parkrun report – 9 February 2019

EVENT #69 - 9 FEB 2019

6.45am Saturday Morning….  Beep Beep Beep... there goes the alarm. Time to get up, check out the weather and see how windy it is.(who doesn't do this on Saturday mornings)

No wind… not even a slight breeze. It could be game on at Park run.
The night before my mate James and my partner Jess put down a bet for who buys breakfast.

21 minutes for Jess, 18 minutes for James and 15.20 for me; beat your time and the others buy you breakfast. Count me in.
The three of us headed off down the river for the 3k run to the start line. We were missing run partner Ewen today. He was out tramping. Our rule is nothing hot when the other is away, but with no wind rules are made to be broken.

We got 10 minutes down the road and Jess remembered she didn't have her barcode! I am sure half of you reading this know this feeling. I raced back home and grabbed it. Precious energy lost- or was it?
We made it to the start. I had some time to talk to some kids from my school and say a few hellos but before I knew it it was go time.
K 1. It always seems so easy. Legs are fresh and you feel on top of the world. Unfortunately this never lasts.

Bing goes my watch - 2.59. First K not bad I think to myself. Could be a little faster but the legs ain't feeling too flash today so I'll take it.
K 2 is always hard to get right. You have to push hard to match K1 and not slow down but not too hard that you over do it.

Bing - 2.58. That's better, but now the going gets tough. Time to get up those rises that feel like mountains and navigate the turn without slowing down.
Bing - 3.03 ok so i lost some time, but if i can hold 3.10s i get breakfast. Life is looking good right about now, however the feeling of hell taking over the universe is about to set in.

Now for my one hate... people running on the right. At 20kph a collision will most definitely put you in hospital; do I go left or do I go right? Ultimately I shouldn't have to move. I call out and go left. Crisis averted.
Bing - 3.06 Pain pain pain and more pain; at this point i’m happy to give up and forfeit my breakfast. I think to myself i'll be happy with the Ice Cream in my freezer and I should walk from here..

My pace goes out the door and i’m losing speed and time with every step.

500m to go and I look at my watch. 13.40. Ok so if i run at 2.45 pace I might break 15 minutes…

There no time like the now i tell myself and I drop it like its hot. That plan lasted about 200m before my legs started telling me. “Hey buddy, you’re just not that good”. “Shut up legs, I’m the boss around here”.

Bing - 2.59 That green grass looks so comfortable. I think I’ll have a sleep. I will dream about what I’m having for Breakfast.

15.05. Finish time.

The Park run finish line team were great. All super excited. More excited than me i think.

My friend Mel who was riding by stopped to say hi. I could tell she was happy to see me in a bit of pain.

Time to enjoy watching everyone come in. James - 18.20, Jess 21.47 (I was looking forward to breakfast at this point).

Kids from school, Lucy, Charlotte and Mr Barnett all having great runs.

It’s now time to run home, which if I'm honest was a very slow walk this time round.

A big thanks to the volunteers for making it all happen and well done to the 40 something PB’s alone with everyone that took part and gave it a go. Good luck for your next run, remember to keep left and enjoy yourself.

PS- The benny with bacon and a smoothie at Jackos is worth every step.


Chris Sanson


Editor: Chris Sanson set a new course record for Palmerston North parkrun with his time of 15:05 (the previous record being 15:20).

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