Event 306: 24 April 2021 – Hayden’s report

Kia ora and welcome to this week’s Kāpiti Coast Run Report, with tourist writers Hayden King and Annalese Lapwood (visiting from home runs Lower Hutt and Dunedin respectively). Please excuse all the Coast and Run based puns below, we really shouldn’t be trusted with all this power… that’s foreshore.

ANZAC weekend was a little getaway, up the coast from the capital city. For us, Kāpiti rounded out a different parkrun event each weekend of April. As we hunkered down in our little hut on Te Horo beach Friday night, listening to the rain pummeling the roof, we were left wondering what sort of condition that would leave the track in the next day. Thankfully parkrun day was a beautiful crisp morning, (very humid too!), and the aftermath of last night was displayed only on the track. The morning started off a bit unnervy with missing timekeepers and barcode scanners — but full credit to the Kāpiti Coast faithful who put their hands up at the last moment to volunteer and make this event sail smoothly.

This allowed 112 people to run, jog, walk, dodge and side-step the puddles to cross the line. Shout-out to the first male and female runners who did this so effortlessly, Jeroen MATTHEUS and Lucy LAWLOR.

Of that group we had 15 first timers, 4 of whom ran their first ever parkrun! Welcome to the Parkrun whānau.

Dave OLIVER • Hayden KING • Anthea OLIVER • Mike PROUDFOOT (first ever) • Nick BALL (first ever) • Allan CAMERON (first ever) • Annalese LAPWOOD • Alex TURNER • Aimee PROUDFOOT (first ever) • Florrie KERR • Joanne MAGILL • Alison KING • Megan BIGG • Lara GEHLEN (first ever) • Aschwin GEHLEN (first ever).

We also witnessed 9 new personal bests – congratulations to:


Another massive congratulations to the milestone runners that were recognised this week who we think truly embody the phrase: “Been there, run that, got the t-shirt”. Karen POTGIETER smashing 250, Michael PEARCE hitting 100, and Anna PATTERSON reaching 50 last week, and coming back for 51 this week!

Thanks again to the Kapiti team for allowing us this opportunity to write this report – it’s been a bundle of run... Just another reminder that these events can’t happen without the support of our active volunteers. There are various roles where you can still participate and volunteer at the same time too. Why not get involved and volunteer?

Sea you next Saturday!

Hayden KING and Annalese LAPWOOD