Lower Hutt parkrun 446 – 13 February 2021

Beautiful Lower Hutt parkrun conditions today for the 228 folk who 
completed the course. Was also fab to see the kayaks out on the river again.

It always feels so good to get the weekend's exercise over and done with 
first thing on a Saturday morning!

I used to find running really useful for working through any work issues 
I was up against. But now I find my mind is often blank when I run. Not 
sure what that's all about, or if it's a good thing or not, but it's 
quite pleasant really, as is running along with a lovely friend and 
asking loads of open questions so she can do all the talking! All while 
I puff and pant.

An article I read a while ago suggested that running may help to develop 
new brain cells. I wouldn't mind a few more of those, I thought to 
myself... If that alone isn't a good enough reason to get into running, 
what is?

The experts also reckon that aerobic cardiovascular exercise sends more 
nourishing blood to our brain. Of all the types of exercise, running and 
walking rate pretty highly in terms of increased cognitive flexibility - 
with better ability to switch between mental tasks more flexibly. No 
wonder there are so many of us showing up each week.

And how good it is that we're able to attend parkrun, when our friends 
in loads of other parts of the globe have COVID-19 to deal with still.

Thanks to our helpful volunteers this week: Roy BLEWETT, Warren BURKE, 
Martyn CHERRY, Sharon CLARK, Simon EDWARDS, Julia GORDON, Jill GROGAN, 
Susan HAYNES, Ann KING, Moira LEDINGHAM, Mark MALONE, Peter MURMU and 

Well done for taking part today - in particular to Kirk OLSSON who 
celebrated his absolutely magnificent 350th parkrun and any others who 
achieved a significant milestone.