Lower Hutt parkrun 432 – 7 November 2020

Welcome to this weeks edition of the parkrun run report.

Thanks to Janette Beckett for today's great photos.

A field of 178 parkrunners enjoyed a warm, calm parkrun this morning.

There were 9 FIRST TIMERS to Lower Hutt today, they were: Chris MAJOR, Hayden KING, Grant DIXON, Yasmin CLYNES, Marcelo RODRIGUEZ  FERRERE, Hannah JAMES-JOHNSON, Odette STRACHAN, Rebecca TAYLOR, and Matilda HOERARA-HUNT.

16 PERSONAL BESTS were achieved today, they were: David COLE, Rhys WINGATE, Ashleigh JACKSON, Allen WANG, Marie OLESOVSKA, Noah VAN DER LINDEN, Jack MORRISSEY, Oliver WILKINSON, Martin COE, Vanessa AINSWORTH, Chandra Kumar PALANI, Fraser KIRBY, Poppy WILKINSON, Poppy STRACHAN, Clemintine STRACHAN, and James STRACHAN.

Congratulations to Albert AGUILA, completing his 50th parkrun today, and to Ann KING who completed her 100th parkrun!

First 3 Men today:

1. Anthony JACKSON       17:19
2. Walter SOMERVILLE    17:44
3. Daniel RUSS                 18:58

First 3 Women today:

1. Ashleigh JACKSON    22:26 NEW PB!
2. Yasmin CLYNES         23:44 FIRST TIMER!
3. Holly COUCH              24:28

A big thank you to today's volunteers who make this event happen: Floro ASTRONOMIA, Janette BECKETT, Hailey BOUWMAN, Miringa BOUWMAN, Andrew CROSLAND, Margaret DONOVAN, Jonathan EWEG, Megan FERRY, Peter KING, Heather LESLIE, Anne METCALF-MACDONALD, Kirk OLSSON, Christine O'SULLIVAN-ROBERTSON, Rob STEAD, and Carole WRIGHT.

Congratulations to you all, look forward to seeing you next week.