Event 224 – 25 May 2019 Congratulations Mark O’Sullivan


Kapiti Parkrun – Event #224

Special day to day as Uncle Mark O’Sullivan ran his 300th Parkrun.

Dad wakes us up at 6.20am in Lower Hutt & says big day today Mark is going to try and kick my butt on his 300th – we jumped in the car and headed to the Kapiti Coast.

Arriving at 7.40, we had plenty of time to catch up with other family members and the wonderful volunteers.

Thanks to Andre FRAENKEL, Andy JENKINS, Aniwaniwa AIKEN-COOPER, Anna KENNA, Arend LANSER, Craig MURPHY, Jeff STARK, Matthew WATERHOUSE, Sara ENOKA, Thomas COLLIER, Travis LEIGH & me James O’SULLIVAN for making this event possible.

Andy welcomed our first-time runner to his office then called up Mark O’SULLIVAN to celebrate his milestone, I note Zoe COOPER ran her 200th run also, congrats Zoe!

After a round of applause the whistle blew, and 85 runners & walkers set off on the morning exercise. It was a calm, nice day for a morning run although muddy under foot in some areas.

First Male Finishers

Matthew KING 19.41

Glen STRONG 20.22

David DOWNER 21.06

First Female Finishers

Kristina CAMERON 23.04

Zoe COOPER 24.06

Paula REARDON 24.55

Welcome to the first timers at Kapiti today Megan SCOTSON & Sarah RICHARDS hope you had a fantastic day and will return next week.

13 New Personal Bests this week.

Glen STRONG, Craig THOMSON, Martin O’SULLIVAN (my dad), Michael PEARCE, Daniel HEWER, Charlie BAZLEY, Allen COTTLE, Carrie-Ann STARK, Caroline Emma JOHNSTON, Madison BUSING, Renier MATTHEE, Claire DOWLING, Judy KEATS

I had a quick count up, my family members who ran at Kapiti at the weekend have now run 2,138 parkrun’s between us – no wonder I feel tired!