Lower Hutt parkrun is cancelled on 2021-09-25 – Due to current COVID-19 restrictions

Lower Hutt parkrun 470 – 14 August 2021

What a good day for a park run #470, 189 other walkers and runners agreed!

No rain, hardly any wind and some exciting milestones celebrated:
Devin Glover completed his 50th,
Briony Hibberd her 200th parkrun, and
Deborah Blythen completed her 250th parkrun.

parkrun is such a supportive place to be. I’ve spent this year coming back from injury (a bit of a mountain bike accident) and parkrun has kept me moving every Saturday morning rather than sitting at home feeling sorry for myself! Starting back with a walk, through to a gentle walk/run, to managing to cut the walk out and run oh so slowly to cover the entire distance, and now back to running and enjoying it. But wherever you find yourself on the course there’s always someone out there giving you a nod, words of encouragement, or you can find yourself falling into a similar pace and chatting away to distract yourself as the km pass by.

There were 13 PBs this week – huge congratulations to you all
Angela MARTIN with 24:31
Rob MARTIN 25:20 – no relation to Angela!
Deon VAN ZYL 26:01
Martin COE 28:51
Richar MARIN 30:08
Bruce FORSTER 30:46
Susan WHITMORE 31:42
Laura RAYNER 32:39
Jim BAXTER 34:27
Kelly BURDON 34:29
Victoria PATTISON 34:54
Dieter TIMMERMAN 36:16
Suralda TIMMERMAN 40:47

With us going into Level 4, I had forgotten all about sending this report in, until I got a friendly reminder!!

Fingers crossed we get to run and walk together on Saturday, but if not, stay in your bubbles and keep your families and friends safe

Emma Ross


Lower Hutt parkrun 469 – 7 August 2021

Luckily the weather was kind of playing along as 169 parkrunners took off for another while four ran their first parkrun.

I'm pretty sure that most of us look at our results and plan to run faster the next time we line up. I'm also convinced that many look at the number of parkruns they have run and eye up milestones and a new colour shirt. I've also heard talk of people never skipping a parkrun to stay ahead of a friend, sibling, offspring, partner or spouse. There is another number that I look at, the age group number. I'm actually dreading my next age group...
A run I always try and do is when my birthday is on a Saturday. The thrill of starting a 'new year' with a 5k is a great way to start a new trip around the sun, in my opinion. A sucky part of it is looking at all the years and seeing a steady increase in parkrun times though.

Well done to Bridget Kiddle who was the top female age-grade finisher with 73.39% and Karl Van Polanen the top male with 75.27%, incredible achievement. Mine is a slow 65.57%, run way back in 2013


Lower Hutt parkrun 468 – 31 July 2021

parkrun Lower Hutt – Event 468
31st July 2021
On a stunning Lower Hutt morning we welcomed 174 athletes to the course where parkrun began in New Zealand. Starting in 2012 Lower Hutt celebrated our 468th event today.
After enjoying Kiwi medal success this week at the Olympic Games, the runners were off to a fast start and a close finish in the men’s race for glory.
Congratulations to the following athletes who made the podium:
Gold Medal – Walter Sommerville 18.26
Silver Medal – Michael PETTA 18:28
Bronze Medal – Andrew CROSLAND 18:40
Gold Medal – Miranda SPENCER 18:46
Silver Medal – Natalie HARDAKER 20:35
Bronze Medal – Sally HALE 20:49
Congratulations to the following people on achieving Personal Best performance today.
Michael PETTA, Craig BAMBER, Sally HALE, Jackson TU’INUKUAFE, Michael MILLS, Deon VAN ZYL, Zak BACON, Catherine SCHEDEL, Gemma GRANT, and Ava ROBINSON
We welcomed the following people to Lower Hutt parkrun and the parkrun movement completing our course for the first time.
No runners or walkers completed any significant milestones this week although I did notice one of the younger parkrunners Daniel O’Sullivan my nephew will celebrate his 300th run next week, Daniel runs in the 11-14 age group, his aim in his running life is to smash his father and brother’s best times
Lastly a big shout out to the volunteers, without them parkrun would not be possible.
Thank you to Event Director Mark MALONE, Roy BLEWETT, Daniel BODERICK, Colin BOYD, Andrew CROSLAND, Margaret DONOVAN, Simon EDWARDS, Jay GREGORY, Susan HAYNES, Sandy HOOPER, Bex HOWELLS, Joce JONES, Liz NEILL, Andrew RUTHERDALE, Ellan YOUNG and Martin O’SULLIVAN

Have a great week
Martin O’Sullivan
Parkrunner A29411


Lower Hutt parkrun 467 – 24 July 2021

EVENT #467

Tenā koe whānau,

At some point during the week a bloke named Daniel JONES decided he would go and check out what all this parkrun fuss is all about. He came, he saw, and he left the course in a trail of flames! The men’s course record of 15:25 which was set in 2012 (Edwin KAITANY) then equalled in 2015 (Nick HORSPOOL) was finally broken by eight seconds. Congratulations and of course - welcome to parkrun!


Last week I was one of the 51 runners crazy enough to run in those challenging conditions. It was also my 200th run at Lower Hutt. So I treated myself to a cheese scone at Buzz Café and to also celebrate Team Gordon’s 350th parkrun. Having shared stories about how crazy we were turning up in such weather; how we all agreed it wasn’t the worst conditions we’ve encountered (it wasn’t as cold as this morning!); how we didn’t all come prepared with a change of clothes – I realised the significance of the company I was in. At our two tables were many of the champions of Lower Hutt parkrun. The table of ten amassed a total of over 3,000 parkruns! To take a phrase from the American vernacular, it was like the Lower Hutt parkrun Hall of Fame! At one end of the table Bruce McCARDLE (377), Paul and Julia GORDON (350 each) and Ann KING (131); and at the other, Michelle MALONE (402), Mark MALONE (443), Liz NEILL (221), Tony TING (279), Peter MURMU (272) and me (317). Three of the group have completed all of New Zealand’s parkruns. I thought I was a parkrun tragic but I quickly learned that I was not even close with the many parkrun challenges the table had already done P-Index, Compass etc.

To this week’s news:

Massive cheers to the volunteer crew led by Run Director, Peter MURMU. Thank you to Paul and Julia GORDON, Emma ROSS, Sam VISVALINGAM, Claire MUSSON, Shona HUMPHREY, Daniel BODERICK, Colin BOYD, Ann KING, Matthew RUGLYS, Jay GREGORY, tourist David McNAUGHT and moi!

3 Capture

Welcome to the parkrun whānau, Daniel JONES, Jackson TU’INUKUAFE (related to All Blacks prop??), Lucy HOUGHTON, Paul KENNETT, Cath MOSER and Gemma GRANT. We hope you enjoyed it and do come back soon.

And we trust the parkrun tourists all enjoyed their visit to Lower Hutt: David McNAUGHT (UK), Stephanie RJ (Hamilton), Pascale BOWIE (Whanganui) and Simone ROBBERS (Hamilton). Safe travels to you all and we hope to see you again soon.

4 Capture

The following flew around the course today:
1st Daniel JONES and Ayesha SHAFI
2nd Chris WHARAM and Niamh CAREY (with a PB to boot!)
3rd Andrew RUTHERDALE and Michelle ASHLEY (with a PB to boot!)

5 Capture

Special mention to Malcolm SIME who ran in the 75-79 category; and Craig THOMPSON and Mary Field DODGSON who ran in the 70-74 category. Well done to you all.

I have said before how our “experienced” runners have inspired me since my very first parkrun in Maidstone, Kent. I say thank you and please do keep on inspiring us all.

The perfect running conditions brought 11 PBs. Well done Niamh CAREY Michelle ASHLEY, Gabriel Joshua HEPI, Justin GUNTER, Oscar HEARFIELD, Caroline RACHLIN, Flora KAY, Emma SCHRADER, Helena WOODS, Katherine WOODS and Tony WEIR.

6 Capture

Stay safe whanau. Keep warm. Keep moving. Enjoy the Olympics!

Nga mihi,

Vatau Sagaga


Lower Hutt parkrun 466 – 17 July 2021

Charge of the parkrun Brigade
Half a k, half a k,
Half a k onward,
All in the valley of Hutt
Ran the crazy fifty one.
"Forward, the parkrun brigade!
"Charge for the bridge!" Peter cried:
Into the valley of Hutt
Ran the crazy fifty one.

"Forward, the parkrun Brigade!"
Was there any person dismay'd?
Not tho' the jogger knew
Someone had blunder'd:
Theirs not to make reply,
Theirs not to reason why,
Theirs but to do and run:
Into the valley of Hutt
Ran the crazy fifty one.

River to right of them,
Fields to left of them,
Wind behind them
Volley'd and thunder'd;
Storm'd at with gusts and mud,
Boldly they ran and well,
Into the jaws of turnaround bog,
Down to the mouth of the river
Ran the crazy fifty one .

Flash'd all their legs bare,
Flash'd as they turn'd at the sign,
Smiling at the other runners,
Charging a PB while
All the world wonder'd:
Plunged into the northerly now
Right thro' their wall they broke;
First timers (#1) and Old Hands,
Public Milestones (#2) and Personal Bests, (#3)
Private Goals and Tourists alike,
Walkers and Runners,
Four footed and wheeled,
Striding ahead with passion asunder,
Sweating and straining.
Then they ran back, but not
Not the same pace.

Fields to right of them,
River to left of them,
Bridges behind them
Dipping and climbing;
Storm'd at with shout and encouragement yell,
While PB and hero intent fell,
They that had run so well
Came thro' the jaws of Hutt
Back from the mouth of River,
All that was left of them,
Left of fifty one dreams.

When can their glory fade?
O the wild charge they made!
All the world wondered.
Honour the charge they made,
Honour the parkrun Brigade,
Noble crazy fifty one.

(1) Welcome to Jens Liesebach from Anderson parkrun, and Tony Austin and Carrie Austin from Owairaka who made a quick detour from Porirua after the event was cancelled to enjoy the full Lower Hutt weather experience!

(2) Paul and Julia Gordon reached the unofficial 350 parkrun milestones.

(3) There were no PBs this week. It would be been impressive if there were!

Julia and Paul Gordon at their 350th parkrun

Thanks to the noble commanders (volunteers) who organised the charge this week, everyone was in awe of the stoic and noble resolve of those who saw us all home: Daniel BODERICK, Colin BOYD, Margaret DONOVAN, Wayne ENGLISH, Paul GORDON, Sandy HOOPER, Kokoro IMAZU, Marina KAICHIS, Peter MURMU, Liz NEILL, Martin O'SULLIVAN, and Sam VISVALINGAM.


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