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We welcomed Puarenga parkrun recently and this week it’s Blenheim’s turn, Porirua celebrated their anniversary and Hamilton Lake decided a mid-winter Christmas was a good idea. Lower Hutt features in the feedback and also introduces their lovely parkrunner of the week!

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Lian and Noel from parkrun New Zealand (get in touch)

Puarenga parkrun – Rotorua

Although the weather looked a little drizzly Noel and I were thrilled to be able to attend the inaugural parkrun in Rotorua on June 25th. It was rather chilly, but the rain held off until after we had finished warming up over our hot coffees.

With low lying mist and the geothermal steam rising from the ground, many visitors thought it felt like being on another planet and one visitor imagined dinosaurs could have appeared through the thick bush! It’s certainly an interesting 2 lap course and visitors will see some of what Rotorua is famous for as it passes along some beautiful lake views. I learnt too that Puarenga means sulphur flowers, which is the name of the stream that the track follows.

The mayor, Steve Chadwick, very kindly came along and she thanked Alison King, the Event Director, for all her hard work in bringing this parkrun to fruition. She was also extremely supportive of having parkrun come to Rotorua and thought the idea of a fun, free, timed run for the community was a great way to promote health and well being.

Alison, along with Jason Chapman and their volunteers, did a wonderful job making sure 128 runners didn’t get lost in the mist and were very pleased to welcome so many visitors who had made the journey from Lower Hutt, Hamilton Lake and Auckland.

New Zealand Home Loans welcomes the start of Blenheim parkrun this coming Saturday!

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Hamilton Lake mid - year Christmas run

It was a chilly start to our mid-winter Christmas themed parkrun with 152 keen runners and walkers braving the conditions. Thankfully, the rain stayed away which was a blessing as wet Christmas costumes wouldn't have been much fun.

I continue to be impressed by our wonderful parkrun family and thank you to everyone who dressed up - the photos show a colourful and "funtastic" looking group of parkrunners!

Thank you again to the volunteers, great job team - well done. - Tau Holden

Porirua Third Anniversary

Porirua decided on a ‘Where’s Wally’ theme for their anniversary and there were certainly a lot of Wally’s everywhere! New Zealand Home Loans Mana kindly provided the barbeque and breakfast and a great time was certainly had by all. Many thanks to Run Director, Astrid van Meeuwen, and all those wonderful volunteers who bring parkrun each week to this growing Porirua community.

Event News

New parkruns
Blenheim parkrun - 9th July 2016

Cornwall Park – 30th July

feedback from the field

I am not sure about anyone else but I really enjoyed reading the article that was posted on the parkrun Facebook yesterday "If you run slow, who cares" which talks about the power of positive thinking, and if you go into an event saying that you know you are slow, you are conditioning your mind to think that you can’t achieve more.
I have been struggling with my times for months now, often I have had a niggle or injury, but I have also accepted that perhaps that's my pace now? However, reading this article was a timely reminder before I go out tomorrow and run my 10 km that I should go into the event being more positive. Perhaps I can shave a little time off perhaps I can't, but to give it all that I can! There was one paragraph that stood out to me, forgive if you have all read the article. But it’s worth highlighting again.
"There is no difference between the runner who breaks 30 minutes for the 5K for the first time and the one that breaks 16 minutes. Both worked hard, sacrificed to achieve their goal, and experienced the same challenges."
I think Porirua parkrun really captures the spirit of this, with the support it provides to all participants, which I believe is why we all keep coming back
Fiona Stoddard, Porirua

The rush of water
echoes like applause in praise
of the volunteer.
Lower Hutt Facebook page

By the riverbank
she waits, matching place with time:
the barcode scanner
Lower Hutt Facebook page

Anderson parkrun number 5 was held in chilly but perfect conditions.
This week there were 76 runners/walkers, up by 21 from last week, of whom 36 were first timers. Representatives of 4 different athletics clubs took part.
It was especially great to see a large group of enthusiastic first timers from nearby St Josephs Maori Girls College, as well as visitors from Porirua.
Lots of personal bests were gained. Congratulations. Keep it up team!
Steve Franklin, Anderson

Enjoyable run...even if a little bit wet
Inthia Lindberg, Whangarei

Awesome stuff Alison! Great to see you even had the Rotorua Mayor along.
Mike Wilkinson, Western Springs

Loved it! Will def be back and this will now be part of my Saturday morning routine. Off to Gold Coast for a holiday next week so have already sussed out their parkrun
Jo Wormald, Puarenga

Thank you so much for a great morning. That was certainly worth the drive
Brent Foster, Lower Hutt

Well done Puarenga parkrun - came up from Lower Hutt for your inaugural event and it was well worth the trip. I will want to ensure that my trips to Rotorua include a Saturday for all future visits as it is a lovely course. I'm sure that you will attract many more parkrun tourists
Chrissy Robertson, Lower Hutt

The Lower Hutt travelling clan at Puarenga parkrun

Drop us an email if you have an interesting parkrun related fact, happening or comment that you would like to share with all parkrunners.

parkrunner of the week

Name:  Andrea Ruglys

Club:  None

Age:  50

Home parkrun:  Lower Hutt

Occupation:  Dressmaker

Number of runs:  54

Number of times volunteered:  10

What do you do at parkruns:  Mingle with parkrun friends, listen to the run director's briefing and hope not to trip over my feet when the whistle goes. Most weeks I start two-thirds of the way back from the front-runners and try to pick up the pace once up the first slope. I aim to keep up with a group of people who run similar times; very occasionally I can sneak past one or two of them, more usually it's all I can do to keep them in my sight. The plan is always for a fast finish and a big smile but sprinting on sometimes-boggy grass is not my thing and I fear I'm usually grimacing over the finish line. In fine weather it's lovely to linger and chat on the stop-bank; in inclement weather I'm all for heading to the cafe as soon as is decently possible.

How has parkrun changed your running:  I hadn't run for quite a few years before parkrun and the idea of pitching up and running 5k with a group of strangers was alarming. Getting up early on a Saturday morning for parkrun soon became addictive however and gradually I've been able to improve on my time and pacing. Because of parkrun I've grown in confidence and have really come to enjoy running longer distances; one day I'd like to try a longish, flattish, gentle trail run. I also love the look of the new Puarenga and Blenheim parkruns especially; I think several road trips beckon.

What do you like about parkrun:  It's definitely all about the people (and the post-run long black). I love that it's an inclusive event - that no matter what your age and ability parkrunners are a supportive and inspiring bunch, that any competition is friendly. I really enjoy the friendships I've made through parkrun and the other various adventures it's lead me to such as local races.

Most memorable or funniest parkrun moment:  Stand-outs would have to be 'Richie McCaw' turning up to our Halloween parkrun, running alongside my husband on our 50th run, and breaking the 30 minute barrier for the first time!


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