Event 319: 31 July 2021

The first weekend of the current school term is already here, which did not stop 84 parkrunners and 12 volunteers braving the cold conditions this morning. The track was very moist from the previous few days of bad weather and it is also the last day of July. The winter days are almost coming to a close and everyone had a great time during the event. Today was also the first time I tried the post-run coffee cart near the picnic table. The person who runs it is very multi-talented with different jobs on the side and is able to manage his time very well each week.

We are also disappointed that the Trans Tasman bubble is paused until Friday 17th September and it is likely to be extended. Our parkrun friends in the affected states with their lockdowns are disappointed with how this virus is spreading, devastating economies and putting livelihoods in jeopardy. A few weeks ago, we had an Australian visitor in one of our Wellington region parkruns who has done over 150 different parkruns said to some of us that he was fortunate to have made it back to Brisbane before the lockdown was enforced. Parkrun tourism is not easy and it takes a lot of commitment to achieve this goal.

There were 7 first timers, 2 of whom were doing their debut parkrun, although one of the two debut parkrunners has already completed their 25th volunteer achievement. The rest of the first timers were visitors from Hamilton, Palmerston North and the Greater Wellington region. 3 personal bests were recorded. 2 parkrunners have achieved their milestones today, one official and one unofficial. Congratulations to Allen COTTLE on reaching his 50th and Matt BURDEN on reaching his 150th. Allen has done the majority of his parkruns at Kapiti Coast and once each at Rotorua and Flaxmere. Matt has done all of his 150 parkruns at Kapiti Coast.

Another handy tool for other parkrunners is that they can obtain their parkrun achievements by downloading the 5K app on their phones, either on iOS or an Android. You can see all the achievements by typing your barcode number and even follow other parkrunners on the app, should you choose to. I was able to get 32 seconds on my time today, which is a step closer for me to complete the stopwatch bingo challenge. Hopefully by the end of this year that I can achieve the stopwatch bingo challenge and the position bingo challenge is far off for me. You will be amazed at how addicted you will be with this app. There is a screenshot below of what it looks like.

Dan Joe2

As most parkrunners were not aware of the unofficial tour guide book that was delivered by myself to this parkrun when I visited Invercargill the weekend before. It was great to see this book being looked at by attendees today and of course, it will be off to a new destination next week. Having a great community such as parkrun is a great way to build new friendships, travel for just a parkrun as part of their parkrun tourism challenge or even form a team to create a new event. The photo of this book is shown below and this can be purchased on the website - https://runswithabarcode.co.nz/. This book describes each parkrun, where the nearest showers/toilets are, how to get there by public transport, walking distance and also explains how the course was founded.

Dan Joe3

We cannot thank our volunteers enough for helping out today. The team was led by run director Bruce Wilson, The rest of the volunteers were as follows: Lorraine BOVEY, Randall WALKER, Mari DAVENPORT, Michelle HOLMES, Graeme CROMPTON, An WELLS, Bruce ALLEN, Jeff STARK, Dan JOE, John GLYNN-BEGBIE and Lucy LAWLOR.

Until next time, have a great weekend and welcome to the last month of winter. It has not been as cold as I thought it might be.

Many Thanks,

Dan Joe

parkrunner and parkrun tourist

Dan JoePhoto: Jeff Stark


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