Lower Hutt parkrun 434 – 21 November 2020

Welcome to this week's edition of the parkrun run report.

A big thank you to Nathan Martin for this morning's pre parkrun warm up session.

Thank's to Matthew Ruglys for today's great photos.

A field of 223 parkrunners battled back into a strong Northerly to the finish.

There were 16 FIRST TIMERS to Lower Hutt today, they were: Phil BROUGHTON, Oliver HOBBS, Daniel BODERICK, Gen WEST, Yannick GRUNDY, Elle MCKAY, Dalton BRUCE, Alexander SIMS, Lauren HUMPHREY, Rian SWANEPOEL, Sush METIKURKE, Miriam NHEMA, Delia TAMSEN, June SEONG, Tracey XU, and Sarah BEGBIE.

11 PERSONAL BESTS were achieved today, they were: Jacob ANDERSON-WALLACE, Allen WANG, Jesse VAN OOSTENDE, Brad XIE, Jo O'SULLIVAN, Vanessa AINSWORTH, Michelle ZHAO, Alex TURNER, Anna BORNHOLDT, Enrico MONTECLARO, and Lucy ELLIS.

Congratulations to Carole WRIGHT, completing her 200th parkrun today, David WOOD, bringing up the 50, Tyler SHAW JM 11-14, completing his 10th parkrun today, well done.

First 3 Men today:

1. Anthony JACKSON 17:11
2. Geoff FERRY 17:14
3. Darren GORDON 19:14

First 3 Women today:

1. Holly COUCH 24:22
2. Tamara THOMSON 24:47
3. Gen WEST 25:04

A big thank you to today's volunteers who make this event happen: Hailey BOUWMAN, Margaret DONOVAN, Jonathan EWEG, Mary-Ann JANSSEN, Heather LESLIE, Stu LESLIE, Mark MALONE, Nathan MARTIN, Andrew NG, Glynis NG, Kirk OLSSON, Andrea RUGLYS, Matthew RUGLYS, Rob STEAD, Craig THOMPSON.

With the 336 parkruns I have now completed, and 64 fun runs, (including 28 round the bays runs, 3 full marathons, 6 half marathons, 1 duathlon), I have now amassed 400 fun runs. Interesting to note, it took 28 years for the 64 fun runs, (1992 Wellington Round The Bays, first ever fun run), and just 6 years and 8 months for 336 parkruns, to get me to the 400 fun run mark!!

Congratulations to you all, look forward to seeing you next week.