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parkrun report – 7 December 2019

EVENT #112 - 7 DECEMBER 2019


When we arrived in the morning for park run there was a small bus parked near the start.  It wasn't a travelling gypsy bus and it wasn't full of parkrun participants it was the "pack the bus" bus.  This bus is currently visiting public events throughout the Manawatu to promote the donations of food, toys and children's Christmas presents to be re-distributed by Methodist Social Services and Barnados for the festive season.  The participants of parkrun were encouraged to bring along an item for donation.  Well done for the donations.  There were several big boxes full.  It was also nice to see that the property brokers staff member is a parkrunner also.


This week also doubled as the special Christmas celebration event.  Most of the volunteers and some competitors were all dressed up and in the festive spirit.  There was a common colour theme amongst everyone - red.  It was really good to see and put most of us in a good mood.  There was even a dog who was running their 50th park run and had a saddle with a reindeer on it.  It really was memorable!


There was a couple of first time events for the Palmerston North Park run this week.  One was the briefing given to first time park runners.  This is a separate briefing to explain to the newbies what is about to happen and how things work.  This is a new volunteer role and only takes a couple of minutes before the start.  The other first time event was that there was a 25 minute pacer.  A park runner had volunteered to be a pacer and knew that he could run to 25 minutes.  Not sure how his followers went but I thought that was awesome if he could be sure of his pace, as it is something that some of us would definitely struggle with.


It was a very warm parkrun this week.  The breeze didn't get up until after the event had finished.  Many a participant crossed the finish line looking slightly damper than usual in their costumes and all!  Well done to everyone that turned up and completed the event and a special congratulations to those who achieved PB's and other milestones like 50 and 100 parkruns.


Rachelle Tait


Join us for a New Year’s Day parkrun!

Let's bring in the New Year the best way we know how - with a run or walk with our parkrun community!

We'll have a leisurely start of 9am just in case it's been a late night.

See you there, don't forget your barcode!


parkrun report – 2 November 2019

EVENT #107 - 2 NOVEMBER 2019

  It seems that the beginning of summer for New Zealand has finally arrived this weekend. A windless and slightly warmer morning greeted the parkrunners today with the usual pre-run chatter.


There seems to be more people running every week which is great to see. Every morning we see familiar faces, new local faces and of course the parkrun tourists which this week hailed from the UK and Upper Hutt. The slight downhill at the beginning of the course gives the illusion that the whole run will fast and effortless. While it makes for a great start, it can be disastrous later on (as most of us find out). The other downhill illusion is the section just after the ramp. It gives you just enough momentum to float down the hill to the halfway mark.


The turnaround mark also provides some motivation with encouraging words from the marshall and the need to look like you are not trying THAT hard at this point in the run. On the return journey, the other parkrunners provide a welcome distraction with many parkrunners recognising and greeting others on our Saturday morning parkrun. Mercifully today, there was no wind in either direction which meant 1. Less effort, more speed and 2. Increases the possibility of a PB. The final jaunt down the home straight is always difficult as it is a balance of trying to increase the pace without sprinting too early, with the addition of the slight uphill now becoming the enemy between you and the finish line. The photographer is always positioned in place where you least expect it, so you know that your photo will probably not look like a Nike ad unfortunately.


Well done to all the parkrunners this Saturday, PB or not, pat yourself on the back and let’s remind ourselves that it is not all about the PB and trying to look great in the photo, but let’s remember that there is always another parkrun next week.


Raquel Lopez Lozano


FYI: 2 seconds off my PB, not mad about it or anything


parkrun report – 7 September 2019

EVENT #99 - 7 SEPTEMBER 2019


Well I don't know about you but I am always happy when the weather forecasters get in wrong for bad weather first thing on a Saturday morning.  Lucky for the Palmy park runners this week the weather forecasters did just that and got it wrong.  The morning was a little chilly to start with a slight breeze but no rain.  I heard someone say that they would rather the breeze than the rain and I tend to agree.  

It never ceases to amaze me the amount of people who get themselves to park run on a Saturday morning.  It's great to see the wide age range and the amount of families who come down.  I talked to one park runner who said that she loves coming down as it starts her day off well and helps her wake up!  The biggest hurdle can be showing up so well done to all of the 137 park runners who completed the 5km today.
The weekly park run event for me is definitely more of a mind challenge where I hope that the body can take care of the physical side of things.  It's a weekly battle as to how fast to start and at what stage to push a bit harder or go with the flow.  It seems to be that the same part of the course each week is the hardest part and that obviously can vary depending on who you talk to and where they get to with their thinking. The main thing though is to get to the half way cone and then turn around and do it all again and cross that finish line.  It always helps me to think of how I will feel crossing the finish line and ticking the run off for the week.

The weather conditions were obviously favourable for the 22 runners who achieved PB's.  Well done to you all.  Also a special mention to Kristina Cargia who completed her 50th park run and with a PB to match!  Great day at the office for you Kristina.

Next week is the magic 100th Palmy park run where I am sure that the team will have something up their sleeves to help us celebrate the milestone.  It will be great to see you all again next week to bring in the occasion.
Rachelle Tait

parkrun report – 31 August 2019

EVENT #98 - 31 AUGUST 2019

Parkrun #98 already – nearly at that magic one hundred and nearly the first day of spring on a crisp sunny morning at the river. It was wonderful to see 116 park runners despite all the other events on around the city and in the region. The driven and the leisurely joined in to make for a wonderful start to what was  to be a glorious weekend and I was pleased to have stumbled out of bed to take advantage of all the weather had to offer – and the cheerful chatter at the bridge. The river level has dropped since the recent rains, and the rapids along the course were a pleasant distraction as the speedy runners were already on the return leg while the rest of us were puffing gracefully (or not so gracefully) on the outward leg. The lead runner returned home in 15:30 which is amazing (but not his PB, I note, although he was going like lightening). Speaking of PBs there were 12 of those which is really encouraging, but even more gratifying were the 21 first time participants. Parkrun is about joining in and being out in the fresh air with your friends. It works for so many people and one person has done it 175 times, another 132 and yet another  110 with many more up there. It was also good to have a smattering of visitors from other parkruns – I do hope you all enjoyed our beautiful course.


It was also grand to see how a number of the missing faces of the regulars were competing elsewhere and did themselves proud! It must be all that running along the river every Saturday.


A big thank you to the volunteers who made it possible.


Mark Rainier


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