Invercargill parkrun Run Report event #153 – May 15, 2021

Welcome to Invercargill parkruns 153rd run report.
Let's start it with a celebration of one of our PARKticipants; Sarah Jantscher, originally from Austria and now living in Wellington, completed our parkrun, making ours the 33rd and last NZ parkrun Sarah needed to complete for her to achieve the Countryman status! How awesome is that! To add to her personal accomplishments today was her 302nd run!!  It was lovely to meet you today and thanks so much for coming along and sharing your story with us.
Thank you for your kind words about our event and park. We are pleased you enjoyed our community. Oh! And you're my Smile of the Day!


This week 87 people ran, jogged and walked the course. Welcome to the 7 first timers below. We will see you back here again!


Were you one of the 6 that achieved their personal best today? Have a look below.

The event was made possible by 16 volunteers:


A few volunteer vacancies open throughout the rest of May. Would be lovely to see these full. To add your name to our roster send us a message on our Facebook page or email - let us know the date and your preferred role.

Here is a break down of our roles:

You will need to use your fully charged Smartphone to carry out the following TWO tasks:
•Barcode Scanner

We provide equipment for the roles of:
• Photographer
• Finish tokens
• Pre Event Set Up (you'll just need to walk or bike around to set up the course with the appropriate cones/kilometre markers & have a keen eye for noticing potential hazards we can warn PARKticipants of at our briefing)

Roles that only require a smile & some cheering:
• Marshals (we always require 5, however more is always fabulous)
• Tail walker (a smile, walk and happy to be last)

Roles that still allow volunteer to participate in the event:

• First timers briefing (meet & greet first timers and take then through what they need to know about our course - we provide a prompt sheet)
• Barcode scanner - if you run and finish within the first 20-25minutes you can tap in and volunteer as another barcode scanner for the rest of that event

If you have a time you could pace for our other PARKticipants to help them achieve or beat their PB, then we have a pacer week every 3rd Saturday of the month. Our next pacer week is June 19th.

Next Saturday is May 22 - that means we are having our TUTU event! Come along in a Tutu and any other embellishments of your choosing for a fun and colourful 2 2 (Tutu) event.

Invercargill parkrun started on 10th February 2018. Since then 2,273 participants have completed 16,614 parkruns covering a total distance of 83,070 km, including 2,808 new Personal Bests. A total of 401 individuals have volunteered 2,411 times.

Stay safe,
Ma te wa

Ruth Prattley
Run Director


Invercargill parkrun event #149 – April 17, 2021

Kia Orana to all 135 PARKticipants and to our 18 volunteers that made today's 149th event such a gorgeous one.

The event was made possible by the following wonderful and supportive people.


Jo Fukuda achieved a very special milestone today. 100 parkruns completed! Jo is a regular at Invercargill parkrun along with her whanau and they volunteer regularly too. It's lovely to celebrate your achievement with you Jo!


A big welcome to the following13 first timers that completed today's event. We look forward to seeing you again soon!


14 PARKticipants got a PB today, well done.


We want to make sure everyone knows that parkrun IS for Everyone. You can walk. In fact, we have a strong walking contingent of regulars. They will always welcome more walking company or you're welcome to come along, pop on some music and enjoy a stroll through the park. We have a supportive group of volunteers who enjoy cheering on new and regular PARKticipants alike. Please don't feel shy to give us a try. We are free. We are timed. We welcome all. Dogs are allowed on a short lead. Tamariki are welcome. Strollers / prams are also welcome.

We also love our volunteers. We invite you to volunteer every couple of months so we can all enjoy participating and volunteering. If you can volunteer one Saturday soon please email us at, comment on one of our Facebook posts  or flick us a PM on facebook.

Please have a safe week, we hope the kids enjoy their school holidays and we will see you all at 8.50am for our briefings, ready for a 9am start!

Ma te wa

Ruth Prattley,

Run Director









Invercargill parkrun event#137 January 16th 2021

Thank you 127 times to each of the wonderful people who walked or ran our course today.

We can thank the 21 fantastic high vis heroes for helping us to run the event, take the times of all our PARKticipants and help everyone around the course. Thanks volunteers!


What a great start we had to our Waihopai weekend! It started out a little overcast but that gave way to a very hot, very sunny, blue sky day.

Above all other announcements today, we will again make mention of one of our regular and always fabulous PARKticipants, Margaret Johnstone! Today, Margaret completed her 50th parkrun!! That's one of our milestones! Margaret is a positive,wonderful and caring soul, who 'plugs away' at her goals with a smile. We love having you as part of our whanau. Ka Mau Te Wehi Margaret!


14 PARKticipants achieved their Personal Best today!! Well done to each of you.


Hello and welcome to our 9 registered first timers!! We were so excited to meet you and thank you for your positive feedback. We look forward to seeing you again....and again!


An equally welcoming thank you to each of our first timers who haven't yet registered. You can do this by going to: and register. You only ever register once, and once registered you will be able to be timed at all parkrun events, worldwide! (Or for now, NZ Wide)

You will receive a personal barcode that is yours forever.

It's all FREE!

Jessica CAMPBELL was our first female home today!! Excellent effort Jessica.


Atlas KERR was our first male finisher today!! Well done Atlas.


We have our 3rd birthday coming up soon in February and would LOVE to see you all here to help us celebrate! Perhaps we can beat our own personal PARKticipant record of 200 people!! We will have more information closer to the time.

We are asking everyone to please assist us with our volunteering roster. We have a lot of positions available over the coming weeks. We have a few positions that can be done prior to the event which allows you to still walk or run that day.

We also have other positions available such as marshals, timekeepers, barcode scanners, finish tokens and photographer.

Your assistance is always welcomed and appreciated. Contact us on our FB page or here at:


We are looking forward to seeing you all again next Saturday, 7.50am for our first timers briefing. 7.55am is our full briefing for all participants, these are important to attend even if you are a regular, we often have little pieces of information that need shared en masse.

Our event begins at 8am sharp.


Any questions about our event can be asked at an event, or send us a message on our FB page or email us at:


Mā te wa!

Stay safe,

Ruth Prattley

Run Director





Invercargill parkrun event #131 – Dec 19th, 2020

Welcome and thank you to all 135 awesome people who came along to take part in our 131st Invercargill parkrun event today!! It was sooooo good to see you all!!

T-minus 5 days until Santa visits! T-minus 6 days until our next and very special Christmas Day parkrun. Thank you to all those who have volunteered on Christmas day and we so look forward to seeing you.

Today's event was made possible by 23 volunteers!! A massive thank you and round of applause to each of these stars.
Ross HENRY • Liz HENRY • Denise HARE • Leighton HARE • Ruth PRATTLEY • Linda TE AU • Sarah BIGGERSTAFF • Michelle CARTER • John MURPHY • Peter BIGGERSTAFF • Joanne FUKUDA • Linda COMPTON • Tatsuya FUKUDA • Ally FUKUDA • Emme FUKUDA • Cheryl DAHMS • Barry SMITH • Robyn SMITH • Carl JOHNSTONE • Kim HARTLEY • Bruce HARTLEY • Lyndal LUDLOW • Sander MEIJER

Our smile of the day is Linda Compton (pictured). Linda is a friendly and wonderful person, with a contagious smile.


Mr Whippy was a brilliant and delicious free treat today for everyone who participated or volunteered at parkrun today.
We can thank our local sponsor Mee & Henry Law for that!

We welcomed 5 first timers today! Thank you and we look forward to seeing you again!

The following 10 stars earned themselves a Personal Best today!! Congratulations!!


It's a great idea to register (for FREE) for our event (also FREE) if you'd like to have your time officially recorded. What this means is, once registered, you'll be emailed your personal barcode. Take this barcode along to any parkrun event WORLDWIDE (for obvious reasons it's really just NZ Wide that we speak of for now!) we will scan your personal barcode along with the token you're given (the token gives you a placing) and voila! You can keep track of progress and even places that you have completed parkrun.
Today we had 20 unknowns! Thanks for coming along! We would love to give you a time and a shout out for your personal achievements in the future.


Please come along to our special additional Christmas Day event (Friday 25th) and our usual Saturday event (26th) next week! Dress up optional.

We also have a special New Years Day event (Friday 1st) and our normal Saturday run (Jan 2nd) coming up. We would love some more volunteers for these days please and we look forward to seeing you start 2021 on a great note!

Please have fun, enjoy your whanau time and please be safe wherever you are travelling. We will see you 7.50am Christmas Day - first timers briefing.
7.55am Full briefing
8am START.

With love from us here at Invercargill parkrun, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Ruth Prattley
Run Director



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