Lower Hutt parkrun 421 – 11 July 2020


20200713_13583666 OK

Week 2 of parkrun Aotearoa’s return and into the new normal. How good does it feel to be doing this again? And to be the ONLY country in the world to be doing this! I must admit, I’m feeling a touch smug about that. Just one of the many benefits from what a team of five million working together and listening to their brilliant leader, can produce. So good!

And we have all returned with varying degrees of fitness – some have obviously kept up their training throughout lockdown and others wish they had done more during lockdown. I fall squarely (or plumply) in the latter category. parkrun couldn’t have returned at a better time!

With Jack Frost making his presence felt this week, came the somewhat difficult task of deciding how many layers to wear; whether to wear gloves?, a beanie?, tights? As always, I realise by the 1Km mark I have overdressed – which my mates Thomas WYNNE and Benny LAU took great joy in giving me some ribbing about!

To this week’s stats:-

National Volunteer Week was observed a couple of weeks ago. So a belated THANK YOU to all of our awesome volunteers over the past year. Huge thanks again to our team this week particularly on this fresh morning. Again ably led by Stu CHANDLER were Joanne NOWAK, Jonathan EWEG, Neil HAXTON, Tony TING (welcome back Tony!), Margaret DONOVAN, Colin BOYD, Ewen McDONALD, Bill EMMENS, Caroline BRAY, Ian SIMS, Helen BARROTT, Camilo ARDILES and Vatau SAGAGA.

Some rapid times from our lil uns this morning. Well done!
(134th overall) Ruby FALCONER (JW10) who also ran a PB!
(140th overall) Olivia WINGATE (JW10)
(147th overall) Kaitlyn McDONALD (JW11-14)

(42nd overall) Samuel LI (JM10)
(119th overall) Cameron BEALING (JM11-14)
(121nd overall) Toby IRELAND (JM11-14) who also ran a PB!

We welcomed the following to the parkrun movement and to the Lower Hutt parkrun whanau. We hope you had fun and hope to see you all again:

Poppy WILKINSON -Mieke WOOD - Ayano SAKAMOTO - Manami MIYUKI - Jim VAN LEUVEN - Rachel KEEN - Ben WILLIAMS - Mandy HANCOCK - Jodie STEWART - Jen HALE - Anna GUY - Diane LIVINGSTON - Thomas ANDERSEN and Hirotaka TANIMOTO who casually rocks up and finishes first!

School holidays usually mean a tonne of parkrun tourists – even moreso now with the border restrictions. Supporting local tourism were visitors from the Waikato, Canterbury and Otago. Safe travels to you all.

On an absolute cracker of a morning, we had a whopping 21 PBs. Awesome work to:
Anthony JACKSON – Richard FARLEY – Paul MILLER – Toby IRELAND – Simon PALLIN – Richard BRETT – Andrew LESLIE – Harriet FITZPATRICK – Helena WOODS – Hellie HADFIELD – Peter SHAW – Carolyn VAN LEUVEN – Aaron HISSEY – Brenton VANNISSELROY – Adrian MARSDEN – Sarah DWEN – Andy FULBROOK – Steve BIDDLE – Ruby FALCONER – Marie OLESOVSKA – Natalie JAMES.


T shirts

I felt for those who were sitting so close to their milestones before the lockdown. I myself would’ve had notched up #300 last week! Congratulations on their milestones and their patience to:

Lex CHALMERS (200) visiting from Mooloo Country
Kevin GRAY (150)
Briony HIBBERD (150)
Matt DURNEY (50)
Maree CARMAN (50)
Graham WITTS (50)
Brian RUSSELL (50)

I see we have a flood of milestones coming up in the next few weeks for the 350, 300, 250, 200 and 100 clubs. Don’t shy away during the briefing (as is the kiwi way!) – these are great milestones which we all love to celebrate with you.

It was disappointing to read that there will be no more New Year’s Day Doubles. I loved this traditional event. It was unique to parkrun, there was a novelty factor about it and was a whole lot of fun for runners and volunteers. The fact it was happening while half the population were tucked up in bed feeling the effects from the previous night’s celebrations made it perfect – light traffic between Lower Hutt and Porirua; great business for the local cafes; and just a great way to start the year. Oh well, I guess I should be happy we even get one NYD parkrun, particularly when the rest of the parkrun world may still be waiting for their events to restart on New Year’s Day.

Happy running and have a great week all.