Event 451 – 27 March 2021

Kia ora whanau

With the arrival of autumn, we are about to enter the toughest part of parkrun’s 12-month season. When some of us have those moments at 7am on Saturday morning and ask ourselves, ”Should I go...Nah...Should I go...Nah...then as 0745 strikes oh come let’s do it, rush rush rush to the start line!”

Then there is the somewhat difficult task of deciding how many layers to wear; whether to wear gloves?, a beanie?, tights? a jacket? As always, I realise by the 1Km mark I have overdressed!

But even when the weather does get a bit rough, you can now still count on Lower Hutt to still have a hearty, crazy core group of over 100 runners.


The trifecta: Wind, rain and cold (15 October 2016: 51 hearty souls braved the tail end of Hutt’s winter. The worst conditions parkrun I have encountered – anywhere!)

To this week’s stats:-

Huge thanks to our team of volunteers this week. Led by Mark MALONE were Craig THOMPSON - Katie BENSON - Rob STEAD - Zoe CAREW - Quentin DUTHIE - Margaret DONOVAN - Martyn CHERRY - Liz NEILL – Peter MURMU – Gaby COWCILL – Sophie CROSLAND – Michael WOOD and moi!


1. (38th overall) Zara FIELD (JW15-17)
2. (60th overall)Mae STEWART (JW10)
3. (168th overall) Esme WILLIS (JW11-14) with a PB to boot! Congrats!

1. (16th overall) Jacob Anderson WALLACE (JM11-14)
2. (52nd overall) Oliver WILKINSON (JM11-14) with a PB to boot! Congrats!
3. (75th overall) Max PRITCHARD (JM 11-14) with a PB to boot! Congrats!


We welcomed eight people to the parkrun movement and to the Lower Hutt parkrun whanau. We hope to see you again: Christopher MITCHELL - Mark HARRISON - Emily DALY - Alex WINSLADE - Kate ASTON (who casually rocks up and is the second female home!) - Leanna RYNNE - Zara FIELD and Caroline RACHLIN.

We also had three parkrunners visiting us today from Canterbury and Waikato namely Hugh CONLY - Jane ROBERSTON and IAN ROBERTSON. Safe travels to you all.


Perfect conditions for a PB – mild with a hint of a breeze. 26 people took advantage. Congrats to you all!



Congratulations on their milestone runs to:

Anthony BLYTHEN (100) Tina KERR (50)

Ryan PIGOU (10)

You would have all caught up on the upcoming changes to the Milestone system which will now include a 25 milestone t-shirt and the volunteer milestone shirts will mirror the current running milestones. Also, all of our juniors will now get the milestone 10 t-shirt as modelled by Vatau Junior. These changes will take effect on 1 September 2021.


Happy running and have a great week all. Stay safe. Stay warm.