Lower Hutt parkrun 444 – 30 January 2021

Hi there, and congratulations to the 158 runners, walkers and enthusiastic dogs who completed Lower Hutt’s 444th parkrun.  We totalled over 200 participants for the last three weeks, so our numbers this week were down a bit.  I haven’t stalked anyone to confirm, but I would guess this was not entirely due to the cool overcast conditions – but also because some Lower Hutt regulars took the opportunity to go to Upper Hutt and run the inaugural Trentham Memorial parkrun.  Exciting to have another parkrun near by!  Welcome to the ‘family’ Trentham Memorial!

As I noted, it was definitely cooler than usual; overcast and not very summery.  This was because of the ‘fresh’ (aka reasonably strong!) southerly wind.  So instead of flying out and then being smacked by headwinds on the return, we had the opposite.  It was a tough slog to halfway, then tailwind back – so I’m not sure about you but I had that rare thing – a negative split.  My second half was faster than the first half. \^0^/

So let’s have a look at how yesterdays run shaped up.  I’d like to welcome the following first timers to the parkrun family; Gareth Wilson, Kent Collard, Kayleigh Wilson, Rami Mounla, Trelise Morgan, Anne Hewson, Anne Robinson, and Rebecca and James Hall-McCafferty.  I hope you enjoyed your first parkrun experience and will be back next week for more!  When you finished your run, did you head to Buzz café for refreshments and conversation with your fellow runners?  It is my favourite thing to do after completing a parkrun… at least the weeks I am there and don’t have to dash off to dragon boat training!  For many of us, parkrun is not just a run, it is also a social outing.  Speaking for myself, connecting with my parkrun buddies is what brings me back week after week.  And this week was my 314th park run, so you can see it can be very habit forming!  And if you want to venture further afield, there are another 32 parkruns around New Zealand.

A warm Lower Hutt welcome to Alanna Furlan who completed her 20th parkrun, and her first outing at Lower Hutt.  I hope you enjoyed our riverside course.
Although the conditions were not especially ideal, there were 18 PB’s – personal bests.  Well done, Jacob Anderson-Wallace, Jeremy Bray, Adam McLoughlin, Nigel Elder, Vignesh Sivaraman, Aaron Morgan, Callum Skinner, Jan and Petri Le Roux, Sophie Powick, Michael Coffey, Sush Metikurke, Koko Imazu, Victoria Edwards, Lousie Harrington, Riyet Pelayo, Christina Thompson, and Erina Potter.  Note that as a general rule, the more parkruns you do, the less frequent the PB’s become.  For myself, my PB was run way back in 2013 – it is my lifetime best that I get further and further away from as the years go by!  So enjoy what you achieved this week!

Additional congratulations are extended to young Koko who achieved her latest PB on her 50th parkrun – very exciting as it is a t-shirt milestone run – you are eligible for the red shirt.  And all this in the week of your 10th birthday.  Happy birthday also, Koko! Talking about milestone tshirts – the red fifty shirt is the first, followed by the black 100 shirt, and you may notice there are also several people sporting the green 250 tshirts.  When looking at Lower Hutt parkrun statistics, I see that Mark Malone has completed 425 runs so he is well on the way to the 500 tshirt!

We had four ‘Unknown’ runners this week – that is people who did not bring their barcode.  Please remember to bring the barcode with you as Lower Hutt has a strict ‘no barcode, no time’ policy.  And it is a shame not to get an official time when you have done the run.

Finally, parkrun happens because of the team of volunteers who put it on for you every week.  It can be challenging for the Run Director to fill all the various roles every week – I signed up to do this run report after a Facebook post the day before our run looking for four more people needed to fill the volunteer roster for this week.  Please consider volunteering and give back.  It is actually fun, and you get to see the run in a whole new light.  So this week, a pat on the back to Floro Astronomia, Caroline Bray, Warren Burke, me, Andrew, Emma, Olivia and Sophie Crosland, Andrew Cushnie, Margaret Donovan, Oliver Dulton, Lizzi Elton-Walters, Mark Malone, Tony Ting, and Sam Visvalingham.

Have a great week.  I won’t be at parkrun next Saturday – I’ll be at Whanganui competing at the Masters Games.  Those of you travelling for the long weekend, stay safe and remember to scan those QR codes!  Where ever you are, you can be sure that parkrun will be there, same place, same time – 8am Saturday morning :)

Nga mihi nui

Winnie Cleary

Lower Hutt parkrunner #319257