parkun report – 1 June 2019

EVENT #85 - 1 June 2019

Congratulations to all 70 parkrunners today – plus our super awesome team of volunteers! I was pleasantly surprised to see such a great turnout. It was one of those days where it was tricky to decide what layers to wear – the forecast was to be cold and wet. When I arrived at the bridge with my husband and son the volunteers were there setting up. We briefly wondered if we were going to be the only 3 to run today. I figured if we were going to be crazy enough to run in this weather, we may as well do it in good company!

A few minutes before 8am groups of people started arriving. I think there was an extra big cheer for our brand new parkrunners today; Paddy DALY, Carl BAKER, Charlotte REED, and Hayley MILLIGAN– great dedication.  As Wendy mentioned in the brief it doesn’t usually rain for Palmerston North parkrun, and today we had it all rain, thunder and hail.

The weather was holding and we were off – I spent the first couple of km’s trying to run around the puddles.  When the hail hit at half way it was awesome to see to Kathy MORTON marshalling with a smile on her face. I actually found myself enjoying the run, despite the hail and thunder – there were lots of smiling faces and chat on the course today.

When I hit the home straight, I was confronted with the big puddle – my shoes already soaked there was going to be no avoiding it. At the very least I thought it would make some great photos as we all charged through the puddle. Thanks Andrew for braving the conditions to capture the fun today!

It was a great feeling to reach the bridge – and I was pleased to see the finish line volunteers all dry. Extra special thanks to the volunteer team - Linda BERG, Andrew GRAINGER, Ray LEE, Emma MAW, Kathy MORTON, Anneke MULLER, Gail ROBINSON, Emma SAVOIAN, and Wendy WATTS.

Congratulations to Bronwyn ALTON for earning the red 50 shirt today and her first parkrun in Palmerston North. Well done to Emma OGILVIE who also celebrated her 10th junior parkrun.

There were 8 new PB’s - very impressive considering the extra weight of the wet shoes and clothing today!

I’m fairly confident that was the worst weather I have run in, but made really enjoyable by the Palmy parkrun tribe. As we know the hardest step is the first step out the door – parkrun is the best way to start the weekend. It’s always a great feeling to get home after parkrun and relax knowing that you’ve started the day off the right way.

Look forward to seeing you all back next week.