in a time of 24:10.

Upcoming events are the first ever Winter Pride festival edition of Queenstown parkrun on 4th September!

The event was made possible by 11 volunteers:

Wendy HAWKES • Chris SEYMOUR • Jamie SEYMOUR • Ina CHALMERS • Mark DOUGLAS • Paul JAQUIN • Iain BANKS • Brodie BANKS • Judy SIM • Tracy STRACHAN • Shelley CHARLTON