parkrun report – 22 June 2019

EVENT #88 - 22 JUNE 2019

For a change, and perhaps to celebrate the winter solstice, the sun was out and blessing us with a balmy 8oC this morning. Every Saturday the hardest step is making it out the front door. The usual race briefing was carried out under the sunlight (last week it was under the bridge) and before we knew it the countdown to start had us toeing the line.


The slight downhill at the start always makes me start off faster than I intend to. I see familiar parkrunners float in and around me while we try to gain our footing in our unintentional running packs. At one point you can see a huge train of faster parkrunners ahead of me. I know that I have set off too fast because my legs are complaining at the first uphill.


The turnaround mark always gives me extra motivation to try and negative split the back half of the run. I see parkrunners having a good run, chatting with each other and sometimes there’s even a volunteer tailwalker who will tell you the race time. These little things that happen every week always make the parkrun so enjoyable.


The last push towards the finish line, after the u-turn at the white fence, is the toughest. The slight uphill and the fatigue really sends the stride into power mode, rather than speed mode. Parkrunners who are aiming to break their PB’s zoom past at inhumane paces, especially for this section of the run. At this point all I know is that when you see the photographer, you know the end is near. Except I never know if I should be putting 100% into finishing the race fast, or trying to look photogenic.


Finishing the parkrun and scanning the barcode always feels like depositing money into the bank. Another Saturday, another parkrun, go us! From here on up, we will be climbing into longer days and warmer weather. Thank you to all the volunteers that are there every Saturday and make our PB’s possible. See you next week.


Raquel Lopez-Lozano