Lower Hutt UN birthday report


Here's a short report to mark Lower Hutt parkrun's 8th birthday /anniversary on 5 May.

5 May 2020 marks a special day in the history of Lower Hutt parkrun. Its "Happy 8th Birthday" and it will certainly be Many Happy Returns when we are all able to meet up again (hopefully sooner rather than late, with all things going well).

Event number 1 took place on 5 May 2012 with 84 participants and 5 volunteers. The first person in was Edwin Kaitany in a time of 15 minutes 25 seconds, and this is still the course record. This time was not equalled again till event 142 by Nick Horspool on 1 January 2015. So a longstanding time record is still waiting to be broken for anyone wanting a new challenge!

Dorota Eva Starzak was the first female runner in with a time of 20 minutes 49 seconds. The current female record holder is Phoebe McKnight with a time of 16 minutes 59 seconds,at event 306 on 3 February 2018.

Once a parkrunner, always a parkrunner (and that includes parkwalkers as well). Current Lower Hutt parkrunners who were at event 1, include Chris Speakman, Elaine Richardson, Alistair Willis, Tina Kerr, Bruce McCardle, Allan Hartley, Ian Morton and Andrew Crosland. Alistair, Tina, Bruce, Allan, Ian and Andrew all took part in event 419 on 14 March 2020, the last event before lockdown. The great thing about parkrun is that once you have your barcode, it's forever and you can use it at any parkrun anywhere. (Apologies if I have missed the names of people from event 1, who are active at Lower Hutt and/or other parkrun locations).

Lower Hutt parkrun is the  FIRST parkrun in New Zealand and our  first Run Director was Richard McChesney, who instigated the event here, after participating in parkrun while living in the UK.. The first ever parkrun was held at Bushey Park London on 2 October 2004. Richard is now based overseas, and active in  parkrunning . There are now 30 parkruns in New Zealand, and the worldwide parkrun movement is in 22 countries. Parkrun tourism is fast growing, and many Lower Hutt parkrunners have incorporated a parkrun elsewhere in their trips away.

Parkrunners at Lower Hutt have run a total of 302,985 kilometres in the last eight years ! That's equivalent to 7.6 times around the world. The largest number of participants has been 327 at event 410 on 11 January 2020. Since the beginning of January 2020, we have had an average of 270 participants every week. Volunteer teams have grown from 5 ,just 8 years ago, to 15. So when parkrun resumes, please have a go at a volunteer role, because no volunteers means no parkrun.

Hope everyone and your families are staying safe and well. The parkrun community at Lower Hutt (and all the other parkrun communities) will be back together in due course to enjoy fresh air, friendship and fun running/walking.

" Happy 8th Birthday 

 Lower Hutt parkrun"


Glynis Ng


Christmas parkrun at Lower Hutt

Lower Hutt parkrun will be holding an additional parkrun on Christmas Day, at 8am.

There will also be an additional parkrun on New Year's Day at 8am, which will the first leg of a New Year's Day double with Porirua parkrun, who will hold their run at 9:30.

These is in addition to the regular parkruns every Saturday morning at 8am.


New Year’s Day Double with Lower Hutt & Porirua is On!

Lower Hutt parkrun will be holding a special extra parkrun on New Year's Day at 8:00am.

Porirua parkrun will also be holding a run on New Year's Day at 9:30am.  This will allow plenty of time to get from Lower Hutt to Porirua in time for the start if you want to do a New Year's Day double.

Afterwards, there will be a pot luck at the Porirua parkrun finish area.

Note:  All normal Saturday parkruns are also still on.


Lower Hutt parkrun 352 – 22nd December 2018

Another parkrun done, only one left at Lower Hutt for 2018.  It was also my last go at being run director at Lower Hutt, so if you will indulge me, here’s an alphabetical list of my time as being RD and a look at today’s run….

Barcodes – we scanned 228 barcodes today, but unfortunately still had 9 unknown runners. Register and print your barcode (and preferably laminate!) to get your result recorded. It’s a fair amount of hassle to manually add people to the results so please bring your barcode with you each week.

Cake! There was cake at the finish made to celebrate my final stint as RD but today has not been the only baked goods days.  Last week we had milestone cake, and we’ve also had birthday cake and just because cake.  Thanks to all of our willing bakers! Why run if not for the food?

Downloading – two of the exciting developments of this year have been the parkrun volunteer app and the google chrome running challenges extension. Please all download the app if you’re going to volunteer as a barcode scanner – it’s really great! And just for fun, see how many extra badges you have already accumulated in the google running challenges.

Everybody’s welcome! My favourite thing about parkrun is how inclusive it is; today we had humans, dogs and buggies (with tiny humans!). Our participants range in age from under 10 to over 65.

Fancy dress – this year we’ve welcomed a hen, a dinosaur, the Hulk, numerous scary Halloween costumes and of course, this weekend, 37 Tutu clad runners.

Globe Trotting – We’ve welcomed so many overseas tourists this year, and this week was no exception. As well as domestic tourists from many of the other 26 runs in NZ, we also welcomed Australian, South African and British tourists. Remember your barcode works anywhere in the world!

Happy Birthday – in May we celebrated Lower Hutt parkrun’s 6th birthday with a party, cake and quiz at the Station Gardens, organised by Alastair. It was a unique opportunity to see people in regular clothes!

International Women’s Day – In March I was proud to lead an all female volunteer team to celebrate international women’s day. Parkrun is open and inclusive to everyone, and it was great to be able to acknowledge that in our own way.

Joel Carmen – the name of our first finisher today in an eye-watering sub 16 minute run. Our first female was Ingrid Cree in 19:54. It’s not about the winning, it’s about the taking part, but speaking for myself, seeing the fast runners finish is one of the joys of volunteering as I’m never at the business end of the field!

Kilometres and kilometres – All 237 runners covered 5km today (whether they did it in 16 minutes or 56 minutes). Between them they covered 1,185km which is more than the distance from Lower Hutt to Cape Reinga.

Lead bike – one of our crucial volunteer roles is often filled by parkrun volunteer extraordinaire, AJ. Today he stepped up at the last minute to help out and I’ll be forever grateful!

Milestones – one of the many joys of introducing the run each week is celebrating everyone’s efforts. This week we said well done to Marketa Langova (150 runs), Colleen Cumming (100 runs with a PB!) and Andrea Ruglys who achieved her 25th volunteering milestone.

New courses – this year many new courses sprung up in New Zealand. We’ll always be the first ever parkrun in NZ and it’s lovely how the community is growing across the country. Our newest neighbour is Greytown parkrun (just over the hill) which is a lovely course if you ever fancy a change.

Only three more sleeps until the next parkrun day. A tenuous O, I’ll admit!

Personal Bests – there were 19 new PBs in the field today – 8% of our runners achieving a new best time. Special mention to AJ Shaw for his 5thPB in 5 runs and Charlotte Lealuga who took a huge 40 seconds off her last PB to duck under half an hour for the first time

Quiet please! Just one small bugbear of mine – please respect the run director and listen for the 5 minutes of the run briefing. We welcome new runners, celebrate milestones, and share important course safety information. Please save your chat for the run!

Run Directors – a special thanks to Stu, Tony, Alistair and especially Mark for putting up with me for the last year! I’ve made some goofs (mainly technology based) but hopefully I’ve not brought the team into disrepute too much! Best of luck to Jared and Susan who will join the team from next year.

Still reading? Sorry! There are only a few letters to go….

Tea and cake – the best part of parkrun is the coffee, tea, cake, scones, or combination of the above after the run from Buzz Café. Remember you get top notch post-parkun chat as well as 10% off your purchase. You can also help sort the tokens out or watch how the results are processed.

Unknown runners are missing out on their credit! Not only that, the unknown runner in position 155 accidentally took our finish token home today. Please remember to return the tokens at the end as they are part of a set and a bit of a pain to replace. Thanks!

Volunteers – I wouldn’t be able to run direct if it wasn’t for the 11 others who selflessly give up their chance to run each week. Thanks to everyone who has volunteered this year and made sure parkrun
at Lower Hutt can go ahead every week.

Water – as summer heats up, please remember to bring your own water. We have some at the finish but there’s not always enough and we don’t want anyone to go without! It’s important to stay hydrated and take

Xmas runs! There was an extra run at Porirua on Christmas Day and there are TWO extra parkruns on New Year’s Day – join us at Lower Hutt at 08:00 and then 09:30 at Porirua.

You! It wouldn’t be parkrun without our participants so thanks to everyone for coming along week after week.

Zzz sleepy yet? That’s a lot of words! Thanks for reading and for putting up with me for the last year. I’ll still be at Lower Hutt most weeks but I’ll be focussing on my running and ramping up my tourism. Have a lovely Christmas break and we’ll see you soon!

Lizzi Elton-Walters
parkrunner (and former Run Director!)


Lower Hutt parkrun 351 – 15th December 2018

Kia ora e te whānau o parkrun Te Awakairangi (Lower Hutt)
Ngā mihimahana o te rā ki a koutou.

After a couple of wild unpredictable weeks of weather (just the way we start summer in New Zealand) it was great to have a parkrun morning with merely a gentle breeze.  There were 241 parkrunners and walkers out this morning in great conditions with a light headwind as we headed out to the turnaround. Sure enough there were twenty seven personal best times recorded, with one person getting a PB on their 170th parkrun!

Welcome to those new to the parkrun community. It's great to have you join us. There were 19 first timers at Lower Hutt this morning, with 8 of those doing their first parkrun! Welcome welcome. We look forward to seeing more of you. We also then had eleven visitors, parkrun tourists – from what I can see they were from Millwater, Dunedin, and Gisborne within NZ, and UK, Australia and South Africa. Nau mai, Haere mai ki Te Awakairangi. Welcome, welcome to Lower Hutt. It was great to have you with us!

There are a myriad of different reasons that bring people out each week, those of us pleased to complete 5k, and those of you doing parkrun as a part of longer distances and other endurance events. I love hearing the stories of other events people are involved with. There are many inspiring people amongst our parkrun community and today was an opportunity to celebrate several of them. We had a whole bunch of milestones reached today. Paula LEVY (visiting from Gisborne) and Bruce INGLIS completed their 50th parkruns, Patrick DONOVAN and Mary-Ann JANSSEN completed their 150th, Melchor REYES SR completed his 200th and we had three new members join the parkrun 250 Club today. Congratulations to Floro ASTRONOMIA, Paul GORDON and Julia GORDON who all completed their 250th parkrun event this morning. Bravo and Well done!

parkrun is awesome, and I'm always impressed by the team of volunteers keeping things ticking over each week. I decided early on that I would volunteer at least once each year, and 2018 is fast drawing to a close so I had better get one in for this year hey! Lots of people talk about how easy it is to volunteer, but I for one am daunted by the 'technical ' roles like handling the stop watches or tokens, I'm worried about getting it wrong and mucking it up for people waiting for their times... so I've taken the less scary options of things like the run reports and sorting the cones at the turnaround. I took some time this week to chat to some of the other volunteers and find out what was involved in their roles, how it is in the busy times when lots of runners arrive together, and how they keep on top of it all. It sounds manageable, and like all things parkrun, well supported. 2019 can be the year that I step up to one of those more technical volunteer roles. There, I've set myself that challenge now and you all know about it! If anyone else is feeling timid take a moment to ask questions and watch the volunteers in action when you have completed your run, and you will see how doable it is too. Let's get amongst it!  A big thanks to this week's volunteer team: Andrea ADAMS, Anthony BECKETT, Tim COKER, Margaret DONOVAN, Lizzi ELTON-WALTERS, Gina FOSTER, Abby FOSTER, Andrew JONES, Joce JONES, Ann KING, Liz NEILL, Elaine RICHARDSON, Derek RICHARDSON, Sam VISVALINGAM.

As mentioned in earlier reports, there are additional parkruns happening at some of the parkrun venues on Christmas Day and/or New Year's Day, as well as the regular Saturday runs. Nineteen of the 27 Parkrun venues around New Zealand are offering one and/or the other. See the details on the special events page: http://www.parkrun.co.nz/special-events/ (Note that some of the start times are different from the usual 8am.)

Included in these extra runs are a couple of opportunities for a double on New Year’s Day. Locally with Lower Hutt and Porirua, and further north with Cambridge and Hamilton Lake, and also Western Springs and Millwater in Auckland. These are a once a year opportunity to boost your parkrun total, and challenge yourself with two runs in one morning!

Have a wonderful summer – perhaps you will have a chance to add a new venue to your tally. There are so many more venues now, it is exciting to see the growth of parkrun in NZ. There are 27 parkruns around NZ, 18 in the North Island and 9 in the South Island. See the venues page on the NZ Parkrun website for details: https://www.parkrun.co.nz/events/

Mere Kirihimete koutou, best wishes to you, your friends and your whānau

Ngā mihi, Liz Neill  (parkrunner)


Lower Hutt parkrun 350 – 8 December 2018

On the 8th day of Christmas, parkrun gave to us….

Eight buggies running
Seven (+4) volunteers
Six(teen) first timers
Five 10 and unders

Four under bridge bits
Three plus twenty PBs
Two milestones
On a warm, still December morning!

Yes a lovely morning saw 198 runners and walkers set off along the river on Lower Hutt's 350th parkrun (plus AJ on lead bike who also then walked the course!).

Always nice when we turn on some good weather, enjoyed by 16 first timers today - a big welcome to: Henry GAJARDO RIVAS, Douglas INNES, Frank ERCEG, Grant WHOLEY, Mary LENIN, Rebecca NEWNHAM, Murray PARKER, Amy INNES, Liam WEAVER, Samantha HILL, Timothy HUO, Catherine GILBERT, Aimee FITZJOHN, Kate KAURI, James EMBURY, and Rachel DAVEY. We hope you'll all be back to join us again in the future!

Conditions were also good for PBs, with 23 new "best times" set this morning by: Bruce LAMBERT, Alastair STEPHENSON, James SHEPHERD, Ross MITCHELL, Bill WANG, Ravi BHARATHAN, Shane DEVITT, Joshua RUTTEN, Brian THOMSON, Lucy BEST, Jess CALDWELL, Colleen CUMMING, Kerry SCANNELL, Niamh O'DONNELL, Rhys SCANNELL, Amelia HAXTON, Natasha JELBERT, John ROBERTS, Elliott NAUDE, Isaac CROOK, Jing WANG, Siobhan VAN OOSTENDE, and Kiri EVANS. Congratulations to each and every one of you!

There may have been more first timers or PBs lurking amongst the 16 unknown runners who joined us this morning. Please remember to bring your barcode or, if you haven't registered yet, do so for free at https://www.parkrun.co.nz/register/ so all your future runs or walks get logged for posterity!

And with Christmas and New Years coming up, remember you can take your nifty barcode to any parkrun in the world and enjoy a Saturday 5km just like if you were at home. This time of year also brings some special events, with some parkruns putting on Christmas runs and the rare double being offered on New Years at a couple of locations too (Dunedin/Balclutha, Lower Hutt/Porirua) - you can check all those out at http://www.parkrun.co.nz/special-events/

Finally, a big thank you to the volunteers who helped make it happen this morning: Alastair WILLIS, Andrew JONES, Cate SHAVE, Daxa GOVIND, Donald COLEY, Joanna MARTIN, Joce JONES, Mark MALONE, Ross SMITH, Saul IRELAND and Toby IRELAND. Volunteer positions are still available for the last three Lower Hutt parkruns of the year, so if you haven't done three volunteer duties yet in 2018 now's your chance to fill them up - see what jobs need to be done at http://www.parkrun.co.nz/lowerhutt/futureroster/, and then get yourself signed up for one by emailing lowerhutthelpers@parkrun.com

Finally, wishing everyone a very safe and relaxing time over the holiday season, wherever you may be and whatever your plans are.

Signing out for 2018,
Cate SHAVE (parkrunner and wanna-be-Christmas-jingle-writer)


Lower Hutt parkrun 349 – 1 December 2018

Can you believe that we are into December already? That means an extra parkrun for the month, if you choose. This year Porirua are holding a special Xmas day parkrun, so not only can you participate on the 1st, 8th, 15th, 22th and 29th you can get a 6th dose of fun on the 25th. How cool is that, 6 parkruns in a month!! Check out http://www.parkrun.co.nz/special-events/ for a listing of all extra parkruns around NZ over the festive season, note the times as they may differ from our normal 8.00am starts.

So parkrun 349, the 1st day of summer and a welcome sight it was that it was fine overhead. I imagine it was a slight bit wet underfoot though? I say that as I actually didn't run Lower Hutt this week, instead I drove over the Remutaka's to the relatively new Greytown Woodside Trail parkrun, but as I left the Hutt it was a beautiful morning.

There were some well-travelled visitors this week, folk whose home parkruns are in England, Scotland, Australia, along with those closer to home, Porirua and Auckland. I hope you all enjoyed your trip to the Hutt. There were also 8 people who participated in a parkrun for the very first time, welcome to Elliot BELL, Conon FORD, Finn VAN LEUVEN, Nick KALIVATI, Mikaela BOWMAR, James PRESLING, Siobhan VAN OOSTENDE, and Hans LEHMANN. This is the beginning of your own parkrun story. Aside from Nick & James who have earlier registration numbers the others have registration numbers in the 5 millions, ranging from 5,131,300 - 5,178,300. So that means we are now part of the more than 5.1 million registered parkrunners throughout the world.

Every weekend worldwide there are around 1380 parkruns, with around 225,000 - 250,000 people participating and 21,000 people volunteering. There are also another 260 junior parkruns (not in NZ) with 15,000 enthusiastic kids running 2k, helped by 4,800 volunteers. That is a huge number of people out enjoying themselves every weekend. But it also shows how involved the parkrun movement is within the many communities and people's lives throughout the 20 countries where parkrun is situated.

Congratulations to Gary MAXWELL, Bruce SOMERVILLE and Lucy MELLSOP all running their 50th this morning.

Lucy is one of our younger runners (JW10) who regularly attends with her family to enjoy parkrun. Lucy has over her time run 21 PB's, and improved that PB from her first time of 55.52 to 28.14. How incredible is that. Well done Lucy, you rock.

Since I'm in a stats mode here are some more, (non official parkrun milestones, but impressive nonetheless) featuring some of our Lower Hutt runners. Lizzi ELTON-WALTERS completed her 50th different parkrun course around the world (known as a ½ Cowell) on Saturday in Greytown. So that is a total of 302 runs, 48 PB's, together with volunteering on 52 different occasions. Her parkrun journey starting way back in Cardiff on 5/11/2011. Gina FOSTER also ran her 150th parkrun in Greytown. Over the next few weeks look out for actual parkrun milestones as a number of our fellow runners are entering the 250 club.

A huge thank you to Jared BOTHWELL, Maria Jessa DE ASIS, Megan FERRY, Brent FOSTER,
Joce JONES, Andrew JONES, Walter SOMERVILLE, Rachel STEVENS, Bill TROMPETTER, Glen WARNER, Alastair WILLIS, all our volunteers this week.
Brent FOSTER (parkrunner & statistician??)


Lower Hutt parkrun 348 – 24 November 2018

Saturday started fine for 218 parkrunners to get out of bed early on a Saturday morning to get their fix of a parkrun.
Of course some would be  rewarded with a possible PB but a lot would be looking forward to their after parkrun coffee fix and chat.
I was not expecting to be doing another run report so quickly but because the call was put out there were quite a few volunteer rolls empty I decided to do my 25th volunteer to claim my purple t-shirt. As so often on a Saturday morning who ever is the run director they say that all the volunteer jobs are easy to do. Not only am I doing this report but I helped Joce collect the turn around cones and signs and carry them back with a little help (but cant mention his name) from the lead bike. If there was such a thing at Lower Hutt park both Joce and I also were the tail end charlies as well. We both had lots of fun walking the 5kms as well. So anyone can do the volunteer roles quite easily.
I was walking with Joce because we had both done the Queenstown marathon event last Saturday so weren't keen like a few others that I know off who did and good on them for running again at parkrun. I could use the excuse of resting and recovering these old bones. I do know of someone just a few years older than me who has just run the length of NZ from Cape Reinga to Bluff in just over 18 days with no rest days and claimed a new record for doing that. Simply can't imagine doing over 100km every day.
Firstly I must give a big shout out to Mary WALKER who not only reach a milestone 100 parkruns but also was one of 29 other runner/walkers who got a PB. Well done to each and everyone of you.
Welcome to all the 1st timers who came along to our lovely course there were 22 of you in total. I hope the 15 who it was their very 1st park you will come back next week to do a PB. The remaining 7 parkrunners must have been from either other NZ parkruns or from overseas ones and may come back in the future to do our lovely course again.
Lastly I must thank the other volunteers for helping out in whatever job they did so that everyone else could do their run/walk. So look on the board and stick your name against the role you choose for next week or future weeks, it is really fun.Warren BURKE, Jan CADWALLENDER, Daxa GOVIND, Neil HAXTON, Joce JONES, Andrew JONES, Ann KING, Stu LESLIE, Mark MALONE, Mark MORGAN, Ross SMITH, Sam VISVALINGAM
Till next I volunteer have a great week

Lower Hutt parkrun 345 – 3 November 2018

A small field of 79 braved the wet, windy and cold conditions for this run. Those that chose to go over the hill for the first Greytown Park Run certainly got the best of the conditions.

A big Congratulations to Martyn CHERRY for achieving 100 Park Runs and Michael WOOD 150 Park Runs.

A very warm welcome to our visitor from Bristol, England as well as a warm welcome to the first-time runners, Emma WILMOT, Stephanie POLAN ALFORD, Kerry SCANNELL and Rhys WINGATE. I hope the weather has not put you off becoming a regular parkrunner.

In saying the weather wasn’t very good there were still 7 runners who managed a PB, so congratulations to them. M SUTHERLAND, Michael James CHURCH, Lee WEBBER, Jen HODGSON, Ronan KELLY, Carrie DAY, Daisy DUNCAN-SMITH and Elliott Naude.

A special thanks to the volunteers who had to stand around in the wet conditions unlike myself who stayed warmish as I ran.



Lower Hutt parkrun Run Report, Event #344 – 27 October 2018

This weekend marks the first anniversary of Palmerston North parkrun. Palmerston North was New Zealand's 19th parkrun. It took from May 2012, when we started, until October 2017 some five years and five months to get to 19. That's less than 4 a year on average.

Now, only one year on we are up to event 26. That's 7 in a calendar year with yet another starting in Greytown next Saturday bringing the country total to 27.

Phenomenal growth for a volunteer run event which shows real commitment from those that take on the role of Event Director knowing that they hold overall responsibility for their local parkrun each and every Saturday morning. So kudos to all those Event Directors, Run Directors and volunteers who sacrifice a rung on their event ladder tally to make sure their parkrun, wherever it is in New Zealand or around the world, goes ahead without a hitch!

This Saturday, being the closest to Halloween, allowed for those with an inclination to express themselves in their choice of outfit, an opportunity to do so. We had 200 odd participants this week, some were very odd indeed!

Milestone Runs. 

3 significant targets reached this week. Congratulations to Martin O'SULLIVAN who ran his 300th parkrun at the new Foster's event. Tony TING ran his 200th parkrun and Jill GROGAN completed her 150th parkrun.  


20 Participants Achieved a New PB.

Well done to those that recorded a big PB next their names on this week's results page. John BOYES, Ranganathan RAMANI, Grace PARK, Robyn KOCH, Natasha JELBERT, Kathrynn PETRIE, Lucy MELLSOP, Robert JELAS, Chris HUESTON, Joshua RUTTEN, Erice VAN LEUVEN, Carrie DAY, Emily MELLSOP, Alistair NAUDE, Kayla HUNTER, Adam STUDHOLME, Mark RYBURN, Naomi TREBLE, Maggie JONES and Dave OLIVER. A great effort, well done to you all.


8 First Timers and 10 Visitors This Week.

Brand new to parkrun were these 8 new, keen participants. . Corrina AMOHAU, Cole WEAVER, Kat IBIETA, Rachel WISEMAN, Issac CROOK, Liz GIBSON, Kiri EVANS and Kelsey THOMSON.  We hope you enjoyed yourselves and are motivated enough to make parkrun a regular starter to your weekend.


This week we hosted 10 parkrun tourists. These parkrunners, came from near and far.  Our visitors were Victoria PHILLIPS (total parkruns 143), Rox OAKENFULL (16), Sarah KEITH (11), Hayden MUNRO (10), Simon WELLER (10), Rachel SOUTHEE (7), Patricia SMITH (7), Annika MUNRO (5), Jan MUNRO (5) and Breann PATMORE (2)


This Week's Podium Finishers 

Women    Phoebe McKNIGHT (2nd overall)

                Jayme MAXWELL

                Anthea OLIVER

Men     Anthony JACKSON

            Dave OLIVER

            Daniel RUSS



parkrun cannot operate without the assistance provided by volunteers. All regular parkrunners are encouraged to volunteer 3 times a year. This helps spread the load. So, if you are injured or have a conflicting race, and therefore don't want to run parkrun one week, come on board and be a volunteer. Either use the volunteer registration board set up at the end of the finish chute or go onto the parkrun Lower Hutt volunteer's webpage, check out the roster and email to register your availability.

If you would like to run and volunteer. There are a number of tasks that can accommodate this, including pre event setup or post event close down and or writing the run report. The tasks are straight forward and its heaps of fun being part of the volunteer crew.

Special thanks to our volunteers who made this week's parkrun happen: Alastair WILLIS • Glen WARNER • Ruby-Jean WILLIS • Andrew JONES • Michael WOOD • Heather LEWIS • Maria Jessa DE ASIS • Stu LESLIE • and me



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