Lower Hutt parkrun 452 – 4 April 2021

It dawned a cool and calm autumn’s morning after a week of wet and windy weather ideal for a parkrun.

A field of 182 started out with visitors from Auckland, Napier, and Wellington including Ben BROWN, Nate BROWN, Lila BROWN, Sara STRUCKMAN, Ana COCHRANE, Alyssa KIDD, and Megan BIGG.

First Timers included Matthew MASON, Paul NEASON & Michelle HUGHES.

Milestones today were Ruby FALCONER (Junior) 10 & Craig DUNCAN 50.

Plenty of runners took advantage of the conditions to record a personal best including: (Beware it is a long list - 29 - 15.8 per cent ! - I suspect the 0.8 was a junior (Ed))

Matt DURNEY with a FIRST Place as well, Pawel KOTARBA in SECOND Place, Miki SZIKSZAI, Jeremy BRAY, Gregor FOUNTAIN, Nicholas WALBRIDGE, Von Paolo GENTEA, Kelly FIELD, Elspeth KNEWSTUBB, Zoe CAREW, James McCAFFERTY, Susan WHITMORE, Helene WALTON, Philomena CHIN, Siobhan SIMPSON, Rebecca STOOP, Emily LESLIE, Brad ZIE, Steve BIDDLE, Louise HARRINGTON, Tarn CAREW, Meriel REYES, Mercedes GLOVER, Christina THOMPSON, Rebecca HALL-McCAFFERTY, Stephen THOMPSON, Cameron BUCKMAN & last but not least Mimi GARCIA. And a mention to local MP Chris BISHOP who equalled his PB.

Whilst walking with the Tail Walker I was surprised by the number of new faces, long may this continue.

Thanks to this week’s volunteers. Remember volunteers are always being looked for. It is a great way to meet fellow park runners and friendships that can follow.

My apologies if I have missed a milestone or PB.

Hope you all have a great Easter.