A parkrun confession for 11 May 2019 on 18 May 2019

Shirley – Shirley not

Parkrun Saturday 11th May seemed no different to any other, reasonable weather, the usual band of willing happy volunteers (Andy excluded).

My wife Maureen and I turned up both armed with our laminated Parkrun cards. Suddenly I realised that as I was wearing different shorts which had no pockets I would have to leave the card with Jude.”No problem, pop it in the box with the other cards” she said.

I then finished the run and dashed quickly to the box to take out my card and take it to the finishing funnel to be matched with my finishing position.

It was not till I got home that I realised my name did not appear on the results but my time of 25.19.was allocated to ”Shirley”. Then Horror of Horrors as I was clearing out my car later on in the day, I saw a Parkrun card which was not my own but belonged to “Shirley”. Realising the error I told Maureen I would contact Jude. Normally Maureen would tell me not to fuss but there was an important issue here as Shirley’s time of 25.19 would take away my wife’s over 70 record !!!!!!!

The error was of course corrected by Jude and nobody was wiser, although anybody reading this will know what a fool I am !!!!! (Apologies to Shirley for pilfering her card – I returned it to the box and hopefully you were none the wiser – until today!).

It goes to show the wonderfully oiled machine which is Parkrun can go wrong but only with human error. Well that was last week – now for this week…..

Well done to anybody who got a PB today as the course was a bit tricky with a rutted surface at 1K due to ongoing river works. And special thanks to all runners, walkers, dogs and helpers/organisers for keeping the Otaihanga Parkrun such a friendly, welcoming event.

By the way, you may like to know that I obtained a Black Parkrun bracelet today so this can never happen again. Unless of course I take Maureen’s pink bracelet by mistake. Many thanks Jude for organising the bracelets.

Note from Publisher  - The Shirley mentioned had noticed as she was volunteering that day and wondered why she had received and email with a startling PB so she had also contacted us.