Lower Hutt parkrun 420 – 4 July 2020

We’re back!

So, after a period of 15 Saturday’s without a parkrun here we are back in business. How awesome was it to wake up this morning and resume our familiar parkrunday routine.? (hopefully, that was the case for the majority, others confessed that they had got used to their Saturday morning sleep in and struggled to get going).

It was fantastic to arrive at the normal congregational area and to see familiar faces once Heartfelt hugs and handshakes were shared, before Lizzi recorded a rousing cheer on her phone and RD Alastair welcomed us all back.

After the run briefing we were under starters orders and a very joyous throng that was the 227 of us gleefully set out.

How good was it to run with others instead of running on your own? It thought it was great to resume normal business, trying desperately and keep up with someone that just passed me and to attempt a strong finish once we passed those steps to the right, just 500 meters from home.

It was brilliant to see everyone mingling about at the finish, thankful that the awful weather from the week past had abated. Equally it was great to be part of the post parkrun coffee crowd that certainly brings the buzz to Buzz Café on a Saturday morning.


First Timers. 

The 10 people completing their first parkrun may not have understood what all the excitement was about but hopefully you enjoyed your experience and got a gist of what parkrun means to us all. Come back for another go and you’ll be hooked too, if you aren’t already.


Another 3 people were completing their 3rd parkrun and their 1st at Lower Hutt. Brenton VANNISSELROY, Natalie CARE and Rachel MILLER. Other visitors were Leo BRIDGMAN running his 9th. Savannah BRIDGMAN her 14th. Both Tom SAWYER and Elliot MCLEOD their 43rd.

Hopefully, you all enjoyed the Lower Hutt course on a typically calm Wellington day.


New Personal Best's.

Congratulations to the 27 who took advantage of the calm conditions to record a PB. Considering how boggy the turnaround area was a PB was very impressive. Obviously all that lockdown training paid off this week Marion DUMETZ, Beverly RICHARDS, Sarah DWEN, Stephem BASS, Jamie LOWE, Carolyn VAN LEUVEN, Aaron JOHNSON, Mark PEARCE, Peter KING, Hellie HADFIELD, Harriet FITZPATRICK, Jonathan CRICKMORE, Andrew LESLIE, Roy BLEWETT, Richard BRETT, Joel MILLER, Kevin MILLER, Brendan JELLEY, Paul MILLER, Tbaba LIU, Ian SIMS, Don STEVENS, Ray MANAHAN, Andrew KERR, Michel WEBB, Susan HAYNES and Anthony JACKSON,

Andrea RUGLYS was left stranded on 199 parkruns when the world stopped parkrunning. So, what a momentous occasion to clockup your 200th parkrun Andrea. Well done on that achievement.


This Week's Awesome Volunteers Were.

Run Director Alastair WILLIS

Timekeepers Margaret DONOVAN and Anne METCALF-MACDONALD

Finish Tokens Liz NEILL

Barcode Scanning Janette BECKETT and Stu LESLIE

Tail Walker Craig THOMPSON

Photographer Glynis NG

Lead Bike Anthony BECKETT

Pre-event Setup James OSULLIVAN

Post-event Close Down Neil HAXTON

Run Report Writer Bruce MCCARDLE


Podium Positions This Week.

Guys Jonathan CRICKMORE (New PB 15.57, 7th fastest time at LH), Anthony JACKSON (New PB 16.36, 26th fastest time at LH) and Grant MCLEAN (89.63% Age Grade)

Gals Laura ROBERTSON (19.02, 13th overall in a fast field. The 1st 18 runners were under 20 minutes), Marion DUMETZ (New PB 23.30) and Briony HIBBERD


Highest Age Grade Percentage this Week.

Grant MCLEAN 89.63% The 3rd highest Age Grade percentage at Lower Hutt ever.


parkrun New Zealand

On Saturday in New Zealand there were

29 Events

3,683 Finishers

315 Volunteers

263 First-Timers

As we are the first country of 22 parkrunning territories to recommence those are the parkrun global figures too.

The rest of the parkrun world are looking on, envious of our unique position. Hopefully, they see this as an incredibly positive first step on the long journey back to parkrun normality for the whole worldwide parkrun community.


Bruce McCardle

Grateful parkrunner