Event 261 – 25 January 2020 – Thanks Michael O’Sullivan

Kapiti Coast parkrun - 25th January 2020
Run Report by Michael O’Sullivan

Kapiti parkrun yesterday was amazing there were 167 runners and walkers, 28 P.B’s and 20 first timers and it was the parkruns 5th birthday. I was walking with my little brother Daniel O’Sullivan who had did 250 parkruns. He is now the youngest person in New Zealand who has done 250 parkruns, good job. My mum got a P.B for the second week in a row, her time was 27:46. Also thank you to the sponsors and every one that came to parkrun.

The top three males were Nathan HEAVER with a time of 18:44 and it was Nathan’s first time at Kapiti parkrun, second was Matthew WATERHOUSE with a P.B of 19:04, and third was Chris JUCHNOWICZ with a time of 19:29, it was also Chris’s first time at Kapiti parkrun.

The top three females were Carolyn MARSHALL with a time of 21:13 and a P.B! Second was Cath BRADDOCK with a time of 21:16, And third was Amara RAE with a time of 22:04. Great job guys!

Now I’ll talk about the runners that got a P.B (Personal best)
Matthew WATERHOUSE, Zane WAKELING, Carolyn MARSHALL, Leon BAKER, Andrew BAKER, Malachi DUKER, Glen TOWSEY, Mark FEARON, Ruby BAKER, Rebecca LOVE, Anja WILHELMER, Liam WILSON, Jo O'SULLIVAN (My mum), Alice ENTWISLE, Chaweewan WANCHAN, Johnny GOWLAND, Phil HOLLAND, Maite BRIDER, Jana SIMCIC, Kohine BALEJKO, Sharleen HOWE, Oscar CATTERMOLE, Melissa PUREN, Kelly DUCKWORTH, Peter BROWN, Glynis PATERSON, Peter THOMPSON, Ronel PUREN. Good work you all did so well!
There were 20 First timers Nathan HEAVER, Chris JUCHNOWICZ, Darron LINDSAY, Jay-Michael LINDSAY, Thomas PADGETT, Jo WALDON, Kevin HEWER, Katie TIMMS, Mark GOSNELL, Belinda TOMKINSON, Tim HEAVER, Valerie CLEVERLEY, Jackson KELLY, Jesse LINDSAY, Charlie LINDSAY, Deborah O'KANE, Liz WELLS, Dean HARRISON, Jacquie LINDSAY, Debbie WEEKES. I hope to see you all next week and I hope you had fun!

Now the top three males in their age grading were Leon BAKER JM10
72.40% age grade, Darron LINDSAY VM50-54 72.09% age grade Tony FARMER VM70-74 71.95% age grade
Now the top three females in their age grading were Carolyn MARSHALL VW50-54 82.09% age grade, Cath BRADDOCK VW45-49
75.39% age grade, Sharon HURMAN VW50-54 68.04% age grade

Thanks to all of the volunteers,
If you want to see the Kapiti parkrun results then click on this link