Lower Hutt parkrun 435 – 28 November 2020

Volunteering Focus

Often the focus for parkrun is on the runners - first timers, PB smashers etc but what about our dedicated volunteers? I have finally reached my goal of volunteering 25 times (because my favourite colour is purple - it’s all about the shirt you know). Most of my volunteering has been done whilst injured, firstly with plantar fasciitis for which I was in a moonboot and then secondly when I fractured my ankle and in a cast for 6 weeks. Even though I couldn’t run, I was still able to be a part of the parkrun community.

So what is volunteering all about?

The volunteers make parkrun happen; they run the local events. They do all of the high-profile tasks at the event (like marshalling, timing, result recording, etc), and all the behind-the-scenes roles too. Without volunteers parkrun would be a non event.

Still want to run/walk?

No worries - you can still volunteer and run/walk too. There are roles where you can get the best of both worlds.
Pre event set up and post event close down
First timers briefing - a new but valuable role at Lower Hutt to welcome our first timers.
Photographer - walk the course whilst taking photos,
Token sorter - a tedious task but more enjoyable when done at BUZZ while enjoying your post event coffee.
Run report writer - maybe you have a story to share about what parkrun means to you?
If you want to be totally crazy be lead bike and then run the course and try get back to the finish before the tail walker.
Tail walker - bringing up the rear to ensure everyone gets back safely.

Volunteer only roles

What better way to meet new people while stood around waiting for 15 mins or so before the speedsters hit the finish line!!
Time keepers & Bar code scanners - no one would get a timed result without these fabulous people.
Funnel manager - to try and ensure a smooth operation at the finish shoot. Not an easy task when everyone sprints at the finish line trying to pass that person in front.
Run director - is in charge of the event on the day ensuring that everyone has a safe and enjoyable time. They are key to the smooth running of the event and ensuring all the volunteer roles are filled, the course is safe, pre event briefing, processing the results by bringing together the times and positions and uploading them to parkrun HQ for publication.

How to volunteer

At the finish line there is a board which shows the different roles and what role is available for a given date. Have a look and add your name.
Alternatively you can check out the future roster via this link future roster | Lower Hutt parkrun , then email lowerhutt@parkrun.com and let the team know which role you want to do and when. It also makes it easier if you can tell them your parkrun barcode number so they can find you easier in the system.

Volunteering is not compulsory but without volunteers parkrun would not happen. If you are able and interested in volunteering then don’t be afraid to do so. There are many experienced volunteers who will help you to do the role you want to try out. Don’t be afraid to try something new.
A huge thank you to all the volunteers who help and support parkrun to take place week after week come wind, rain or shine. Without you parkrun would not be possible.

A huge thank you to this weeks fabulous volunteers -
Mark Malone, Margaret Donovan, Kevin Biggins, Hailey Bouwman, Miringa Bouwman, Caroline Bray, Maria Jessa De Asis, Jonathan Eweg, Daxa Govind, Shona Humphrey, Enrico Monteclaro, Rob Stead, Stu Leslie & Heather Leslie.

Heather Leslie -
Volunteered 25 times, Ran/walked (or even hobbled on crutches) 157 times.


Lower Hutt parkrun 434 – 21 November 2020

Welcome to this week's edition of the parkrun run report.

A big thank you to Nathan Martin for this morning's pre parkrun warm up session.

Thank's to Matthew Ruglys for today's great photos.

A field of 223 parkrunners battled back into a strong Northerly to the finish.

There were 16 FIRST TIMERS to Lower Hutt today, they were: Phil BROUGHTON, Oliver HOBBS, Daniel BODERICK, Gen WEST, Yannick GRUNDY, Elle MCKAY, Dalton BRUCE, Alexander SIMS, Lauren HUMPHREY, Rian SWANEPOEL, Sush METIKURKE, Miriam NHEMA, Delia TAMSEN, June SEONG, Tracey XU, and Sarah BEGBIE.

11 PERSONAL BESTS were achieved today, they were: Jacob ANDERSON-WALLACE, Allen WANG, Jesse VAN OOSTENDE, Brad XIE, Jo O'SULLIVAN, Vanessa AINSWORTH, Michelle ZHAO, Alex TURNER, Anna BORNHOLDT, Enrico MONTECLARO, and Lucy ELLIS.

Congratulations to Carole WRIGHT, completing her 200th parkrun today, David WOOD, bringing up the 50, Tyler SHAW JM 11-14, completing his 10th parkrun today, well done.

First 3 Men today:

1. Anthony JACKSON 17:11
2. Geoff FERRY 17:14
3. Darren GORDON 19:14

First 3 Women today:

1. Holly COUCH 24:22
2. Tamara THOMSON 24:47
3. Gen WEST 25:04

A big thank you to today's volunteers who make this event happen: Hailey BOUWMAN, Margaret DONOVAN, Jonathan EWEG, Mary-Ann JANSSEN, Heather LESLIE, Stu LESLIE, Mark MALONE, Nathan MARTIN, Andrew NG, Glynis NG, Kirk OLSSON, Andrea RUGLYS, Matthew RUGLYS, Rob STEAD, Craig THOMPSON.

With the 336 parkruns I have now completed, and 64 fun runs, (including 28 round the bays runs, 3 full marathons, 6 half marathons, 1 duathlon), I have now amassed 400 fun runs. Interesting to note, it took 28 years for the 64 fun runs, (1992 Wellington Round The Bays, first ever fun run), and just 6 years and 8 months for 336 parkruns, to get me to the 400 fun run mark!!

Congratulations to you all, look forward to seeing you next week.



Lower Hutt parkrun 433 – 14 November 2020

Today was a beautiful day at parkrun today with 200 parkrunners in attendance battling the tailwind on the course. It was a bright sunny day that did not stop the volunteers on helping out every Saturday. Whilst I was not at Lower Hutt parkrun today, due to the last minute changes to head north the day before. It was a good reminder to check the volunteer roster as sometimes people’s plans change, but luckily I was the run report writer for this week and it is one of the roles that you can do, even if you don’t attend a parkrun elsewhere.

Whilst navigating some of the parkrun facebook pages that I have done. There is one page that seems interesting to some people. The facebook page ‘Runs with a Barcode’ that is created by Alison King (one of the run directors at Puarenga parkrun) shares some interesting stories to each of the courses. If you wish to navigate to this page, please click on this link for more information. She also posts weekly stats for every parkrun too on this website. There is also a Facebook page for this one as well, it has adequate information about Alison’s parkrun journey and her ambitions to hopefully run all the parkruns in New Zealand one day. Please support her by liking her Facebook page and have a browse when you have the time.

To the stats for the week:

Debut and Tourists

We have welcomed 13 first timers to our course, 11 of those have made their parkrun debut today. Hope to see you soon. Congratulations to Luke OCONNOR, Jacob ANDERSON-WALLACE, Rebecca STOOP, Lizzie ZASLOW, Brad XIE, Amelia SOARES, Gideon SOARES, Michelle ZHAO, Michael WHITSON, Ella DANIEL and Erica BIDDLE.

The tourists are from Auckland and Palmerston North respectively.


We had the following people completing their milestones today. Congratulations to you all, they are as follows:
●    Charlotte LEALUGA completed her 50th parkrun
●    Joe EDE completed his 100th parkrun
●    Colleen CUMMING completed her 150th parkrun
●    Jan CADWALLENDER completed her 300th parkrun

Personal Bests

There were 12 personal bests today. They are as follows: Odette STRACHAN, Tarn CAREW, Poppy STRACHAN, James STRACHAN, Enrico MONTECLARO, Enrico MONTECLARO, Kelly BURDON, Rachael GIESBERS, Samantha MCCAW, Renier WOLFAARDT, Wilhelm POTGIETER, Herbert ZIELINSKI and Graeme RAILL.


Thank you to our 14 wonderful volunteers. Without your help, this event would not have gone ahead. They are as follows: Janette BECKETT, Caroline BRAY, Andrew CROSLAND, Maria Jessa DE ASIS, Lizzi ELTON-WALTERS, Jonathan EWEG, Gina FOSTER, Samuel HALL, Heather LESLIE, Anne METCALF-MACDONALD, Rob STEAD, Don STEVENS, Ellan YOUNG and Dan JOE.

Last week, a few of us in my parkrun group tried out the Greytown Woodside Trail parkruns course (photo on the left). It was great to try a different course every now and then as you’ll appreciate how wonderful each different parkrun is. If you have a chance to do a parkrun that is outside of your home parkrun, then you’ll see what I mean. One of my parkrun whanau buddies ran on the Kapiti Coast this Saturday as per the photo on the right.

report picAs per the recent sports news, the All Blacks lost to the Pumas for the first time in history on  Saturday night. It was disappointing news for the All Blacks fans, but at least we can see some games that are no longer a one sided test match. I wish the All Blacks the very best on their next test match and hopefully they can learn from their loss.

According to the future roster for Lower Hutt, there may not be a Christmas parkrun this year, which falls on a Friday (Editors note - it depends on the availability of our run directors). Porirua parkrun are planning a Christmas Day event for those who wish to get their parkrun fix in the morning. The Greytown run directors team said last weekend that they will be doing a parkrun on Christmas Day and on New Year's day, so this is another course that you can try too. It is still early days as to whether or not Lower Hutt will do a Christmas Day parkrun, keep your eyes peeled on the future roster.

Many Thanks,



Lower Hutt parkrun 432 – 7 November 2020

Welcome to this weeks edition of the parkrun run report.

Thanks to Janette Beckett for today's great photos.

A field of 178 parkrunners enjoyed a warm, calm parkrun this morning.

There were 9 FIRST TIMERS to Lower Hutt today, they were: Chris MAJOR, Hayden KING, Grant DIXON, Yasmin CLYNES, Marcelo RODRIGUEZ  FERRERE, Hannah JAMES-JOHNSON, Odette STRACHAN, Rebecca TAYLOR, and Matilda HOERARA-HUNT.

16 PERSONAL BESTS were achieved today, they were: David COLE, Rhys WINGATE, Ashleigh JACKSON, Allen WANG, Marie OLESOVSKA, Noah VAN DER LINDEN, Jack MORRISSEY, Oliver WILKINSON, Martin COE, Vanessa AINSWORTH, Chandra Kumar PALANI, Fraser KIRBY, Poppy WILKINSON, Poppy STRACHAN, Clemintine STRACHAN, and James STRACHAN.

Congratulations to Albert AGUILA, completing his 50th parkrun today, and to Ann KING who completed her 100th parkrun!

First 3 Men today:

1. Anthony JACKSON       17:19
2. Walter SOMERVILLE    17:44
3. Daniel RUSS                 18:58

First 3 Women today:

1. Ashleigh JACKSON    22:26 NEW PB!
2. Yasmin CLYNES         23:44 FIRST TIMER!
3. Holly COUCH              24:28

A big thank you to today's volunteers who make this event happen: Floro ASTRONOMIA, Janette BECKETT, Hailey BOUWMAN, Miringa BOUWMAN, Andrew CROSLAND, Margaret DONOVAN, Jonathan EWEG, Megan FERRY, Peter KING, Heather LESLIE, Anne METCALF-MACDONALD, Kirk OLSSON, Christine O'SULLIVAN-ROBERTSON, Rob STEAD, and Carole WRIGHT.

Congratulations to you all, look forward to seeing you next week.



Lower Hutt parkrun 430 – 24 October 2020

It was a wonderful warm sunny day today with no wind in sight. Today we had 229 runners who were so motivated to add a run to their record, every parkrun result is a step closer to a potential milestone! There were a few of the parkrunners today whose home parkruns is at Lower Hutt who were running at the new Owairaka parkrun in Auckland instead, which is about 4km away from Auckland Zoo and it is the home of Western Springs parkrun. Hope you had a great time there and also added the 31st course to your collection of New Zealand parkruns as the most different events done in this country.

After being absent from my home parkrun (Lower Hutt) during the past 10 occasions, I can say that I have thoroughly enjoyed the courses that I have done during that time, which included the debut parkrun for Whanganui Riverbank. This was a return to this course after the first global lockdown was enforced in March this year and closed all parkruns in every country as a result. You meet different people when you visit other parkruns and a chance to have coffee with the volunteers and parkrunners alike. Fingers crossed that we do have a Christmas and New Years double parkrun this year as well!

To those who went to Owairaka debut parkrun today, there is also another chance to do University of Waikato’s debut parkrun in Hamilton on Saturday 7th November. I am sure that we all know who will be doing this debut parkrun. Currently I have now done 17 of the 31 New Zealand parkrun courses (it will soon be 32 courses in NZ) and may aim to do all the parkruns here one day. Parkrun tourism is great and I plan to do some of the parkruns in the lower South Island in the foreseeable future. During early September, I wanted to add Queenstown as an official parkrun to my profile and had booked my holiday in advance. Sadly COVID Alert Level 2 happened then, therefore no parkrun and was quite disappointed that had happened. But I managed to do Wanaka and Queenstown as freedom parkruns so I had a good feel of what the courses were like. Looking forward to adding these courses in the near future.


To the stats for the week

Debuts and Tourists

We had 19 first timers to the course today, 10 of the first timers are doing parkrun for the very first time. Congratulations to Joel ELLIS, Tom QUINN, Molly CREAGH, Neranga JAYAWEERA, Ross KOLBE, Abigail KOLBE, Devuni WICKRAMASINGHE, Olivia STYLES, Nikki PAYNE and Susan BOLTON. The other 9 first timers to the course are tourists that came from Christchurch, Greytown, Gisborne, Tauranga and Napier. Hope to see you all again soon.

Personal Bests

Congratulations to 12 parkrunners who have achieved a PB today. They are as follows: Vanessa AINSWORTH, Martin COE, Theo GIESBERS, Adam MCLOUGHLIN, Vignesh SRINIVASAN, Marie OLESOVSKA, Brenton VANNISSELROY, Rachael GIESBERS, Tyler SHAW, Oliver WILKINSON, Simon WILKINSON and Connie REED


Congratulations to Mal LOCHRIE from Anderson parkrun in Napier on completing his 50th parkrun today. There are a few people in the coming weeks who will be celebrating their 50th and 100th parkruns respectively. Congratulations to you in advance. I am also not too far away on getting to my 100th milestone as well!


Thanks to our 15 volunteers for today, we appreciate your time to help out today. They are as follows: Hailey BOUWMAN, Miringa BOUWMAN, Colin BOYD, Margaret DONOVAN, Sandy HOOPER,Mark MALONE, Claire MUSSON, Liz NEILL, Joanna ROWE, Vatau SAGAGA, Vatau Junior SAGAGA, Rob STEAD, Alastair WILLIS, Ruby-Jean WILLIS and Dan JOE

Volunteering can help you both physically and mentally. For example, you could do a run from one of the following volunteer roles to get both a run credit like doing run reports, first time briefings, setting up the course before and after parkrun starts/ends and also the option of a pacer. Most other parkruns that people participate in do a mixture of the above volunteer roles as it helps fill the volunteer faster and they are able to do a run on top of that too. Parkrunners should be able to volunteer at least once every 3 months, so those who volunteer regularly can add a parkrun to their name and make everyone else happy. Every successful event relies on volunteers.


Also if you see any of us as per the photo below, please say hello either at our home parkrun or at any other parkrun that we visit.


Enjoy the long weekend and see you next time at any of the other parkruns that I visit.

Many Thanks,



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