parkrun report – 12 January 2019

EVENT #65 - 12 JANUARY 2019

.There are all sorts of little things that make a community feel like home. Some are small, and seemingly undetectable: the barista remembering your order, your neighbor checking on you after an earthquake, or finding a salon you love. Other things are more obvious; a sense of comfort and ease getting around town, knowing where to find the best parking spots at work, and of course, making friends. I have lived in Palmy for almost 7 years, and it’s only been recently that I have truly felt like this was home.   And my most glaring example came in the form of parkrun. In Christchurch..

My family was in Christchurch for Christmas, and we had the good fortune of being there on a Saturday. Being a Parkrun tourist seemed like the most sensible thing to do (and a lot more fun then battling all the last minute shoppers).   Listening to the pre-run instructions I kept looking around, out of habit, for a familiar face. I wasn’t expecting doing something so familiar with so many unfamiliar faces would make me feel homesick! But I did.   I missed the people I know, and the people I only recognize. I missed the river, and hills… All the little things that make a place feel like home.


Congratulations to this weeks 200 participants, you run, walked, and helped make Palmerston North feel like home, and for an American from the Chicago area, that’s no small feat.

And thanks to this weeks volunteers: Becks ZENTVELD  • Bob HARTNELL  • David HARTLEY  • Eunice RODSJO  • Julia DELCOMYN  • Nicola GRAYSON  • Nik ZENTVELD  • Ray LEE  • Ronelle HENN  • Wendy WATTS


Julia Delcomyn

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