parkrun report – 15 June 2019

EVENT #87 - 15 JUNE 2019

Last year we had almost no parkruns in the rain and already this year we have
had two. We have been trying different start and finish spots in order to keep the
volunteers out of the rain. Once this is finalised we will mark the path for the
alternative turn-a-round spot. The timing and scanning technology does not
work so well when it is wet as some of you found out today. Thank you
for your patience. This week we had one brand new volunteer timer and two
brand new scanner volunteers with one novice parkrun director. The new
volunteers thoroughly enjoyed themselves, as did I. We are also trying to allow a
lane on the path for the cyclists, particularly during the finishing of the run. This
helps with good relations but is also a safety issue, so thank you for your
cooperation and understanding of what we are trying to achieve with this. One of
the enjoyable things about the parkrun is the socialising after you have finished
your run/walk so we need this to happen in a safe area.
Our results system relies on the relationship between the times recorded as you
cross the line and the bar-codes you are given and then scanned. These are
“married up” through the results software so that all finishers get a timed result.
The parkrun director of the day goes home and processes the results after the
event is concluded. Sometimes there are minor glitches that need to be sorted
before they can be emailed out to everyone. I’m looking forward to the day that I
can do this without needing to ring Kate for help but probably not as much as she
is looking forward to that day. We re-use the barcodes each week but
unfortunately this week two of them did not find their way back into the bucket,
so if you have one could you please bring it next Saturday and give to Kate who
will be parkrun director on the day.
We had 141 participants – a good number considering the weather although I’m
told it was not cold and many enjoyed running/walking in the rain. Thanks to my
fellow volunteers, especially the Bob the Marshall as it can be quite lonely with
out other volunteers to chat with while you wait for the “action”. Bruce the
photographer was also out in the weather on his own and said the light was
marginal for “action” photos. Next week is New Zealand National Volunteer week
And is a great time to remember to gives a word of thanks to your volunteers as
many of you already do. A little appreciation goes a long way.
Best of parkrun regards
Karen Manninen