parkrun report – 31 August 2019

EVENT #98 - 31 AUGUST 2019

Parkrun #98 already – nearly at that magic one hundred and nearly the first day of spring on a crisp sunny morning at the river. It was wonderful to see 116 park runners despite all the other events on around the city and in the region. The driven and the leisurely joined in to make for a wonderful start to what was  to be a glorious weekend and I was pleased to have stumbled out of bed to take advantage of all the weather had to offer – and the cheerful chatter at the bridge. The river level has dropped since the recent rains, and the rapids along the course were a pleasant distraction as the speedy runners were already on the return leg while the rest of us were puffing gracefully (or not so gracefully) on the outward leg. The lead runner returned home in 15:30 which is amazing (but not his PB, I note, although he was going like lightening). Speaking of PBs there were 12 of those which is really encouraging, but even more gratifying were the 21 first time participants. Parkrun is about joining in and being out in the fresh air with your friends. It works for so many people and one person has done it 175 times, another 132 and yet another  110 with many more up there. It was also good to have a smattering of visitors from other parkruns – I do hope you all enjoyed our beautiful course.


It was also grand to see how a number of the missing faces of the regulars were competing elsewhere and did themselves proud! It must be all that running along the river every Saturday.


A big thank you to the volunteers who made it possible.


Mark Rainier