Lower Hutt parkrun 480 – 23 April 2022

177 parkrunners made it out for Lower Hutt parkrun event 480, greeted by brilliant conditions hitting the trifecta – calm, coolish and sunny.

Despite this I did, in my case, push the sleep in a little too long, left breakfast a little too close to leaving home time and therefore to running time – always a risk – and endured a couple of anxious moments on the drive over as to whether I was going to be on time, but despite the poor planning luckily made it with a few minutes to spare. Always good to get in a quick warm up through the car park before joining the familiar set of happy, friendly and smiling faces at the start line.

Perhaps despite trying my best to do so, in reality I was never going to miss this one. Not just because I said I would do this run report – I swear! – but how could you not given the conditions. Also my own personal parkrunning window get a bit tougher over the coming months with our son’s football season starting up again. Simply couldn’t miss it.

I love our course, particularly on the calm days (so good for a challenge though on the not so calm!); in particular the out and back course (personally my favourite type) and the beautiful river to run or walk alongside. And I also remember my friend and regular Lower Hutt run director Susan Haynes telling me how on this course, only one uphill bit awaits you on the return journey despite two on the way out (I always try to keep that in mind when I hit them). Great tip Susan!

I reckon there is no such a thing as a bad run or walk, just being out there enjoying it for your own reasons is the key thing and you can take something away from every run or walk you do. I’m at a stage – and perhaps age – where I’m never troubling my PB’s again and so these days very much focussing on enjoying running and setting the odd mini goal or milestone. I’m counting this run as a big success personally, for these and other reasons:

The ace conditions and friendly faces.
20th Lower Hutt parkrun – love the mini milestones.
Scrolling the photos, thrilled to see I ended up with a shot (thanks Peter) with a mostly-smile and where I didn’t look like I was in too much pain (suspect looks are deceiving…).
I managed my fastest 5km time since getting through some pesky Achilles troubles last year – great to hit a mini goal.
I only checked the watch at km 4, also the best km by far! This is another current mini goal – as I’m trying to run a bit more without so much watch checking.

Well done to each of you who made it - for those with PB’s, for those who achieved any milestones and goals – mini or otherwise – and those just getting out there to run or walk for your reasons, hope it was brilliant for you too. Special congrats to the first timers and welcome to the visitors and as always, a huge thanks to all the wonderful volunteers, without you parkrun would not be possible.

Have a great week and see you back out there soon.

Michael Gordon-Brown


Lower Hutt parkrun 478 – 9 April 2022

Kia ora whānau,

Another week of pinching ourselves to make sure that parkrun is really back!  So good to see some old faces and meet new ones. This pandemic has probably provided us with a timely reminder not to take things for granted and to cherish every day.

This week’s news:

vatau 5


Yes, on Saturday 7 May 2022 Lower Hutt parkrun turns 10! Which means parkrun New Zealand turns 10 next month. Yes, Lower Hutt is New Zealand’s first parkrun event. No better reason to celebrate!

Join us at 8am Saturday for parkrun on the riverbank! Fancy dress encouraged, smiles and laughter guaranteed.

parkrun 10th anniversary after-party: Saturday 7 May 2022
Buzz Café, Lower Hutt
- between 5:30 - 7pm we will have drinks, awards & parkrun talk
- dinner from 7pm onwards (email lowerhutt@parkrun.com to reserve your place)

More details on Lower Hutt parkrun’s Facebook page.


Big cheers to the volunteer crew led by first time Run Director, Gina FOSTER.  Thank you to Margaret DONOVAN, Mark MALONE, Peter MURMU, Aira ANI, Andrew CROSLAND, Bill EMMENS, Rosi ZEISKI, Bruce McArdle, Brent FOSTER, Clint ZIRK, Colin BOYD, Ellan YOUNG, Floro ASTRONOMIA, Katie BENSON and moi!

Please do try and volunteer when you can. It really is a rewarding experience and there are roles which also allows you to run – pre-run setup; first timers welcome; post-run close down; tail walker; run report writer and even photographer and lead bike can both be done.

2 Capture

Many CONGRATULATIONS to Olive HALL, Kirsty MENHINICK (achieving 10 parkruns), Dan BARTRUM, Marcus BISSON and Penny COLLINS (all reaching 25 parkruns).  Well done team!

Next week is a milestone for Lower Hutt regular Andrew CROSLAND sitting on 349 parkruns!

3 CaptureWe welcomed whopping 16 new parkrunners to the parkrun whanau including junior parkrunner Jacob WILLIAMS who casually rocks up and is first runner home.  And the kid is running in the 11-14 years age group! Another newbie Moira MACDONALD was our first female home!  Talk about making their mark. We hope to see you both and all of the other debutants again.

And we trust the two parkrun tourists enjoyed their visit to Lower Hutt from Australia and the UK. Safe travels to you both and we hope to see you again soon.

4 CaptureThe following flew around the course today:
1st    Jacob WILLIAMS and Moira MACDONALD (both first timers)
2nd    Nathan MARTIN and another first timer Holly BARTOSH
3rd    Andrew CROSLAND and Claire MUSSON (with a PB to boot!)

5 CaptureSpecial mention to Michael WOOD who ran in the 75-79 category; and Rob STEAD who ran in the 70-74 category.  Well done to you both.  I have said before how our “experienced” runners have inspired me ever since my very first parkrun in Maidstone, Kent.  I say thank you and please do keep on inspiring us all.

Saturday’s perfect running conditions brought an impressive 25 Personal Best Times! Well done to you all.



By Vatau Sagaga Jnr

What I love about parkun
What I love about parkun is that I get to not just run with my dad but I can run with everyone else because they support me at the end when I do my final sprint and they always cheer me on at the end.  I also get to have a treat at Fix Federation!

What gets me ready for parkrun
What gets me ready for parkrun is that me, my Dad and brother go to a fitness workout in Wainuiomata called FIT5014 every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I do the warm up and then I go and run around with the other kids. We play ball tag, races and bull rush.

Vatau 3 vatau 4

How parkrun helps me
parkrun helps me with other sports I play. I do hockey (for Wainuiomata), judo, rippa rugby, touch rugby, tag football (for Ulalei Wainuiomata) and swimming  lessons. I also think the cross country run at school is easier because of parkrun.

Vatau 2

My fastest parkrun
My fastest time in parkrun Is 38:31s in Lower Hutt in January 2022.

Who I have done parkrun with
I enjoy parkrun as I have done it with my Mum and Dad, my brother and sister Lafaele And Toli and my cousins Vatau, Isaac and Niko  and aunties Karen, Toli and Lahraine. It’s cool that a lot of other kids do it too.


parkrun courses
I have done six parkrun courses – Lower Hutt, Porirua, Trentham, Hobsonville, Owairaka and Western Springs.  My favourite course is Owairaka because it has a cool bridge that goes over a motorway.

parkrun goal
My goal is to run my 50th parkrun this year and get a new PB. I have done 32 parkruns.

Have a good week all. Stay safe. Look after each other.

Nga mihi nui,

A555116 / A6036724


Lower Hutt parkrun 477 – 2 April 2022

First off, well done and thank you to all of you who got out of bed early on a Saturday morning to do parkrun, Lower Hutt parkrun's 477th event. Wasn't it nice to see the carpark full again, to see all the excited people ready to get out for a 5k run. It's always nice to catch up with people you sometimes only see on a Saturday morning.  It's been a while since we've all been able to get together and share a Saturday morning fix together.  This was our 2nd week back (this time) and it sure was a bigger group than last week. To each and every one of the 196 attendees today, again, well done.

There were parkrun regulars, there were kids, there were dogs, there were pushchairs, there were first timers (very 1st time to a parkrun) and there were visitors (trying the Lower Hutt course for the 1st time) . There were runners, fast runners and really fast runners. There were walkers, those attached to dogs, and dogs attached to their humans. Whatever your reason, whatever your pace, whatever your motivation, whatever your finish time, it was so good to see you out there. I want to give a huge shout out to both Gen WEST and Alesha YUILE for being out there, both expecting babies in the near future. I expect they will be shortly adding to our pushchair numbers and families who run/walk on a Saturday morning.  That's encapsulates parkrun for me right there. Families enjoying each other's company and getting out doing something together.

Something that struck me today; there were many different groups out enjoying a parkrun. Whether it was a planned group training run, part of a morning of exercise, or your 5k speed session, thanks for coming along.  It sure adds to the parkrun.  I did hear some coaching from the sidelines along with loads of encouragement from your mates. When parkrun was being set up around the world one issue from running clubs was that it would diminish their roles in the community. I beleive it has had the completely opposite effect, where running (and walking) clubs and groups are stronger because of parkrun.  People have a new found love for getting out with friends and enjoying a walk, a long run, a trail run, or a track session.

Do you look at the results? Take a look here:  If not, here are some things I picked up on:

- Did you notice that if your name is Ryan or Dan you can run really fast - 4 of them in the top 8. That's not scientifically proven just yet though
- There were 20 PB's on course today, 10% of us. Yeah, I'm part of the 90% who didn't either
- There were 11 parkrun 1st timers, awesome guys, please come back and try it again
- There were 11 tourists today, 10 of them visiting from Porirua, thanks for sharing parkrun at Lower Hutt with us
- There were 3 participants over 70 years of age, I can just hope I will still be doing parkrun when I reach that age
- There were 18 participants under the age of 14, keep it up youngsters!

Pretty cool stats, if you've into stats, if you aren't, then just revel in the fact 196 people got out on a Saturday morning and exercised together in the fresh morning air.

Thanks to the wonderful people that made parkrun happen today.


Volunteering is really easy, and good for the soul, so why not put your name forward to see how easy it is.

Hope to see many of you next week for event #478.  I'll be there.



Lower Hutt parkrun 476 – 26 March 2022

parkrun is back! Tell all your friends!

There was excitement in the air this morning, as the removal of the outdoor gathering limit allowed us to return to the riverbank. Many parkrunners were literally hopping up and down with anticipation at the start line (or attempting to keep warm in the 30+ km southerly winds).

After an 8 week stand-down during the Omicron outbreak, many regulars may have been unaware that we were back in business, or put off by the dismal weather in the lead-up. Nonetheless, 114 parkrunners and a trusty crew of volunteers braved the conditions, and were treated to a supportive tailwind on the return leg. Welcome to tourists Randall Walker from Kapiti Coast, and Guy Collyer from South Africa. Welcome also to the first-timers: Emma Blyth, Jake Perkins, and Rodger Perkins.

*Nathan Martin returned first (18:36), followed by Matt Durnsey and Geoff Ferry.
*Olivia Fountain was the first woman over the line (24:39), followed by Gaby Cowcill and Claire Musson (that's me!).
*Personal Best achievers: Gill Cogan, Lucas Clarke, Eden Morriss, Dave Morris, Kate Unwin, Conor Church, Kayne Howat, and Annalisa Devitt (parkrunner of the day, getting a PB on her 160th parkrun and taking +1 minute off her last PB!).

There were no milestones this week, which was probably just as well, as it would certainly have been a frustrating wait sitting on 49, 99 or 249 runs... (or perhaps anyone in that situation headed off to a small parkrun as a tourist in the meantime? If so, congratulations and let us know in the comments! :))

As always, a huge thank you to the volunteers; it would not have been possible without you. Floro ASTRONOMIA, Donald COLEY, Andrew CROSLAND, Margaret DONOVAN, Bill EMMENS, Brent FOSTER, Gina FOSTER, Gabi GLAPSKA, Sharyn MITCHELL, Peter MURMU, Claire MUSSON, Emily MUSSON, Heather SINCLAIR, Tony TING, Rhys WINGATE

Great to see everyone again, and already looking forward to next week!

Kia pai tō rā whakatā!

Claire Musson


Lower Hutt parkrun 475 – 22 January 2022

Of the 226 runners today 20 first timers joined the parkrun family and 30 runners achieved PBs – Is there any better way to start a Saturday?

After a couple of lockdowns and many weekends missing Parkrun I was finally able to join the 50 parkruns club! Thanks to a dare from my friends I can now also say I have run 5km in a banana suit. It was much harder than I expected but enjoyed all the comments and cheers on the course – Lots of banana themed puns and “Go Banana!”. I wasn’t the only one dressed up today as it was TUTU day making for a very colourful start line.

My fellow milestone’s today were John STUBBINGS and Kirsty IMAZU with 50 parkruns, Aidan CHO with 100 and Daniel RUSS with a massive 350! Nice work team and congratulations.

The WOS family clan were the people to beat today - First Male across the line was Callum WOS with a super speedy 17:24 and Madison WOS was the first female in a time of 19 minutes flat. Both Callum and Madison run in the 11-14 age category.

I love parkrun and its only because of volunteers that we get to enjoy it every Saturday morning so if you have ever thought about volunteering check out the future roster and page and give it a go. A huge shout out and thank you to this week’s Volunteer team:
Alesha YUILE, Andrew CUSHNIE, Ann KING, Brent FOSTER, Deon VAN ZYL, Ellan YOUNG, Floro ASTRONOMIA, Gina FOSTER, Jill GROGAN, Margaret DONOVAN, Maria Jessa DE ASIS, Mark MALONE, Max HOWSE, Peter MURMU, Sandy HOOPER and Simon EDWARDS.

To finish I will leave you with a banana joke courtesy of first timer Mike BIGGANS:

I was walking down the street when I stood on a banana. Luckily, I was wearing my Slipknot t-shirt.

Annalese LAPWOOD


Lower Hutt parkrun 474 – 15 January 2022

Hello fellow park runners, didn’t we have glorious conditions for Lower Hutt’s 474th park run?! We had 232 runners/walkers take part yesterday, plus a few buggies and canines.

This weeks runners included 12 first timers – so welcome to the park run family to:- Kayne Howat, Sarah Unwin, Nevil Pierse, Richard Wade, Dave Morris, Sarah Taggart, Tina Jeune-ridges, Mark Bridges, Madison Labuschagne, Gill Cogan, Judith Marshall, and Mackenzie Howard. Hopefully you enjoyed yourself enough to come back again next week, and the week after….and make park run a part of your Saturday morning routine.

We also had 12 park run ‘tourists’ who were at Lower Hutt for the first time - welcome to Harry McLean, Richard Nacey, Steven Gordon, Amos Fountain, Tadhg Pierse, Haydn Megaffin, Jenna Reddy, Georgina Dewar, Kate Unwin, Theo Fountain, Charmaine Hu, Harold Howard, and Raven Neill. You visitors can see how lucky we are to have such a lovely scenic course - I hope you all enjoyed your outing with us, and perhaps even a scone and coffee afterwards at Buzz café.

It is good to celebrate all milestone runs, and while it wasn’t a t-shirt milestone, well done to Emma Morgan on completing her 150th park run. When I talk about t-shirt milestones I am referring to the park run ‘branded’ t-shirts that runners become eligible for – the red t-shirt once you have completed 50 park runs, the black for 100, and the green for 250.

The conditions were very good - there were 24 PBs yesterday! Congratulations to Jack Shaw, Callum Meehan, Oliver McLean, Brendan Quirke, Michelle Van Looy, Michael Rachlin, Craig Riddle, Brian Dee, Richar Marin, Katherine Wood, Brooke Kinajil-Moran, Flavien Bachlely, Martin Coe, Kahurangi Graham, Noah Kleinveld, Ruby Kleinveld, Elizabeth Prigg, James Prigg, Miringa Bouwman, Claire James, Michael Walton, Gabi Glapska, and Evelyn Howarth. And special congratulations to my friend and fellow park runner, Maggie Davies who achieved the unusual and remarkable feat of a PB yesterday on her 257th park run. Maggie’s previous PB was set in 2016. In general, PBs become fewer and further between as the number of park runs you complete increases. So for each of you, enjoy the glory of a PB - well done.

We had 12 ‘Unknown’ runners this week – I guess this is runners who either did not bring their bar code and/or did not produce a valid vaccination certificate. Please remember both of these important items, so that you get an official time for your run.

Finally many thanks to this weeks volunteers, Hailey Bouman, Yuliya Bozhko, Andrew Cushnie, Margaret Donovan, Gabi Gapska, Naga Gorla, Jay Gregory, Sandy Hooper, Ruth Kerr, Mark Malone, Peter Murmu, Rachel Singers, Tony Ting, Glen Warner, Ellan Young, and me. Every week it takes a whole team of volunteers to help organise and run park run. There are lots of roles available so please consider giving back by signing up.

Have a great week, and see you all again next Saturday, same place, same time!

Winnie Cleary
Lower Hutt Park runner #319257


Lower Hutt parkrun 473 – 8 January 2022

The more things change the more they stay the same.


In September 2012 I ran my first parkrun. Today I ran my 250th!  A quick math calculation tells me that it took 9 years and 4 months for me to clock up 250 runs at parkrun NZ.


The more things change…

  • Looking back to then, parkrun was new to NZ with only ours and Cornwall park in Auckland, now there are 35 different locations across the country and growing rapidly!
  • On September 15, 2012 there were only 55 runners and today we finished on 206!
  • When I ran on that first day, I knew absolutely nobody there, now I have friends that feel like family and am meeting more people all the time!


…the more they stay the same,

  • My time has fluctuated up and down depending on fitness levels and injuries (and let’s be fair - the odd, I really can’t be bothered stretch) but today’s result of 32m 36s is ridiculously close to my first run of 32m 23s.
  • Parkrun is still 8am on Saturday morning.
  • It’s still, and always will be, free.
  • And volunteers are how it all happens!


Parkrun has been a lifesaver for me sometimes, a pain in the butt sometimes, a stepping stone to something else sometimes but it has ALWAYS been the very best part of my weekend - rain or shine! I run parkrun because it keeps me healthy in so many different ways, why do you run?


Like I said, parkrun cannot run without the help of the amazing volunteers and this week we need to thank our cool kids club of… Aira ANIAndrew CROSLANDBrent FOSTER, Christine OSULLIVAN-ROBERTSON, Ellan YOUNG, Gina FOSTERHayden KING, Helen ROWLAND, Margaret DONOVAN, Mark MALONE, Nneka OKONTA, Paul GORDON, Peter MURMU, Sam VISVALINGAM, Terry MCDONALD, and Winnie CLEARY.


Volunteering is super easy and on the job training is provided for those that have never done it before, so please sign up when you can!


Gina Foster

parkrun fan


Lower Hutt parkrun 472 – 1 January 2022

Happy New Year! Congratulations to the 126 runners and walkers plus the volunteers who turned out for the 472nd Lower Hutt parkrun - on New Year’s Day no less! We enjoyed lovely conditions, warm weather with light winds, so it was well worth getting up for!
The numbers today were a bit less than Christmas day, I assume because many regulars are enjoying summer holidays, and there may have also been a few who saw in the New Year and found the 8.00am start time was a tad too early for them this morning!

The results today included the unusual feature of first place overall being taken by Esther George who came in 13 seconds ahead of second placed Andrew Rutherdale.  This is the first time in a long time I can recall that a woman has taken first place – in doing so she also achieved the highest age grade percent of the day at 83.44%. Congratulations to Esther, Tricia Sloan, and Karen Chow in taking the podium for the women today. At the head of the men’s podium, as already noted, was Andrew Rutherdale, followed by Grant Mclean, and Frank Macfarlane.

We had four brand-new first-time parkrunners today – so a warm welcome to Brendan Quirke, Karen Phillips, and Jessica and Kirill Kruger.  We hope to see you back again next week.  A warm welcome is also extended to visitors, Craig Riddle, Una Cox, and Claire Doonan who ran their first Lower Hutt parkrun this morning.  I hope all of you enjoyed the scenic riverside course, and good conditions this morning.

We had the following milestones today - congratulations to Jeni Harrison, and Paul Newson who each completed their 100th parkrun today, and become eligible for the black milestone t-shirt.  And while not a t-shirt milestone number, congratulations also to Holly Couch on completing her 150th parkrun today.

There were twelve people whose run time was a Personal Best, PB, today – including todays winner, Esther George. Congratulations also to Alvaro Grave, Joe Swales, Phil Elcome, Stephen Thomson, Akira Imazu, Debbie Poutoa, Annalisa Devitt, Vatau Junior Sagaga, Craig Butler, Siobhan Simpson, and Judith Crosland. Without wanting to take away the glow of a PB from this group, I’d like to make special mention of Annalisa and Vatau.  Annalisa Devitt achieved a PB today on her 155th parkrun, and Vatau, who is in the JM10 age group, got a PB on his 31st parkrun.  The more parkruns you complete the more elusive a PB becomes, so very well done to you both.

Parkrun is brought to you by volunteers – if you haven’t volunteered in a while, remember to sign up and take a turn.  If you have never volunteered, give it a go.  There are a variety of roles available, you get to see parkrun in a whole new light, and it is fun.  This week’s volunteers are:
Alastair Crosland, Andrew Crosland, Andrew Rutherdale, Ann King, Colin Boyd, Dan Joe, Emma Crosland, James Herdman, Katie Benson, Kirsty Imazu, Margaret Donovan, Mark Malone, Sam Visvalingam, Svend Hansen, and me, Winnie Cleary.

Today was a statutory holiday so our usual post-run café, Buzz, was not open today. Hoping not to ‘jinx it’ but I for one am looking forward to a return to ‘normal’ next week when we get to enjoy each other’s company over a post-run coffee served with one of the legendary Buzz cheese scones.  In the meantime, a happy new year to all of my fellow parkrunners.  In the words of parkrun founder, Paul Sinton-Hewitt, wishing you all every health and happiness for the new year.

Nga mihi nui, Winnie Cleary, Lower Hutt parkrunner A319257


Lower Hutt parkrun 471 – 25 December 2021

Welcome Back! After 19 weeks parkrun has returned to Lower Hutt under new rules (I’m not going to mention the C word). All types of costumes were on display, and family members who had been encouraged to join us were there. I’ve been running at Lower Hutt for over seven years now, and this was the most smiley run yet. Everyone had a peaceful vibe going on, happy to see old and new friends, helped by the bubbly at the end!

There were 152 participants, with eight first timers, seven doing their first ever parkrun. Greetings to Dean Norton, Robyn Thomson, Rory Howse, Jessica Zappelli, David Cameron-Ellis, Anna Cameron-Ellis and Ben Egerton.

There were “only” two PBs possibly reflecting that a mellow frame of mind is also reflected in results, well done Sophie Howse and Roy Blewett.

Thanks to all the volunteers who provided exceptional support and encouragement, volunteering is fun and special mentions to Colin Boyd who both provided lead bike services and then ran the course (helped by Ryan Hunt doing a fast first place time), and the Donovan family for the bubbly at the end. But all volunteers provided a welcome smile and peaceful vibes kicking off a great Christmas day; Abby Foster, Alistair Crosland, Andrew Crosland, Ann King, Bryan Botha, Colin Boyd, Emma Crosland, Gina Foster, Glen Warner, Jay Gregory, Judith Crosland, Liz Neil, Margaret Donovan, Martin O’Sullivan and Paul Gordon.

I hope you all had a relaxing and happy Christmas, remember those who were with us last year and not here now, kept the mellow mood and smiles going. Thank you all making this one of the happiest runs I have done. Merry Christmas.

Paul Gordon

Christmas Table


Lower Hutt parkrun 470 – 14 August 2021

What a good day for a park run #470, 189 other walkers and runners agreed!

No rain, hardly any wind and some exciting milestones celebrated:
Devin Glover completed his 50th,
Briony Hibberd her 200th parkrun, and
Deborah Blythen completed her 250th parkrun.

parkrun is such a supportive place to be. I’ve spent this year coming back from injury (a bit of a mountain bike accident) and parkrun has kept me moving every Saturday morning rather than sitting at home feeling sorry for myself! Starting back with a walk, through to a gentle walk/run, to managing to cut the walk out and run oh so slowly to cover the entire distance, and now back to running and enjoying it. But wherever you find yourself on the course there’s always someone out there giving you a nod, words of encouragement, or you can find yourself falling into a similar pace and chatting away to distract yourself as the km pass by.

There were 13 PBs this week – huge congratulations to you all
Angela MARTIN with 24:31
Rob MARTIN 25:20 – no relation to Angela!
Deon VAN ZYL 26:01
Martin COE 28:51
Richar MARIN 30:08
Bruce FORSTER 30:46
Susan WHITMORE 31:42
Laura RAYNER 32:39
Jim BAXTER 34:27
Kelly BURDON 34:29
Victoria PATTISON 34:54
Dieter TIMMERMAN 36:16
Suralda TIMMERMAN 40:47

With us going into Level 4, I had forgotten all about sending this report in, until I got a friendly reminder!!

Fingers crossed we get to run and walk together on Saturday, but if not, stay in your bubbles and keep your families and friends safe

Emma Ross

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