Lower Hutt parkrun 416 – 22 February 2020

Greetings all, 

Luckily the rain stopped early in the hours this morning to see over 200 parkrunners and volunteers showing up with their tutus or wearing their normal running gear for parkrun today. Today is one of the fewest days that has only numbers ‘two’ and ‘zero’ on its date for the year. We have had good weather this month to end our summer season. Make sure you slip, slop, slap and wrap your sunscreen as the sun can be very strong out there!

When I went to Foster parkrun last week, I was amazed to hear that most of the people who have completed that parkrun were from Lower Hutt. The founding people of Foster parkrun mentioned the O’SULLIVAN & FOSTER families who have completed all of the current 29 courses in NZ. Great achievement and well done to all of you in those parkrun families. I guarantee that most people are willing to achieve that achievement one day. For those who would like to know the parkrunners who have completed the most different parkruns in NZ, you can find the link here. I have now completed 13 of the 29 NZ courses and I could be on that list soon, who knows.

Today also marks 9 years since the deadly earthquake based in my hometown of Christchurch significantly changed and damaged all of the major structures of the city. It was a very emotional day for those who were living in Christchurch at the time, such as myself. It was a day to remember the Cantabrians who faced such a dreadful scene and members of the public who followed Civil Defence’s instructions to acknowledge that they are safe. Even to this day, everyone globally is sharing their love for each other to those affected.

To the stats for this week

Debuts and tourists

We have 8 parkrunners doing their debut at Lower Hutt today. We hope to see you again soon. 

There were 23 tourists -  Marcel & Danny MEEUWESSEN from Queenstown, Keld OLSENfrom Blenheim. Cristian SMITH, Demi CALDWELL from Sydney. Sam ROBINSON, Heather SUGDEN, Tim POULTON, Andy & Elaine BLAIR, Doug MICHAEL, Laura PARRY

from the United Kingdom. Geoff & Pamela MORRISON from Hastings. 

Sarajane YOUELS, Andrew PHILLPOTT, Brendan & Michelle SMITH from Brisbane. John CATMUR, Geoff BEST, Sarah JANTSCHER from Auckland and Anna BREALEY from Taupo.


There was only one person achieving their milestone today. Congratulations to Olivia KRAKOSKY on completing her 50th milestone. Graham WITTS & Gary MAXWELL have 2 more parkruns to achieve their 50th and 100th milestone respectively.

Personal Bests

There were 29 PB’s today. Congrats to Tricia SLOAN, Vicente RAFFO, Anna STUDDERS, Eden SPEDDING, Angela GARRITY, Stew SEXTON, Sarah GUINEY, Oliver WILKINSON, Simon WILKINSON, Susan EWART, Braden LISTER, Ryan PIGOU, Gopal SA, Meg WILSON, Jackie PIGOU, Peter KING, Clara BREITENMOSER, Jeremy PECK, Steve WAKELIN, Craig PONTIFEX, Joel MILLER, John STUBBINGS, Jude NOTMAN, Jeremy BRAY, Dave BEALING, Katie JORDAN, Herbert ZIELINSKI, Julia CATHIE & James OSULLIVAN


Thanks to our volunteers for today. Today’s team consisted of Janette BECKETT, Hailey BOUWMAN, Miringa BOUWMAN, Tim COKER, Olivia CROSLAND, Maria Jessa DE ASIS, Margaret DONOVAN, Patrick DONOVAN, Jonathan EWEG, Susan HAYNES, Ellen LI, Craig THOMPSON and myself.

For those who do not know, International Women’s day is on Saturday 7th of March. Please show your support to our wonderful ladies of parkrun who are involved in either volunteering or adding a parkrun result to their name. I remember hearing Sarah JANTSCHER’s name when I did my first parkrun of the New Year double in Auckland during New Years Day at Western Springs as she achieved her 250th parkrun milestone. At Hobsonville Point where I did my second parkrun as part of the New Year’s double, there are a few parkrunners who are planning on achieving their milestones on Saturday 29th February. As there are five Saturdays this month, the chance of having five Saturdays again only happens once every 28 years.

Have a great weekend everyone, see you all next week for Leap Year parkrun.

Many Thanks,