parkrun report – 27 July 2019

EVENT #93 - 27 July 2019

It always surprises me every Saturday when I see the huge amount of people who turn up. Today my parkrun was a family affair with my brother, dad and sister all deciding to test themselves on the course. Similar packs of groups turning up today with new and familiar faces excited to run.   It was a goldilocks kind of morning, not too hot, not too cold, not too sunny and best of all no wind! I gave my sister a pep talk at the start line which involved, “just run to the half-way mark and then run back”. She nodded and seemed to take my instructions on board. Other parkrunners were doing similar pre-run preparations and we were all pumped to get going.   Usual race announcements today and a couple of parkrun tourists, including South Africa! The race director was very quick to start us off today, so much so that I was worried that the photographer wouldn’t be able to take our pictures at the start. Thank goodness she made it, you know what they say, “photos or it didn’t happen”.   As usual, I started off way to confident in my bid for a sub 22 PB. Was doing well on the way out, and it seemed that the guys up front were speeding far more than usual (brother included). As predicted, I had a semi-death at the turn around mark and started to lose pace. Running back is the hardest part, especially when you are being chased. I got hunted down by a couple of fast moving runners and had to duke it out in the end in a speedy sprint finish. I didn’t even have time to try and do a heroic pose for the photographer. No matter what pace you run at, everyone is eligible for a fast finish, after all 1 second is a big deal when it comes to PB’s!   The Athlete’s Foot had an instagrammable worthy platter of fruit to replace our run-depleted electrolytes and vitamins. Thanks for the information on the ‘Perfect fit’, a fast run depends on it! See you all next week ready for another chance to catch that ever elusive PB.   Raquel Lopez-Lozano