Event 310: 22 May 2021

Today 96 people (and a few four legged friends) ran and walked Kapiti parkrun number 310.

There were few visitors from other parkruns, including one person from Australia – overseas visitors are quite rare these days so they always get a big welcome cheer.

There were seven first timers and 11 people completed PBs – congratulations to all!

I’m based in Wellington so it was a fairly early start for me but it was a perfect morning worth turning up for.

It started off very crisp and my hands didn’t warm up until after the halfway mark.

It’s a lovely track along the river so it’s very peaceful and you always see lots of birds and ducks.

The photographer was about 400 meters from the finish line today getting lots of great action shots.

Once I crossed the finish line and got my breath back I watched the rest of the pack come in.

There were a few little ones in buggys and lots of kids racing parents in a sprint to the finish line.

I realised how cold it was when I looked around and saw steam pouring off everyone as they finished.

There was a coffee car supplying the post-run energy and helping keep people warm.

Another Saturday parkrun ticked off and one more closer to the next milestone for everyone.

As always, big thanks for all the volunteers!

 Olivia Fountain