parkrun report – 5 January 2019

EVENT #64 - 5 JANUARY 2019

This Saturday was a stunning Palmy morning, the sun shining, no wind and the river looking amazing (actually a typical Palmy summers day).  Having first seen parkrun via Facebook and going to the first in Palmy, it soon became a weekend ritual. Limiting myself to only a couple of wines on Friday night in order to be able to get up and run on Saturday soon became the norm.  Running and then followed by a cooked breakfast and great coffee was soon the start to most Saturdays for my husband and I.  The atmosphere that is parkrun is fantastic and all inclusive.  It does not matter if you run all the way or walk some of it you are only competing against yourself (and the closest person to you or the one that you target to beat each week of course).   There are all types or runners and walkers each week. For me I know I am going OK if I manage to get to the Albert Street mark before the lead runners come past me on their way back, and if I get to the 2k mark before I see my hubbie on his way back I am super happy.   This week saw 165 runners with the first three being Ryan Smith 19.16, Stephen Trail 20.50, and Stephen Berg 20.55.  I would encourage anyone thinking about giving parkrun a go to come on down at 8am and give it a go. I thank all the organisers for bringing such an awesome event to Palmerston North. 
Linda Berg

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