Lower Hutt parkrun 470 – 14 August 2021

What a good day for a park run #470, 189 other walkers and runners agreed!

No rain, hardly any wind and some exciting milestones celebrated:
Devin Glover completed his 50th,
Briony Hibberd her 200th parkrun, and
Deborah Blythen completed her 250th parkrun.

parkrun is such a supportive place to be. I’ve spent this year coming back from injury (a bit of a mountain bike accident) and parkrun has kept me moving every Saturday morning rather than sitting at home feeling sorry for myself! Starting back with a walk, through to a gentle walk/run, to managing to cut the walk out and run oh so slowly to cover the entire distance, and now back to running and enjoying it. But wherever you find yourself on the course there’s always someone out there giving you a nod, words of encouragement, or you can find yourself falling into a similar pace and chatting away to distract yourself as the km pass by.

There were 13 PBs this week – huge congratulations to you all
Angela MARTIN with 24:31
Rob MARTIN 25:20 – no relation to Angela!
Deon VAN ZYL 26:01
Martin COE 28:51
Richar MARIN 30:08
Bruce FORSTER 30:46
Susan WHITMORE 31:42
Laura RAYNER 32:39
Jim BAXTER 34:27
Kelly BURDON 34:29
Victoria PATTISON 34:54
Dieter TIMMERMAN 36:16
Suralda TIMMERMAN 40:47

With us going into Level 4, I had forgotten all about sending this report in, until I got a friendly reminder!!

Fingers crossed we get to run and walk together on Saturday, but if not, stay in your bubbles and keep your families and friends safe

Emma Ross


Lower Hutt parkrun 469 – 7 August 2021

Luckily the weather was kind of playing along as 169 parkrunners took off for another while four ran their first parkrun.

I'm pretty sure that most of us look at our results and plan to run faster the next time we line up. I'm also convinced that many look at the number of parkruns they have run and eye up milestones and a new colour shirt. I've also heard talk of people never skipping a parkrun to stay ahead of a friend, sibling, offspring, partner or spouse. There is another number that I look at, the age group number. I'm actually dreading my next age group...
A run I always try and do is when my birthday is on a Saturday. The thrill of starting a 'new year' with a 5k is a great way to start a new trip around the sun, in my opinion. A sucky part of it is looking at all the years and seeing a steady increase in parkrun times though.

Well done to Bridget Kiddle who was the top female age-grade finisher with 73.39% and Karl Van Polanen the top male with 75.27%, incredible achievement. Mine is a slow 65.57%, run way back in 2013


Lower Hutt parkrun 468 – 31 July 2021

parkrun Lower Hutt – Event 468
31st July 2021
On a stunning Lower Hutt morning we welcomed 174 athletes to the course where parkrun began in New Zealand. Starting in 2012 Lower Hutt celebrated our 468th event today.
After enjoying Kiwi medal success this week at the Olympic Games, the runners were off to a fast start and a close finish in the men’s race for glory.
Congratulations to the following athletes who made the podium:
Gold Medal – Walter Sommerville 18.26
Silver Medal – Michael PETTA 18:28
Bronze Medal – Andrew CROSLAND 18:40
Gold Medal – Miranda SPENCER 18:46
Silver Medal – Natalie HARDAKER 20:35
Bronze Medal – Sally HALE 20:49
Congratulations to the following people on achieving Personal Best performance today.
Michael PETTA, Craig BAMBER, Sally HALE, Jackson TU’INUKUAFE, Michael MILLS, Deon VAN ZYL, Zak BACON, Catherine SCHEDEL, Gemma GRANT, and Ava ROBINSON
We welcomed the following people to Lower Hutt parkrun and the parkrun movement completing our course for the first time.
No runners or walkers completed any significant milestones this week although I did notice one of the younger parkrunners Daniel O’Sullivan my nephew will celebrate his 300th run next week, Daniel runs in the 11-14 age group, his aim in his running life is to smash his father and brother’s best times
Lastly a big shout out to the volunteers, without them parkrun would not be possible.
Thank you to Event Director Mark MALONE, Roy BLEWETT, Daniel BODERICK, Colin BOYD, Andrew CROSLAND, Margaret DONOVAN, Simon EDWARDS, Jay GREGORY, Susan HAYNES, Sandy HOOPER, Bex HOWELLS, Joce JONES, Liz NEILL, Andrew RUTHERDALE, Ellan YOUNG and Martin O’SULLIVAN

Have a great week
Martin O’Sullivan
Parkrunner A29411


Lower Hutt parkrun 467 – 24 July 2021

EVENT #467

Tenā koe whānau,

At some point during the week a bloke named Daniel JONES decided he would go and check out what all this parkrun fuss is all about. He came, he saw, and he left the course in a trail of flames! The men’s course record of 15:25 which was set in 2012 (Edwin KAITANY) then equalled in 2015 (Nick HORSPOOL) was finally broken by eight seconds. Congratulations and of course - welcome to parkrun!


Last week I was one of the 51 runners crazy enough to run in those challenging conditions. It was also my 200th run at Lower Hutt. So I treated myself to a cheese scone at Buzz Café and to also celebrate Team Gordon’s 350th parkrun. Having shared stories about how crazy we were turning up in such weather; how we all agreed it wasn’t the worst conditions we’ve encountered (it wasn’t as cold as this morning!); how we didn’t all come prepared with a change of clothes – I realised the significance of the company I was in. At our two tables were many of the champions of Lower Hutt parkrun. The table of ten amassed a total of over 3,000 parkruns! To take a phrase from the American vernacular, it was like the Lower Hutt parkrun Hall of Fame! At one end of the table Bruce McCARDLE (377), Paul and Julia GORDON (350 each) and Ann KING (131); and at the other, Michelle MALONE (402), Mark MALONE (443), Liz NEILL (221), Tony TING (279), Peter MURMU (272) and me (317). Three of the group have completed all of New Zealand’s parkruns. I thought I was a parkrun tragic but I quickly learned that I was not even close with the many parkrun challenges the table had already done P-Index, Compass etc.

To this week’s news:

Massive cheers to the volunteer crew led by Run Director, Peter MURMU. Thank you to Paul and Julia GORDON, Emma ROSS, Sam VISVALINGAM, Claire MUSSON, Shona HUMPHREY, Daniel BODERICK, Colin BOYD, Ann KING, Matthew RUGLYS, Jay GREGORY, tourist David McNAUGHT and moi!

3 Capture

Welcome to the parkrun whānau, Daniel JONES, Jackson TU’INUKUAFE (related to All Blacks prop??), Lucy HOUGHTON, Paul KENNETT, Cath MOSER and Gemma GRANT. We hope you enjoyed it and do come back soon.

And we trust the parkrun tourists all enjoyed their visit to Lower Hutt: David McNAUGHT (UK), Stephanie RJ (Hamilton), Pascale BOWIE (Whanganui) and Simone ROBBERS (Hamilton). Safe travels to you all and we hope to see you again soon.

4 Capture

The following flew around the course today:
1st Daniel JONES and Ayesha SHAFI
2nd Chris WHARAM and Niamh CAREY (with a PB to boot!)
3rd Andrew RUTHERDALE and Michelle ASHLEY (with a PB to boot!)

5 Capture

Special mention to Malcolm SIME who ran in the 75-79 category; and Craig THOMPSON and Mary Field DODGSON who ran in the 70-74 category. Well done to you all.

I have said before how our “experienced” runners have inspired me since my very first parkrun in Maidstone, Kent. I say thank you and please do keep on inspiring us all.

The perfect running conditions brought 11 PBs. Well done Niamh CAREY Michelle ASHLEY, Gabriel Joshua HEPI, Justin GUNTER, Oscar HEARFIELD, Caroline RACHLIN, Flora KAY, Emma SCHRADER, Helena WOODS, Katherine WOODS and Tony WEIR.

6 Capture

Stay safe whanau. Keep warm. Keep moving. Enjoy the Olympics!

Nga mihi,

Vatau Sagaga


Lower Hutt parkrun 466 – 17 July 2021

Charge of the parkrun Brigade
Half a k, half a k,
Half a k onward,
All in the valley of Hutt
Ran the crazy fifty one.
"Forward, the parkrun brigade!
"Charge for the bridge!" Peter cried:
Into the valley of Hutt
Ran the crazy fifty one.

"Forward, the parkrun Brigade!"
Was there any person dismay'd?
Not tho' the jogger knew
Someone had blunder'd:
Theirs not to make reply,
Theirs not to reason why,
Theirs but to do and run:
Into the valley of Hutt
Ran the crazy fifty one.

River to right of them,
Fields to left of them,
Wind behind them
Volley'd and thunder'd;
Storm'd at with gusts and mud,
Boldly they ran and well,
Into the jaws of turnaround bog,
Down to the mouth of the river
Ran the crazy fifty one .

Flash'd all their legs bare,
Flash'd as they turn'd at the sign,
Smiling at the other runners,
Charging a PB while
All the world wonder'd:
Plunged into the northerly now
Right thro' their wall they broke;
First timers (#1) and Old Hands,
Public Milestones (#2) and Personal Bests, (#3)
Private Goals and Tourists alike,
Walkers and Runners,
Four footed and wheeled,
Striding ahead with passion asunder,
Sweating and straining.
Then they ran back, but not
Not the same pace.

Fields to right of them,
River to left of them,
Bridges behind them
Dipping and climbing;
Storm'd at with shout and encouragement yell,
While PB and hero intent fell,
They that had run so well
Came thro' the jaws of Hutt
Back from the mouth of River,
All that was left of them,
Left of fifty one dreams.

When can their glory fade?
O the wild charge they made!
All the world wondered.
Honour the charge they made,
Honour the parkrun Brigade,
Noble crazy fifty one.

(1) Welcome to Jens Liesebach from Anderson parkrun, and Tony Austin and Carrie Austin from Owairaka who made a quick detour from Porirua after the event was cancelled to enjoy the full Lower Hutt weather experience!

(2) Paul and Julia Gordon reached the unofficial 350 parkrun milestones.

(3) There were no PBs this week. It would be been impressive if there were!

Julia and Paul Gordon at their 350th parkrun

Thanks to the noble commanders (volunteers) who organised the charge this week, everyone was in awe of the stoic and noble resolve of those who saw us all home: Daniel BODERICK, Colin BOYD, Margaret DONOVAN, Wayne ENGLISH, Paul GORDON, Sandy HOOPER, Kokoro IMAZU, Marina KAICHIS, Peter MURMU, Liz NEILL, Martin O'SULLIVAN, and Sam VISVALINGAM.



Lower Hutt parkrun 465 – 10 July 2021

This week saw another typical Winters Day with the possibility of rain and not very warm. However there was a decent field of 163 parkrunners taking part today.

Milestones this week: congratulations to Adrian Hardy on 250 parkruns and Melchor Reyes on 300 parkruns!  There are a few big milestones coming up in the next few weeks with 50, 100, 150, 250 and 350.

There were 9 PB’s this week. Congratulations to Josh Jordan, Kevin Fink, Matt Lane, Harry Josephson, Svend Hansen, Eric Regnier, Katie Benson, Brian Dee, and Dianne Clayton. Svend Hansen now has a PB in consecutive weeks!

Welcome to our parkrun visitors Stu Milne, Bridget Milne, Zamira Hardy and Natalie Hardy.

Welcome to the 9 first timers starting their parkrun journey: Marc Smart, Kendra Boswell, Andrew Boswell, Tayla Boswell, Avril Boswell, Angela Smart, Toni Weir, Nelson Curry and Paul Falloon.

Well done to Josh Jordan as the first finisher, setting a PB, and a new JM15-17 age category record to complete a trifecta of firsts! Yuliya Bozhko was the first women finisher, and Eliza Davies as the first junior women finisher.

Thanks to all this week’s volunteers as they help make it an event we all enjoy: Colin BOYD, Andrew CROSLAND, Maggie DAVIES, Margaret DONOVAN, Jay GREGORY, Sandy HOOPER, Ann KING, Mark MALONE, Peter MURMU, Martin O'SULLIVAN, Andrea RUGLYS, Matthew RUGLYS, Brian THOMSON, Tony TING, Deon VAN ZYL, Ellan YOUNG

There are volunteer spots available for the next few weeks. So, if you have not volunteered before or not done so in a while please book your spot now. Full training will be given on the day.  If you are lucky the mermaid’s tail for the tail walker might be there!
Sandy Hooper


Lower Hutt parkrun 464 – 3 July 2021

The one where Michelle Malone ran her 400th parkrun.

Although Michelle MALONE had to wait an extra week to complete her 400th run on Saturday (following last week’s regional cancellation), Michelle became the first homegrown female to achieve this amazing achievement. 2,000 kms of parkrunning. How impressive is that! Congratulations Michelle.

Michelle tells me that after a couple of weeks of husband Mark turning the lights on early on a Saturday morning and waking her up, she decided she may as well join him at this new thing called parkrun. This was back in May 2012. Now, just over 9 years later, Michelle and Mark have completed a staggering combined total of 840 parkruns.


First Timers.

Andrew TEMPANY, Jon WILLIAMS and Kahurangi GRAHAM chose a coolish morning to join us on Saturday. Hopefully, this is just the start of a long and happy parkrun journey.

We also welcomed these parkrunners who were visiting Lower Hutt for the first time, Brydie MATHESON, Zac BACON, Megan BENNET, Sara BOEYEN, Sarah RICEMAN and Katherine WOODS. I hope you enjoyed yourselves.

13 New Personal Best’s.

Of the 168 finishers on Saturday 13 bettered their previous times and set themselves a new PB. Congratulations Caroline RACHLIN, Esther GEORGE, Deon VAN ZYL, Eliza DAVIES, Eloise BOTHWELL, Emily BACON, Shamiso SISIMAYI, Tracey SULLY, Helena WOODS, Marcus BISSON, Rachel SINGERS, Sally HALE and Svend HANSEN


Two of our parkrunners earned themselves new milestone shirts on Saturday.

Natalie MCNAUGHT ran her 100th parkrun this week. Natalie has run the Lower Hutt course 92 times and completed 7 other NZ courses. She has also run 1 UK course. Natalie ran her first parkrun in February 2015, so it’s taken a little while to get to her 100th parkrun, not that that matters of course. I have a theory as to why it has taken that long though. Maybe it’s because Natalie in 5 years has only run 1 August event. I’ll be checking to see if Natalie can add to her August tally next month! Congratulations, Natalie.

Emily MUSSON completed her 50th parkrun this week. Emily ran her first parkrun in January 2019 at Event #357. It appears that Emily has quickly become a parkrun tourist having run Lower Hutt 33 times, Hagley 6 times, 6 other NZ courses and 5 Australian courses. Well done on your achievement Emily.

This Week's Volunteers Were

Run Director Andrew CROSLAND
First Timers Briefing Yuliya BOZHKO
Timekeepers Margaret DONOVAN and Wayne ENGLISH
Finish Tokens Sandy HOOPER
Barcode Scanning Holly COACH, Victoria LEE, and Walter SOMERVILLE
Funnel Manager Mark MALONE
Tail Walker Megan FERRY
Photographer Jacob ANDERSON-WALLACE
Lead Bike Colin BOYD
Pre-event Setup Ellan YOUNG
Post-event Close Down Ellan YOUNG
Token Sorting Katie BENSON
Run Report Writer Bruce MCCARDLE

As you will be very aware parkrun relies on volunteers to complete these tasks every week. There is a lot to be gained by volunteering occasionally. The tasks are easy and on the job training is provided.
If you would like to volunteer but want to run or walk, consider one of the above underlined roles. You can earn a volunteer credit and still add to your run tally.

Podium Positions This Week.

Gals: Esther GEORGE, Sarah RICEMAN and Shamiso SISIMAYI

Highest Age Grade Percentages this Week.

Esther GEORGE 81.54%, Sarah RICEMAN 79.21% and Matt DURNEY 76.52%

parkrun New Zealand

On Saturday in New Zealand there were:
34 Events
3,400 Finishers (you work out the average per parkrun!)
399 Volunteers
171 Completed their 1st parkrun
26 People volunteered for the 1st time

It’s interesting looking back to see where this parkrun journey has taken us.
For the 9 Lower Hutt parkrunners who completed their 34th different NZ parkrun on Saturday, at the brand new Sherwood Reserve parkrun, the journey has taken them all over the country, ticking off events one by one.
For me 10 years of running coincided with my 300th run on the Lower Hutt course this week.
But, as we all know, it isn’t just about the running, it’s as much about the fantastic friendships that are made on this amazing parkrun adventure that I’m the most thankful for.
Bruce McCardle
Grateful parkrunner


Lower Hutt parkrun 463 – 19 June 2021

Twas a dark and stormy morning and looking out the window the debate was shall we go to Parkrun. The answer was yes and what a good decision it was. It didn’t rain at all and wasn’t that cold. Just because it looks horrible it can turn out all right, so get out there all you Parkrunner’s. There was 192 hardy runners who didn’t let the weather put them off.

Just to back-up my point about just getting out there, there were 29 - yes 29 - PB’s this week!

Welcome to all the visitors and first timers all 13 of you.

Well done to Andrew Rutherdale as the first finisher and Kristin Stokes as women finisher, also Jacob Anderson-Wallace as the first junior finisher in a very respectable 12th overall position. Connie Reed was the first junior women finisher with a PB for good measure. Just wish I could go as fast as these runners. (Editors note - Walter Somerville achieved a PB and then stepped up to help volunteer as a barcode scanner!).

Also, congrats to those you achieved a milestone run this week.

Thanks to all this week’s volunteer’s as they help make it an event we all enjoy.

Andrew CUSHNIE • Antoinette COLEMAN • Barry WILKINSON • Colin BOYD • Ellan YOUNG • Jay GREGORY • Julia GORDON • Margaret DONOVAN • Paul GORDON • Sandy HOOPER • Stu CHANDLER • Walter SOMERVILLE • Yuliya BOZHKO • Sophie CROSLAND

There are volunteer spots available for the next few weeks. So, if you haven’t volunteered before or not do so in a while book your spot now. Full training will be given on the day. If you are lucky the mermaid’s tail for the tail walker might be there.



Lower Hutt parkrun 462 – 12 June 2021


Kia ora whanau,

Full disclosure: I was not actually at today’s event as kids’ sport was back on after a break last Queen’s Birthday weekend. So the intel for this report comes from the results page and FB posts!

parkrun debut
Last week I did run at Lower Hutt with my two sons. To our household’s surprise, our 5yo Lafaele was also keen to join Vatau Junior and I. As many parents know, the excitement of a young one’s first parkrun usually wears off at around the 1.5Km mark! Up to that point, they are flying, smiling, laughing. The rest is a test of the parent’s armoury of motivational lines, stories and inevitably bribes to get the lil one to the finish line! And so it proved to be with Lafaele. But then seeing his name “in lights” (the parkrun results) got him excited and not a little competitive after seeing his brother’s total on 30 parkruns… Watch this space.

1 Capture

Sagaga Boys celebrating our Wainui Rugby Club’s 75th Jubilee on Queen’s Birthday weekend

To this week’s news:
Big cheers to the volunteer crew led by Run Director, Stu CHANDLER. Thank you to Margaret DONOVAN, Heather SINCLAIR, Ellan YOUNG, Andrew RUGLYS, Alesha YUILE, Paul GORDON, Julia GORDON, Mark COFFEY, Sam VISVALINGAM, Shona HUMPHREY, Mark MALONE, Peter MURMU and moi!

(Ed's note Special mentions to Alesha YUILE - who wore the mermaid tail - as tailwalker, and Mark COFFEY who allowed his bicycle to be wired with police lights and siren - you guys put the fun in parkfun)

I noted there have been more issues getting volunteers across most parkruns which I follow. Please do try and volunteer when you can. It really is a rewarding experience and there are roles which also allows you to run – pre-run setup; first runners briefing; post-run close down; tail walker; run report writer and even photographer and lead bike can both be done.

2 Capture

Many CONGRATULATIONS to Helen RILEY and James HERDMAN in reaching their century milestone. Well done!

3 Capture


We welcomed 10 new parkrunners to the parkrun whanau. We hope to see you again: Monique TOPP (who casually rocks up and is the second woman home!), Alice HERDMAN, Deborah & Kevin HARRIS, Steve GROOM, Tim BURGESS, Kaya YOKOYAMA, Matthew WEBB SMITH, Gabriel Joshua HEPI and Pimrati SRICHANTAPONG – the weather is always like this in the Hutt!

And we trust the seven parkrun tourists all enjoyed their visit to Lower Hutt particularly Cary DUFFY and Ivan NEVILLE from Australia. And to the following from around the Wairarapa and Porirua Chris & Melissa MEAD, Amy & Hazel SHEPHERD and Heather CLARK. Safe travels to you all and we hope to see you again soon.

4 Capture

The following flew around the course today:

1st Andrew RUTHERDALE and Sally HALE (with a PB to boot!)
2nd Cameron FORREST (with that surname of course he is going to be rapid!) and Monique TOPP (who was running her first parkrun!)
3rd Michael PETTA and Yuliya BOZHKO.

5 Capture

Special mention to Geoff RASHBROOKE and Malcolm SIME who ran in the 75-79 category; and Craig THOMPSON, Michael WOOD and Rob STEAD who ran in the 70-74 category. Well done to you all.

I have said before how our “experienced” runners have inspired me since my very first parkrun in Maidstone, Kent. I say thank you and please do keep on inspiring us all.

The perfect running conditions brought a whopping 33 PBs including first timer Monique TOPP and Geoff RASHBROOKE running in the 75-79 category! Well done one and all.

6 Capture

We are now firmly into winter mode. With Queen’s Birthday weekend now been and gone, Labour Weekend seems a long way away! Stay safe whanau. Keep warm. Keep moving.

Nga mihi,
Sagaga Boys
A555116 / A6036724 / A6897137


Lower Hutt parkrun 461 – 5 June 2021

Short and sweet highlights so everyone can get on with enjoying the long weekend!


Pleasant weather conditions for 202 parkrunners.

Amazing effort by first finisher Josh JORDAN (16:18)!

Respect to Terry MCDONALD, running his 50th in a cape!

Kudos to first female finisher Alison WILSON (19:36)!

Remarkable warmup and pacing provided by Nathan (Change Fitness)!

Unbelievable 22 new Personal Bests; 11% of the crowd!

Nod to the 12 first timers and 5 tourists*, and cheers to the volunteers**!

*A warm welcome to Alison WILSON from Southsea (UK), Joshua SMITH from Pegasus, Georgette JENSON and Deryk JENSON from Gisborne, Kirsty MENHINICK from Trentham, and brand new parkrunners: Paul BURRIDGE, Matthew WOMACK, Ariaan RASHEED, John CLEVELAND, Andrew COHEN, Craig ANDERSON, Rory MILNE, Emma DAVIS, Sophia HOWARD, Camden HOWARD, Rachel SINGERS, Lafaele SAGAGA. Hope you enjoyed the course!

**Many thanks to: Colin BOYDYuliya BOZHKOWinnie CLEARYMark COFFEYMargaret DONOVANBill EMMENSMark MALONEPeter MURMUClaire MUSSONEmily MUSSONMatthew RUGLYSRob STEADEllan YOUNG. Email lowerhutt@parkrun.com to get involved; you’ll be rewarded with warm fuzzies and badges in the ‘Running Challenges’ browser extension!

Happy Queen's Birthday weekend,
Claire Musson

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