Lower Hutt parkrun # 282 – 2 September 2017

Greetings runners, it's the second of September, so Spring is here (oh how time flies!) and it comes, hopefully, with a big fat dollop of sunshine.... Hopefully!

Firstly a virtual high 5 to all our volunteers this week – you guys are awesome! Stu CHANDLER, Andrew CROSLAND, Andrew CUSHNIE, Danielle GARCIA, Allan HARTLEY, Sandy HOOPER, Joce JONES, Andrew JONES, Anna MELLSOP, Michael WOOD, and me, Victoria Lee. It's my first time volunteering this week so I shall introduce myself. I used to run ultra-marathons back home in Jersey in the Channel Islands (Jersey is so small our ultra-marathon route was just an 80k lap of the island via the coastal footpath!) However thanks to bad knees my running only goes as far as parkrun once a week as long as I can make it out of bed in time.

I love dogs, sadly, having just moved to NZ I don't have my own dog yet, which is another reason I love coming to parkrun. I get to meet lots of waggy tails and this week we had some smashers – so let me introduce you to;

Dotty, she was really excited to meet me, and everyone else. Sadly her wiggly little bottom couldn't stay still long enough to get a non-blurry picture.



Then we have Hefner, as in Hugh Hefner, he's a gentleman these days so has his grey smoking jacket on. Don't let his age deceive you, he's still a speedy little doggo.


Meet very friendly Mia, she was really keen on some ducks wondering around at the start, but she listened to the runners briefing like a good dog.


Then we have gorgeous Lily who usually comes to spectate but this week was running with her dad and finished in a very respectable 25 minutes!


And finally, we have Monty who this week was sporting a new hair cut – looking oh so smart. Monty was just cheering on the other dogs this week and wasn't running.


Whilst running I also spotted a lovely chocolate lab who had a very jingly collar, but was too quick for me to catch to find out their name!

Now time for the whoops and cheers for this week;

11 first timers, well technically 12 if we include Lily the dog, so well done gang for getting out of bed and coming to join in the fun – Nick WHALLEY, Hannah GORDON, Guy SMITH, Alice DOOLAN, Jacob DOOLAN, Matthew DOOLAN, Jacky HOCKEY, Rodney WALKER, Dolly FOON, Russell FOON and Reta SNELLING

A massive congratulations to Andrea RUGLYS and Ross SMITH for completing their 100th parkruns! Mark ALLEN don't worry – it'll be your turn next week with this being your 99th parkrun.

A big whoop for our second timers too, now you're into the swing of things I hope you keep coming back for more! Anna DAVIDSON, Tiffany FOSKETT, Lynda BYFORD, and Lisa CAULFIELD, Rachel MCCAWE, Callum SKINNER and James THOMSON who all ran, jogged and walked to a new PB well done all!

Hopefully with spring on its way, the course will dry up a little bit so we will have less squelchy toes – I'm sure this will be music to Sabine WOOLLOFF's ears after losing a shoe on the finishing straight and crossing the line with only one shoe on and one sock (and her sister having to wade into the mud to collect the missing shoe) – not good news for whoever has to do her laundry!

Sadly we had 6 unknowns this week, one who finished 8th! – please remember your barcode to make sure every run counts! (Ed's note, we had a couple of glitches this week, but after the efforts of Mark MALONE & Alastair WILLIS this was reduced to just 3 - but please help us to help you #DFYB - thanks)

Hope you (and your dogs) have a wonderful week and see you all next week for some more fun – and bring a friend next week – I'm sure they'll love it too!

And if you're more of a cat fan not a dog fan don't worry – all the dogs are required to run on a short lead next to their owners so they'll only say hi if you want them to.

Victoria Lee