Pegasus parkrun is cancelled on 2021-09-25 – Due to current COVID-19 restrictions

Pegasus parkrun paused for now.

Unfortunately Pegasus parkrun won't be going ahead until COVID Alert Level 1.


parkrun will return at Alert Level 1. The team of 5 million are working diligently to sort out the problem! We will continue to keep you updated as the situation becomes more clear and we get the all clear from parkrun HQ.

Please avoid the parkrun course at the usual time on Saturday morning. We don’t want to give anyone the impression that parkrunners might be gathering to exercise under the current alert level restrictions.

Pegasus parkruns pause


Don’t forget that you have the option of doing a 5K (not)parkrun. We will publish the weekly results on Facebook, so you have plenty of time to do a 5K walk, jog or run close to home to play along!

Helpful links:

Need help?

Need a little more help at the moment? Anyone can use the ‘Need to Talk?’ service to speak with a trained counsellor.

1737 is a free service for New Zealanders feeling down, anxious, a bit overwhelmed or just need to chat to someone. Just call or text 1737. It's free and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Pegasus parkrun #257 run report

So what happened at Pegasus parkrun #257? Well, lets find out!

The volunteer crew started setting up the start / finish area at 7:30am, it was great to have barkrunner Herbie Durand around to supervise. Course checker Claire Hansen biked around the out & back route to check for hazards, and the Giles family set out the cones on the course.

Pegasus parkrun 257 - 14 August 202 (1)

Tania Bailey briefed the first times at 7:50am -- Welcome to Ethan Stodart, Leo Meredith, Lisette Zonnebeld, Paige Pulman & Steven Hurinui who did their first parkrun today! It is fantastic that we have people from all walks of life and backgrounds who make the effort to travel to Pegasus Town – thank-you for visiting us!

The weather was much better than last week, although it was not as impressive. We had stiff chilly Northerly breeze coming through and this made it pretty cold. Fortunately Run Director Dean Wills delivered the run briefing quickly and timekeeper Shaun Fauth set off the 100 walkers, joggings and runners at 8am.

It was great to see all the smiling faces on the course - the nice benefit of the out & back route is that all we all get to say hello to each other after we turn around. It is important to keep left though - we don't want anyone to collide.

We had a tie for the first finisher today - Congratulations to Nathan Jones & Alex Witt who finished together at 17:10. Over 2 minutes later Giles Witt finished 3rd. Nice work guys!

The first 3 female finishers were Haven Drinnan, Suzanne Mackie & Kelly Lavalley. Nice!!

Giles Witt, Harry Witt & Daniel Wordsworth were the first 3 Juniors to cross the line. Well done!

John Durand was marshalling at the turn around, and he took some some awesome photos. We also had our roving photographer, Geoff Macmillan, on the course.


Volunteer Darren Atkin handed out 100 finish tokens at the finish line, and Elodie de Lapeyre scanned through each personal barcode & finish token until tail walker Colin Nolan crossed the finish line.

Unfortunately 8 participants were UNKNOWN's, meaning that they did not have personal barcodes.

Signing up is totally FREE, and it means that you get a formal time on the results, it also means that you get an email after each parkrun with your results:

And Don't Forget Your Barcode! No printed barcode, no time, no exception. #DYFB

Also, someone kept finish token 36 this week. We really need those to record the finish times, so pleeeease return them immediately after you cross the finish line - even if you don't have personal barcode.

Laurie Mcarthur processed the results today - Full results from today are available here.

9 Personal Bests were achieved - congratulations to: Aaron Kibblewhite, Jeanette Mcintire, Maia Opthoog, Marie Scarlet, Nellie Opthoo, Rebecca Gray, Sharon Pendleton, Steven Lintott & Suzanne Mackie!!! Whoop!

2 milestones were achieved this week - congrats to Nathan Jones (50) & Laurie Mcarthur (150)!

Parkunners with the most parkruns to their names were:

  1. Marylyn Trathen - 246 
  2. Geoff Mcmillan - 244 
  3. Simon Hancock - 205 
  4. Trudy Diggs - 202 
  5. Stacey Carrot - 194 
  6. Jackie Hancock - 195 

Everyone helped us break down the event today - it really is a community effort! Our volunteers do a fabulous job of welcoming everybody each week and keep the events fun and fulfilling for visitors. THANK -YOU!

Afterwards we visited our friends down at The Flat White cafe for a coffee and quiz. We scored 13/15 - not a bad effort for a group of smelly runners!

Pegasus parkrun 257 - 14 August 202 (4)

That's it for this week - but don't forget - next Saturday we have Welsh / green themed event where we will be celebrating the return of parkruns to Wales, our adopted country that we have been supporting over the COVID outages. 

See you there!


Pegasus parkrun #256 run report

What ho parkmates? Who did what, where and when today? How did you get on and why aren’t there more parkmates joining in the fun.

Perhaps it was the rather cool two degrees and a dry morning, which welcomed over 90 parkmates to #Pegasus 256.

So what happened down by the lakeside today? A calm start and then an interesting weather front was just part of the story!

Pegasus parkrun 256 - 07 August 2021 (10)

Our global village welcomed some new inhabitants today as the following took their first steps on their parkrun journey: Charley Ward, Erana Rattray, Hayley Vogel, Kate Mcclelland, Louise Kelly and Marcelle Paulsen. Welcome to the family and we hope to see you back here soon.

A big Pegasus welcome also goes to our First Time Visitor, Linda Compton, here on her 87th parkrun today.

David BROOKS knocked up another 50 taking him to 150 runs whilst Lisa MOORE joined the Black T-Shirt brigade by completing her 100th parkrun. Also, volunteer stalwarts Nick DRINNAN & Dean WILLS joined the parkrun v25 club! Well done to all of you!!

There were some great parkthletic performances out there today and the following, hard pushing and deserving parkmates got a shiny new PB: Abigail Chessum, Brendon Lintott, Dean Wills, Giles Witt, Harry Witt, Maia Opthoog, Nellie Opthoog, Sharon Pendleton and Shaun Fauth. Those WITTS are really pushing each other along! Congratulations, well done to you all.


The age grade performance gives you an idea of how well you stack up against the world record for your age group. Roughly speaking 90%+ you’re international standard, 80%+ national, 70%+ Regional and 60%+ good local level so regardless of age we can all bench mark…if we are interested. Some great performances out there today with John MARSHALL cracking out an 80.70% performance and Adrienne SMITH a 79.23%

Looking at the 1,2,3's for Event 256, I can tell you that the Juniors were led in by Giles Witt, Harry Witt and Haven DRINNAN, the Women by Haven DRINNAN, Hayley VOGEL, Kelly LAVALLEY, and the Men by John MARSHALL, Alex Witt and Giles Witt and Stacey Garrett - great effort everyone.

In position 25 today we saw parkmate and VW50-54 Nicola Whalley just missed a virtual podium. Here on run 34 Nicola has been joining us here since June 2019, has a PB of 21:16 and has always run at the lakeside.

In position 56 we saw parkmate and JW15-17 Maia OPTHOOG, who ran with us three times in 2018 and celebrated her return to Pegasus with a PB. Nice to have you back..

We had a few GREMLINS knocking about and interfering with the results but we sorted the little beggars out but we still ended up with six unknowns. Please remember your barcode as the rule, as we all know, is NBNTNE: No Barcode, No Time, No Exception. If you did have your barcode and we have missed you out, please let us know. All genuine mistakes are happily rectified.

Thank-you to all of our volunteer parkmates: Angela PATERSON, Tania BAILEY, John KERRISON, Leona DOUGLASOVA, Aimee GREEN, Diane EVANS, Rosie WHITHAM, Trudy DIGGS, Nick DRINNAN, Maxine BENNETT, Dean WILLS, Mark WILLIAMSON and Chris VAN DER LEER.

Sometimes we get the roster filled quickly, other times we fly close to the wind. If you want to keep it plain sailing down at PEGASUS, do give us a shout as we’d love to see a few more parkmates spread their wings and volunteer at our parkrun. You’re assured a warm welcome, full training, support and the gratitude of all your parkmates.

Thus endeth the report for parkrun 256. Until you come together for the next event, stay safe, be happy, kind and spread some parkmate love.

Best wishes,
Mark Williamson
(Forest of Dean parkrun, UK)


Pegasus parkrun #255 – Mid-Winter Xmas!

Mid-Winter Xmas parkrunday, it’s always fun!!

Santa's, Elves, Snowman, celebratory Tinsel runners, Tutur unners and of course parkrunners everywhere.

A fantastic MW Xmas cake was accompanied by appropriately iced biscuits of many varieties - and all of this in place before the run!

In 7degree heat (a veritable heatwave compared to some recent temperatures) 106 parkrunners set off on Pegasus’ 255th event, an event that will forever be etched into the memory of two Pegasus parkrunning stalwarts - both Trudy Diggs and Geoff (Mack) McMillan completed their Double Ton on this run, that’s 200 parkruns at the one Event!


Lots of other reasons for celebrating as well, there were First Time Visitors, First Time EVER parkrunners, PB parkrunners and also (non)podium parkrunners. Let’s have a little look at all of that.

Festive Greetings and Welcomes to our First Time Visitors, Jeremy Edwards, Richard Sanderson and Ruth van'Twout (all from Hagley pr) also a massive welcome to our First Time EVER parkrunners - Lisa Shephard, Marie Scarlet, Sharon Pendleton, Rebecca Gray and Linda Williams - fantastic to see you all and we look forward to doing so again!


There were some great results all across the field, in particular 14 parkrunners achieved their best ever result, so far, they were - Alex Witt, Giles Witt, Ben Jagger, Nic Hansen, Alex Dooling, Mike Gibson, Maxine Bennett, Jacqui Witt, Amanda Tointon, Jeanette McIntire, Stephen Lintott, Rebecca Ansley, Dean Wills and Lee Purves, well done to you all.

I mentioned the two Double-Tons earlier, the only official parkrun Milestones achieved were both J10's, earned by Harry Witt and Kalese le Compte, good work Young 'Uns!

There were 7 athletes who exceeded 70% in their Age Graded categories, congratulations to Hannah, Kath, Alex, Stacey, Harry, Giles and Tim - Mark was incredibly close to joining this group.

Looking at the 1,2,3's for Event 255, I can tell you that the Juniors were led in by Giles Witt, Harry Witt and Alex Dooling, the Women by Hannah, Kath and Kelly laValley and the Men by Alex Witt, Giles Witt and Stacey Garrett - great efforts by all.

Thank-you to all of our volunteer parklelves: Angela PATERSON, Chris VAN DER LEER, Dave WOOLDRIDGE, Elodie DE LAPEYRE, Geoff MCMILLAN, Jackie HANCOCK, Laurie MCARTHUR, Maxine BENNETT, Nick DRINNAN, Petra LAMONT, Savannah HYSSONG, Tania BAILEY & Trudy DIGGS!

Doing voluntary work can teach you new skills, build your confidence and help your local community - and we could always use more volunteers! These two links provide more info:

That seems to be it from me, so good to see so many people giving themselves a brilliant start to the weekend, parkrun is all about enjoyment, participation and completing the course in your time - walking, jogging, racing, wheeling and/or with a barkrunner.

Thanks for being there.


Pegasus parkrun #254 run report

Jeepers that was a cold one! 57 parkunners stepped out into the cold to run, walk or jog a collective total of 285 kilometers around Lake Pegasus for Pegasus parkrun #254 today.

They were supported by 10 volunteer hero's: Robert TEMPLER, John KERRISON, Karyn TEMPLER, Tracey HOWARTH, Tania BAILEY, Trudy DIGGS, Geoff MCMILLAN, Maxine BENNETT, Chris VAN DER LEER & Jackie HANCOCK.

 Fortunately we had Brunner to keep our hands warm. He loved the attention!

We had 3 photographers this week! We had photos from the Marshals point of view (Maxine), from the finish funnel (Tracey) and the roving photographer out on the course (Geoff). Check out Facebook to see them: Pegasus parkrun #254 photos


Welcome to Steven Lintott who completed his first parkrun in position 45 this week. Steven is a regular supporter at Pegasus, however this was the first time her ventured out on the course. Welcome!

7 parkrunners celebrated Personal Bests! Congratulations to Carol Chessum, Jacqui Witt, Jan De Voer, Jeanette Mcintire, Mary Barclay, Mike Van't Wout & Shaun Fauth. Nice work!!

We had no milestone runners this week, however we have quite a few milestones coming up next weekend on the Mid-Winter Christmas parkrun. Scroll on down to the bottom of this run report for more info on this event.

This week the first 3 males were:

  • Mark Reid
  • Harry Witt
  • Stacey Carrot

The first 3 females were:

  • Kelly Lavalley
  • Savannah Hyssong
  • Sarah Wilson

The first juniors to cross the line were:

  • Harry Witt
  • Daniel Wordsworth
  • Giles Witt

Top age graded results for the males were:

  • Mark Reid (85.01%)
  • Daniel Wordsworth (75.68%)
  • Ralph Pain (75.64%)

And top age graded results for the females:

  • Kelly Lavalley (68.71 )
  • Jacqui Witt (61.55%)
  • Sarah Wilson (61.16%)

The following also receive an honourable mention for being fastest for their respective ages: Elodie De Lapeyre, Savannah Hyssong, Sarah Wilson, Kelly Lavalley, Jacqui Witt, Carol Chessum, Rosie Whitham, Marylyn Trathen, Harry Witt, Giles Witt, Mike Van't Wout, Shaun Fauth, Russell Wordsworth, Stacey Carrot, David Wilmott, Ralph Pain, Ian Lennie, Mervyn Burt & Graham Wood. Well done!

And a few other random factoids:

  • The average age for all participants was 48.
  • Representatives of 5 different clubs took part.
  • We had 1 UNKNOWN this week. Don't Forget Your Barcode! #DYFB
  • We had 37 males & 19 females take part.

See all the results from the parkrun here.

Our numbers were a little below average this week, interestingly the other parkruns around the Mainland experienced the same. Perhaps the cold deterred folks from leaving their nice, warm and cozy beds this morning! It could also be because this weekend is the last in the school holidays, and a few parkrunners were likely travelling with their families.

Walking, jogging or running is challenging in Winter - here are a few helpful tips to keep you warm on your runs

  • Use layers to keep you warm and shed layers if you get too hot
  • Reapply the layers when you finish so you don't lose too much heat
  • Use a hat, beanie or gloves
  • Change out of wet clothes as soon as you finish
  • Mind your step
  • Slow down if needed
  • Join us for a friendly coffee after!

Unfortunately there was some evidence of spitting on the course today. Please don't do this. We need everyone to practice responsible hygiene in this time of colds, flus & COVID.

This weekend the global parkrun family will be rejoined by most parkruns in England; they will be followed by Wales & Scotland on 14-August. We are planning a few small things to support our Welsh friends as they get back into the swing of things - watch this space!

THINKING OF VOLUNTEERING? Doing voluntary work can teach you new skills, build your confidence and help your local community. Check out these links for more info:

Pegasus parkrun future roster | What are the volunteer roles?

Mid-Winter Christmas parkrun is on at Pegasus next week (31-July)!!!


This is where us Antipodean parkrunners celebrate Xmas by breaking out the festive traditions in the middle of Winter! Everyone is invited to come along dressed in Christmassy theme! There is a rumor that we will even have a Xmas cake baked for us! Feel free to bring your own baking if you like!

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