Lower Hutt parkrun 442 -16 January 2021

Well I think this is becoming a bit of a trend with the run reporters not actually at Lower Hutt again. My excuse was that I was supporting a fellow parkrunner doing her 2nd tourist parkrun at Kapiti parkrun. So I was still at a parkrun just not lower Hutt. Anyway I think we both had very good conditions with a good cloud cover and not a lot of wind to battle against. The running surfaces at Kapiti are quite different to the smooth paths you all enjoyed yesterday. Good training though for anyone doing other running events later in the year like I will be doing.

So I see some of you would have enjoyed another warm up session with Nathan Martin taking that again. Not sure if he plans on doing any more at parkrun but if the numbers were encouraging he may return in the future.

Looks like 281 parkrunners got up early and started their Saturday doing a 5km run before enjoying the post run chat at Buzz. That's why a lot of us come to parkrun for the coffee and chat after, or at least I enjoy that part. Sadly we still seem to be getting the ones who do not have a barcode which is a shame that your efforts for running 5km can not go towards one of the milestone t-shirts.

Must have been good conditions for the 30 runners/walkers who got a PB so well done to Anthony JACKSON ( who also was 1st finisher), Aj SHAW, David HOOD, Jacob ANDERSON-WALLACE, Brett SHAW, Isham REDFORD, Adam MCLOUGHLIN, Brian THOMSON, Gen WEST, Anna WALSH, Terry ROSS, Svend HANSEN, Jenn BURRIDGE, Jonny DITTMER, Karen SIGLEY, Anna STUDDERS, Marjan VAN DEN BELT, Courtnay DITTMER, Simone DUGGAN, Mahia STEAD, Michelle SMITH, Fraser KIRBY, Lovey WAITOA, Ramya RAVISHANKAR, Joanna ROWE, Oscar HEARFIELD, Siobhan SIMPSON, Vanessa CREAMER. It doesn't matter whether your PB is by 1 sec or over a minute it will encourage you all to try a better your times in the coming weeks. I did manage a PB at Kapiti and it has taken me awhile as my 1st run there was 5 years ago and this was my 2nd run. So doesn't matter how long it takes to get another PB.

Welcome to all 19 First timers to Lower Hutt parkrun. Some of you may have travelled from parkruns all over the country or just visiting us from the parkruns within the Wellington region. Hope you enjoyed our parkrun and will return again. Florence REYNOLDS, Ashim GC, Harry JOSEPHSON, Rowan JACKSON-STEWART, Peter RAMAGE, Lei JU, Claire WALLS, Roger REID, Sophie POWICK, Ash KEOWN, Angela GRAHAM, Freddie GILBERT, Pramila THAPA, Gowri Shankar KALYANA KUMAR, Oliver FULLER, Ed FULLER, Tony JURY, Anna FIELD, Melissa MORGAN, Lisa CUMMINS, Haydee SY, Chris MUSSON, Belinda TAYLOR, Tracey MCFADYEN.

Congratulations to Anthony BECKETT for reaching his 300th parkrun, 284 of those have been done at Lower Hutt.

AustIn POWELL ran his 150th well done

There are a few others who are getting very close to milestone runs soon.

Lastly but most importantly are all the volunteers who gave up doing a run so others could do there's. Make sure you all give a Saturday run up so others can as it's the volunteers who are so important for a parkrun to go ahead. Alesha YUILE • Anthony BECKETT • Bill EMMENS • Bjorn WINTER • Christine OSULLIVAN-ROBERTSON • Colin BOYD • Jan CADWALLENDER • Maggie DAVIES • Margaret DONOVAN • Maria Jessa DE ASIS • Mark MALONE • Michel WEBB • Nathan MARTIN • Peter MURMU • Rob STEAD • Stu CHANDLER • Victoria LEE

Jan Cadwallender

parkrunner / Roving Reporter