Lower Hutt parkrun 448 – 27 February 2021

Two hundred and seventy-two parkrunners turned up on Saturday morning for the 448th Lower Hutt parkrun. It was a beautiful day. The sun was shining, and there was barely any wind. Perfect conditions for an incredible thirty-four people to get PBs:


Nikki EVERTON (19:47), Hayden KING (19:48), Miki SZIKSZAI (20:01), Paul TUCKEY (21:35), Anuj SHARMA (22:18), Tobi TREVENA (22:33), Gregor FOUNTAIN (23:40), Marcelo RODRIGUEZ FERRERE (23:43), Zachary BOYCE (23:47), Rami MOUNLA (25:00), Peter KING (25:16), Emily LESLIE (25:27), Brendan DUNN (25:42), Ross WELLS (25:53), Svend HANSEN (26:01), Freddie GILBERT (27:06), Nicola FOWLIE (28:33), Brigitta BARTSCH (31:11), Heather SINCLAIR (32:49), Sam MONTECLARO (32:57), Michelle STANYON (33:00), Lyna MARCHENKO (33:17), Miringa BOUWMAN (33:28), Fraser KIRBY (33:43), Maria DUNWOODIE (34:41), Alice ROBINSON (34:47), Susan WHITMORE (35:26), Euan MONTECLARO (36:47), Marina KAICHIS (38:44), Akshara RAVI (44:15), Emmanuel MONTECLARO (45:22), Leonie BOND (46:30), Tania JOVANOVICH (46:45), and Belinda TAYLOR (47:11).


It felt like a real family event today. There were multiple mums and dads out with their young kids. Even my mum and dad were out there today (though I wouldn’t say I’m that young anymore, haha!). Let me take a moment to give a little shoutout to them (Joe GLOVER and Ruth GLOVER). Dad had his ankles fused a few years ago, which means he can’t run anymore. But he makes sure he still gets out to challenge himself, walking parkrun at top speed. Mum had a double-knee replacement in recent years. She’s still healing and has to deal with a bit of pain, but she can now walk 5 km in less than an hour (an impossible feat a few months ago). Go, Mum and Dad!


I also want to give a shoutout to our amazing volunteers (without you, parkrun wouldn’t happen):
Martyn CHERRY, Andrew CROSLAND, Olivia CROSLAND, Maggie DAVIES, Margaret DONOVAN, Gina FOSTER, Mercedes GLOVER, Daxa GOVIND, Susan HAYNES, Marketa LANGOVA, Sush METIKURKE, Peter MURMU, Liz NEILL, Martin O’SULLIVAN, and Craig THOMPSON.


Peter MURMU welcomed everybody in his first stint as Run Director. We had quite a few first-time runners at Lower Hutt parkrun as well (twenty to be exact):
Riku KOYAMA (17:10) – first place too!, Aaron O’NEALE (21:48), Damian GURNICK (23:41), Jack WHITEROD (24:00), Colan BALKWILL (24:06), Peter WITHINSHAW (30:05), Emma ROSS (31:01), Anna SECKER (32:51), Fern ROMANOS (34:48), Siriluck TESANA (34:51), Maryam SHOJAEI (34:53), Luna KUTCHUKIAN (39:31), Kirsty TAMANUI (41:50), Mary GORDON (42:44), Annette MORAN (44:04), Frances POYNDER (45:17), Martin WARR (50:32), Lee-Ann WARR (50:33), Vrajesh RAVI (57:09), and Toby WILLIAMSON (57:17).


And finally, congratulations to Karl VAN POLANEN (21:27), who reached his 50th parkrun!


Well done to all participants. I assume parkrun won’t be going ahead next Saturday due to the change in COVID alert levels this week. So, please always remember to be kind, stay safe, keep scanning those QR codes, and hopefully, we’ll see you all again in a couple of weeks!

Mercedes GLOVER