EVENT #68 - 2 FEB 2019

Saturday morning was a noticeable break in the heatwave we'd been experiencing that week - chilly, with a stiff breeze.  Well done to everyone who braved the cool to complete this weeks park run.

We had 243 runners and walkers join us this week; this is our second highest attendance ever, (we reached 250 on our first birthday last year).  I wonder whether we can break that record this coming Saturday?

Also a special mention of congratulations to those who managed to achieve a PB this week.

Being a relatively late adopter of park run, I am enjoying the atmosphere and organisation of the park run event every Saturday morning.  I may not achieve a PB each week but I do like to give myself and everyone else who turns up for the event a big pat on the back for number one turning up and number two giving it a go.  There are plenty of others who wouldn’t even entertain the idea of turning up!  Also well done on contributing to the almost record total number of participants for the week.


During the week I saw this quote which I thought was quite appropriate for the unsung heros of park run the volunteers “Not in numbers, but in unity is where our great strength lies.”  The small team of volunteers every week do an amazing job and by them putting their names down on the future roster and turning up on the day it enables us all to be able to participate and achieve our personal goals.  There isn’t a big number of them but they do present a unified front which makes the park run community strong.  They are a group who don’t mind helping and giving training to the new comers of the volunteer roles.


The recommended level of volunteering is 4 times a year, one each season (not really a big ask).  So if you haven’t put your name down on the volunteer roster I encourage you to.  Just like the starting instructions, it means that others can participate in the run instead, let’s share the load.


On that note a huge thank you to this weeks volunteers…..

Becks ZENTVELD  •  Glyn POWELL  •  John STUART  •  Kate SOUTHERN  •  Margaret STUART  •  Marian ANDERSON  •  Micah SOUTHERN  •  Nathan RAM  •  Nicky CROOKS  •  Rachelle COCKER  •  Ray LEE  •  Richard BERBER  •  Ross OLD

Rachelle Cocker

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