Invercargill parkrun restart event – 26 September 2020

We are back! Start time for the 26th of September is 9am.


A few guidelines to be aware of:
***If you have any Covid symptoms, or have been asked to quarantine please DO NOT attend parkrun.***
•Covid tracing QR code will be available together with hand sanitizer at the start/finish line. Please ensure you scan in or keep your own record of being at parkrun for contact tracing purposes.
•Participants are permitted to walk or run at their own pace.
•During the event, participants should walk, jog or run with an aim of making use of all available space and minimising the amount of time in close proximity to each other.
•Participants should not spit anywhere on the course, high-five anyone else, or engage in any other non-essential contact.
•Other users of the park or area of open space should be given way to at all times.
•Children under the age of 11 must be within arm’s reach of a parent, guardian or designated adult of the parents’ choice at all times.
•One dog is permitted per participant and must be on a short lead.
•After the finish line please continue to respect social distancing guidelines and support your children to do so also.
To ensure a safe environment for our volunteers and parkrunners there will be a few changes including:
• We will be having a much shorter briefing - first timers and visitors please ensure you are there at 8:50 for the special briefing with extra info for you and usual (but shorter briefing) at 8:55am.
•We may need additional barcode scanners
• NZ Covid Tracer QR code will be available for you to scan with your device
• If volunteering in timekeeping or barcode scanning you must use your own phone and have the parkrun virtual volunteer app installed (just check the scanner works by scanning your personal barcode)

Read more about the parkrun COVID-19 framework:

The most important thing is anyone with cold/flu symptoms MUST stay home and not attend parkrun.

Of course we can't do this without volunteers, so check out the roster and get in touch with the roles and dates you would like to help out.

Also you are welcome to continue doing (not)parkrun and recording them against your profile.

Look forward to seeing you for our final 9am start this weekend!

Liz Henry
Event Director
Invercargill parkrun


NZ Covid Tracer App QR Code

We are looking forward to starting Invercargill parkrun again on 26 September 2020. (9am start time)

o support contract tracing goals, we will display a NZ Covid Tracer APP QR code poster for Invercargill's Queen Park to help walkers, joggers, runners and volunteers keep track of where they have been. The QR code can be scanned by the individuals using their own NZ COVID Tracer app.

Scanning the QR code poster helps with contract tracing and will be present at the event, or you can scan scan the QR below should you not take your smartphone to parkrun.



Invercargill parkrun Event number 118 8th August 2020

Rain arrived just before our briefing started this morning (perhaps that might explain our reduced numbers this week). While our jackets were quite damp, our spirits certainly were not!

Annotation 2020-08-08 134247

This week 77 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 5 were first timers and 10 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 3 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 18 volunteers:


Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Invercargill parkrun Results Page.

Congratulations to our first 3 male finishers:
Jareth Mccallum
Jeremy Holmes
Atlas Kerr

And congratulations to our first 3 female finishers:
Michele Frey
Britta Lieven
Shirley Cox

Great work today to those who attained PBs:
Personal bests (PBs):
19:16 - m - Atlas Kerr
23:12 - m - Darrell Auld
42:55 - f - Emme Fukuda
45:25 - m - Ian Kilsby
47:29 - f - Jenny Biddle
18:12 - m - Jeremy Holmes
20:45 - m - Judah Hoyle
23:16 - f - Michele Frey
44:53 - f - Ngaire Garnett
26:57 - m - Sean Iversen

We welcomed the following first timers: First timers:
Isabel Callum
Lilyana Ultee
Michael Mcleod - Michael succeeded in a double buggy run this morning!!

And we had visitors from Liverpool UK! Welcome!

Milestone run:
Awesome work to Erin Forde who achieved her 50th parkrun today! We have been looking forward to celebrating this milestone with Erin, and it was wonderful to greet her this morning with the 50th t-shirt!

We also welcome Barry Smith and Marcia Ferguson to the 25 Volunteer milestone!! Thank you for your commitment to our parkrun event!

Marcia was our tail walker this morning, and Barry did our pre event course check this morning.

We learnt a few things this morning, firstly, If you are volunteering as barcode scanner, ensure your phone has been charged (isn't that right Black Prattley? :) ) Blake was quietly stressing as his phone battery depleted during the event, but luckily we could keep scanning on another phone!

Secondly, we were disappointed to discover broken glass bottles on some of the course this morning. Thankfully Robyn Smith spent some time clearing the track on between the start line and Peter Pan Statute, to help keep our parkrunners and barkrunners safe. Thanks Robyn!! Also we had other park users who were aware that we had a large number of parkrunners about to start our parkrun, and without us asking they also picked up glass along Coronation Ave they said it was because they enjoyed watching us each week and didn't want the glass to slow us down! So awesome to see other park users keen to help ensure we can complete parkrun safely! Thank you Invercargill community! We had an extra vehicle on the course this morning when the Park Rangers arrived to complete the tidy up.

Smile of the Week:
Joanne Fukuda - Jo was in Ross'words "Dancing her way down the back straight, and making a fabulous job of Mum dancing to embarrass her daughter, in a way only an amazing mum can do!" Great work Jo!
DSC02857 (2)

Coming up:

August/September: Bring a friend to parkrun: We encourage you all to bring a friend or family member to parkrun over the next two months. Get them to register for a barcode before they come and join us for #parkrunday. Take your photo with flag at the start/finish line and share it with us on facebook, and go in the draw to win some spot prizes provided by our local sponsor Mee & Henry Law Limited.

15 August: Pacer Week.

22 August: TUTU week!

The Stats:

The female record is held by Claire NICHOLS who recorded a time of 18:44 on 29th December 2018 (event number 47).
The male record is held by Lachie BAIRD who recorded a time of 16:29 on 29th February 2020 (event number 110).
The Age Grade course record is held by Debbie TELFER who recorded 90.36% (21:47) on 8th February 2020 (event number 107).

Invercargill parkrun started on 10th February 2018. Since then 1,986 participants have completed 13,003 parkruns covering a total distance of 65,015 km, including 2,353 new Personal Bests. A total of 340 individuals have volunteered 1,774 times.

Have a great week!!

Liz Henry
Event Director


Invercargill parkrun Event number 117 1st August 2020

We had an amazing team of volunteers from Sport Southland do a volunteer takeover event this morning.
The team were excited for the opportunity to support parkrun and encourage Southlanders to be active. Jess Domigan, said that for Sport Southland "it also offered us a chance to walk the talk for our own wellbeing and in particular address to the five ways to wellbeing - to give, to connect, to learn, to be active and to take notice."

Thanks for your enthusiasm and support team!

A takeover is where a team/organisation fill all of the volunteer positions for a parkrun event. We welcome other businesses, organisations and sports teams to do takeovers, just let us know when you are available to volunteer. We love that through volunteering for parkrun you will see that the event is for everyone, and hopefully if you have been hesitant to come and join in, you will get the confidence to get started!

This week 126 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 9 were first timers and 18 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 3 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 17 volunteers:

Liz HENRY • Denise HARE • Luciana GARCIA • Ruth PRATTLEY • Jess DOMIGAN • Kristen TODD • Helen STEWART • Lauren RICHARDSON • Tessa HEWLETT • Adele ORANGI • Brianne MCNAUGHT • Cass POKONEY • Courtney EGERTON • Carla WERDER • Brendon MCDERMOTT • Ross HENRY • Mel LEMM

We need plenty of volunteers over the next three weeks, Can you help? email is or message us on facebook.

Results summary:
First finishers this week were Craig Iversen (with a PB!!) and Kennedy Taylor.
We had some pretty good competition in the front group, with some of our competitive runners starting to peak in time for National championships, good luck to those who are competing!

Our top three males and female finishers:
Craig Iversen
Jareth Mccallum
James Mcleay

Kennedy Taylor
Kimberley Iversen
Sadie Wech

Congratulations to Glenda West for reaching her 50 milestone event!

Upcoming milestones:
name (number of parkruns)
Leighton and Denise Hare (98)
Erin Forde (49)
Peter Eastwood (48)
Ruth Prattley (48)
(There will be others, but these are the people that were parkrunning today)

PB's today:
Personal bests (PBs):
19:50 - m - Atlas Kerr
20:49 - m - Bevan Tait
28:43 - f - Cherie Champion
17:06 - m - Craig Iversen
25:20 - m - Daniel Harrison
31:29 - m - Fraser Hodges
42:56 - f - Glenda West
31:29 - f - Ini Gunn
21:31 - m - Jack Leadley
17:12 - m - Jareth Mccallum
53:28 - f - Joanne Williams
53:58 - f - Maree Haggerty
28:42 - m - Mark Faulkner
31:39 - f - Michelle Mcsoriley
50:18 - m - Neil Coaley
30:17 - f - Sanelle Du Plessis
21:11 - m - Simon Mckenzie
31:58 - f - Teresa Maloney

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Invercargill parkrun Results Page.

If you want to get more information from the results then check out this Chrome Extension:

Smile of the Day: James Mcleay - while James finished 3rd place today, he was super happy to be on the startline this morning. It was a real joy to watch as we prepared to the count down. Thank you James for bringing your enthusiasm to the course this morning!

Coming up:

August/September: Bring a friend to parkrun: We encourage you all to bring a friend or family member to parkrun over the next two months. Get them to register for a barcode before they come and join us for #parkrunday. Take your photo with flag at the start/finish line and share it with us on facebook, and go in the draw to win some spot prizes provided by our local sponsor Mee & Henry Law Limited.

15 August: Pacer Week.

The Stats:
The female record is held by Claire NICHOLS who recorded a time of 18:44 on 29th December 2018 (event number 47).
The male record is held by Lachie BAIRD who recorded a time of 16:29 on 29th February 2020 (event number 110).
The Age Grade course record is held by Debbie TELFER who recorded 90.36% (21:47) on 8th February 2020 (event number 107).

Invercargill parkrun started on 10th February 2018. Since then 1,981 participants have completed 12,926 parkruns covering a total distance of 64,630 km, including 2,343 new Personal Bests. A total of 340 individuals have volunteered 1,756 times.

Have a great week!

Liz Henry
Event Director


Invercargill parkrun, event 116, July 25th 2020

Welcome to Invercargill parkruns 116th event run report!!
We were pleased to welcome and encourage 110 people to walk, jog or run our event this week.
Welcome to our visitors from Dunedin! Safe travels back team!
A massive thank you to our 17 volunteers who helped this week's event go swimmingly.


We have plenty of spaces available for future volunteering opportunities. Contact us on Facebook or message us on to be added to a future event.

Even though our weather was a little damp, the following parkrunners managed to achieve for themselves a personal best. Great effort guys!

Personal bests (PBs):
21:06 - m - Bevan Tait

35:21 - f - Cherie Champion

25:28 - m - Corey Sutton

46:28 - f - Deborah Clearwater

31:40 - f - Julia Foster

37:52 - m - Matt Mckay

25:57 - f - Sonya Stewart

Milestones were achieved this week! Well done for completing your 50th parkrun Tim and awesome work for your 10 junior run milestone Zavior!!

Be on the lookout over the next few weeks for more of our parkrunners joining our 50 run milestone club and even some more junior 10 milestones!! Keep up the excellent effort team!

This weeks first female finisher was Joyce WAKELIN and our first male finisher was Lachie BAIRD. Top effort to you both.

If you haven't been along to parkrun yet, but would like to see what it's all about, we welcome you to come along and volunteer for an event to see and learn a bit about us. We are completely free. We welcome anyone, dogs on leads and prams are welcome.
We encourage you to register at:

Registration is free. You only ever need to do it once. You will enter some basic details and be emailed a unique barcode. You can print this barcode off and bring it along or download it onto your phone which we can scan from. Each time you complete a 5km parkrun event, you'll be given a token and you will then give this token, and your barcode, to our scanner. They will lock your time in against your barcode and you will have a running commentary on your completed events! Pretty cool right?!

Two of our Invercargill parkrun regulars are Kim & Bruce Hartley! They will be reaching the 50 run milestone together soon, but this week, for their ADORABLE cuteness, they take our Smile of the Week! Arohatinonui!! FB_IMG_1595726713179

On that note, have a fabulous week and we will see you next Saturday, 8.45am for the first timers briefing, 8.50am for the full briefing and ready for our 9am start! Stay safe!

Ruth Prattley
Run report writer,
Run director,
Coffee connoisseur


Invercargill parkrun event 115 July 18, 2020

Hello Earthlings and welcome to Invercargill parkruns 115th event!

Thank you to our 21 fabulous volunteers who braved a -5°C frost this morning to stand in the cold and guide and cheer on our 91 perfectly passionate participants!

Our 21 volunteers were:


This week we had the pleasure of congratulating a parkrun regular, Linda Compton on her brand new status as Grandma to her handsome wee Grandson, Carter. Congrats Linda! Enjoy those little snuggles and kisses!

We enjoyed celebrating with another parkrun regular today, Katherine Cambridge! Katherine achieved her 50th run this week and the cherry on top was she also achieved her 25th volunteer credit today as she was our 30minute Pacer! Awesome work and awesome commitment Katherine! Good luck for the half Marathon next month!

Sheryll Lindsay achieved her 50th run credit last week, congrats!! And today, Sheryll's faithful running companion, and parkdog Brax, achieved his own 50th run credit! Well done team!

We welcomed 6 first timers today and visitors from Porirua, Dunedin and Arrowtown! Welcome and we hope you enjoyed our event.
Well done to 11 participants achieved their personal best today, wondering if it was you? Check out the picture below!

Mary THOM from Porirua was our first female home today and Shyam PATEL was our first male home! Well done to you both!

Our smile of the day is Sumo KYAW, who pushed out a PB today and even posed for a #scottairplane! Well done Sumo!

We always appreciate our volunteers, and have LOTS of positions open throughout August for you to help us fill to keep our awesome event going. Any questions about the positions, feel free to contact us and we will fill those blanks.
Check out our roster at

to see what is available and when.

Note: August 1st we have some of Sport Southland volunteering for us. But we are always happy to accommodate anyone's availability and willingness. Thank you!

We look forward to greeting you next Saturday, at Queen's Park. Please remember your barcode, you need it to recieve an official time.
See you at 8.45 for our first timers briefing, 8.50 for our full briefing, ready for a 9am start!

Until then, be safe, have a great week and to kids and parents alike, enjoy the new school term!

Nga Mihi
Ruth Prattley
Run Director


Invercargill parkrun Event number 114 11th July 2020

G’day parkrunners and volunteers. It is my great pleasure to once again be part of parkrun, after almost 4 months since we have been allowed to do parkrun in our country, Australia.

My name is Anthony Paterson, and I am living at Moana, South Australia. For the past 17 weeks, we have had to change our ways on a Saturday morning. Normally we’d go to parkrun, but we now do midweek (not)parkruns (some on Saturdays), and various Freedom parkruns still.

We were in lockdown for awhile, and now have a very nice vegetable garden. I try to walk most days, unless the weather is a bit dodgy. I contacted parkrun NZ as a whole to see if I could help out today, SOMEHOW !!! Liz Henry, kindly agreed to let me be a “virtual” volunteer, as the Run Report Writer ….. so here we go ……

Today Invercargill parkrun completed Event #114. On a mild 4 degree, coolish day, partly cloudy with some beautiful blue sky, 119 enthusiastic parkrunners, ran, jog, walked or shuffled their way to complete the 5km in a variety of ways and times.

This event was made possible by 20 volunteers:

Run Director – Barry SMITH.

Timekeepers – Peter BIGGERSTAFF & Bruce HARTLEY.

Finish Token Hander Outers – Glenda WEST.

Barcode Scanners – Liz HENRY & Leanne LIGGETT.

Marshals – Catherine PATTERSON, Erin BRADLEY, Linda TE AU, Anne SNODGRASS,


Photographer – Ross HENRY.

Tail Walkers – Cindy MULROONEY, Azaria DAVIS & Zaviour DAVIS.

First Timers Briefer – Billy CARTER.

Token Sorter – Mel LEMM.

Event Day Course Checker – Billy CARTER.

Run Report Writer from Australia – Anthony PATERSON.

Thanks once again to our team of volunteers. We always appreciate your help, and without it parkrun would not be possible.

Please let us know if you are able to volunteer in the upcoming weeks by emailing us at: or message us through Facebook Messenger with your preferred volunteer role and the date you would like to help out.

Adam COWIE was today’s first male across the line, with a new PB and a time of 19:32.

Mary THOM was today’s first female, with a time of 24:14.

Congratulations to the 15 people with Personal Best Times today.

They were:

Adam COWIE = 19:32.
Sam MUIR = 20:50.
Judah HOYLE = 22:46,
Steve OLIVER = 23:15.
Tane BOOTH = 24:53.
Aaron CAMPBELL = 25:48.
Diesel DOUGLAS = 32:08.
Maree SMALL = 35:02.
Sumo KYAW = 38:22.
Matt MCKAY = 39:51.
Karia KING = 41:19.
Cherie CHAMPION = 41:39.
Ali DAVIS = 50:31.
Nathan HERBERT = 50:32.
Maree HAGGERTY = 54:53.

We had 7 new parkrunners under the banner of “First Timers” today.

Welcome to:

Kate WILSON = 27:56.
Angela LAMONT = 29:10.
Tessa ORR = 33:53.
Zara ORR = 33:57.
Laura HEENAN = 42:52.
Robyn WILSON = 54:12.
Azaria DAVIS = 1:10:24.

The First Place List for each age category is listed below.

Congratulations to:

JM10 – Tane BOOTH = 24:53.
JM11-14 – Diesel DOUGLAS = 32:08.
JM15-17 – Judah HOYLE = 22:46.
SM25-29 – Joel STOTT = 24:53.
SM30-34 – Sam LEE = 21:51.
VM35-39 – Scott HODGES = 20:30.
VM40-44 – Billy CARTER = 20:25.
VM45-49 – Chris HANKIN = 22:54.
VM50-54 – Adam COWIE = 19:32.
VM55-59 – Peter EASTWOOD = 23:43.
VM60-64 – Lindsay KELLY = 24:02.
VM65-69 – Leighton HARE = 32:08.
VM70-74 – Paul HURLEY = 48:13.
VM75-79 – Carl JOHNSTONE = 56:30.
JW10 – Azaria DAVIS = 1:10:24.
JW11-14 – Tessa ORR = 33:53.
SW20-24 – Dana CAVANAGH = 26:30.
SW25-29 – Enya DOO = 25:18
SW30-34 – Jessica CAMPBELL = 24:58.
VW35-39 – Mary THOM = 24:14.
VW40-44 – Juanita THORNTON = 28:09.
VW45-49 – Julie JACK = 29:37.
VW50-54 – Carmen BUNGARD = 28:06.
VW55-59 – Robyn SMITH = 37:41
VW60-64 – Heather HACKETT = 32:12.
VW65-69 – Erin FORDE = 39:15.
VW70-74 – Margaret JOHNSTONE = 1:09:02.

Results are available here:
Congratulations to Sheryll LINDSAY on her 50th parkrun today.
Welcome to the Red 50 T-Shirt Club !!!
There was also another milestone to Junior parkrunner, Caitlyn MCDOWELL on her 10th parkrun in the JW11-14 Age Category. Great stuff !!!

Welcome to our visitors from neighbouring parkruns, Porirua and Pegasus.
It is always great to see some parkrun tourists come to Invercargill parkrun.

If you were at parkrun today and are NOT listed on the results list, please register FREE:
or remember to bring your printed barcode next time .... please !!!

The Female Record is held by Claire NICHOLS = 18:44 on 29/12/18 (Event #47).
The Male Record is held by Lachie BAIRD = 16:29 on 29/02/20 (Event #110).
The Age Grade Course Record is held by Debbie TELFER = 90.36% on 8/02/20 (Event #107).

A special mention must go to Barry SMITH who was very excited about wearing the new style Run Director vest, but then joy turned to despair when he realised the car keys were locked in the car.
You win some and you lose some !!!!

Well, I’ll finish up from South Australia now, knowing that somewhere in this big wide world, that there are some lucky people out there able to complete a 5km parkrun, which makes all of us Aussies very happy to know, and thankyou to Invercargill parkrun and to Liz HENRY for letting me get involved in your event, I look forward to visiting one day in the future.

By the way ...... Next week is PACER WEEK !!!

Enjoy your weekly parkruns !

Remember – ANY 5K IS A GOOD 5K.



Anthony Paterson

Moana, South Australia, Australia.


Virtual Volunteer

The parkrun Virtual Volunteer is our official timing and scanning application and is available free of charge from Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store.
The Virtual Volunteer app was designed to replace timing and scanning hardware at parkrun events and is critical to maintaining our free-to-participate model across our rapidly growing event locations. All new parkrun events are now required to be ‘App-only’ and we no longer provide stand-alone timers or scanners.

The App has been designed specifically for parkrun events, is simple to use, provides accurate data, and works for any size of parkrun event.

The App has two functions to help parkrun teams generate their results:

Timing participants
Scanning barcodes after participants have finished
The information can then be easily transferred to the Results Processor using email, and we recommend that the Virtual Volunteer results are not cleared until results appear online.

Times can be recorded by tapping the split section on the screen of the device, in addition, either of the two volume buttons on the side of the phone, or on plugged-in earphones, may be used to record the time. One of the earphones may be placed in the ear to hear the beep. On a cold or wet day, for example, the Timekeeper could place the phone in their pocket and they will hear a beep to confirm each participant.

If raining it is strongly advised that the volume buttons are used or the phone is protected with a waterproof case as rain on the screen can cause extra times to be recorded accidentally.


On all screens touching Back in the top left will return to the first screen. The timer will continue in the background, even if the App has closed.
If sound and/or vibrate have been enabled in the device's settings it will beep and/or vibrate. Setting vibrate works particularly well as beeps from nearby devices may confuse.
Printed barcodes only will be accepted. Barcodes presented on mobile phones must not be scanned.
Sending data to the Results Processor...

Click on ‘export results’ at the bottom right of the screen. An option to choose the way that the data is sent will appear. Although there are several ways to transfer the files to the Results Processor, our recommended method is to send by email, either using the phone’s built-in email app or a third-party email app such as Gmail.
Enter the email address provided by the Run Director (for Invercargill parkrun the email is:


parkrun code reminder

As we get back into the swing of things, here is a reminder of the parkrun code.

Participant Code of Conduct
5k events
Pay attention to the pre-parkrun briefing
Respect everyone’s right to participate in their own way
Under 11s always within arm’s reach of a parent or guardian
One dog (on a short lead) per person
Be mindful of your local environment and other people
No printed barcode, no time, no exception
Have fun, it’s only a walk, jog or run
Thank the amazing volunteers


We only ask you to bring one thing to parkrun, and that is your barcode. If you don't have your barcode, you can still run, but you will not get a time.

(If you haven't got a barcode register for one here: - register once and use the barcode for all parkrun events worldwide).

Yeah okay, we admit that we have been willing to make exceptions occasionally on this rule, but it is actually really important that we follow the rule, here is why we need you to have your printed barcode:

* The printed barcode has your name printed on it there are over 6 million parkrunners, to manually input the details, we have to go through all 6 million users and there are many duplicate names, it significantly delays the processing of results each week;
* The printed barcodes also have your “In case of Emergency” (ICE) data. Having your name and ICE details readily accessible allows us to use this information to help keep you safe. Barcodes on phones and watches are displayed in so many different ways that we can’t count on seeing this information, and in many cases we won't be able to "unlock" your device in the event of an emergency.
* Getting the device ready to scan can take longer than getting a piece of paper ready, this can hold up the line, especially at larger events.
* Technology changes all of the time, both hardware and the apps that run on them. What might work today, may not after the next software update. We cannot guarantee that the barcode will scan from the screen of a phone or a watch.

Lastly, please be kind to our volunteers. When you’ve been told they can’t scan your phone or watch, please respect them. Don’t ask them to write your name down, just come back next week with your printed barcode. We’re here every week.

Liz Henry
Event Director
Invercargill parkrun


Invercargill parkrun Event number 113 4th July 2020

After 112 days, we are so pleased to be back! We are among the first events to open up in the parkrun world. We really enjoyed seeing familiar faces that we have been missing over the passed few months.

Yesterday the temperature locally was -3degrees celsius, so thankfully we had a mild 5 degree celsius temperature, with overcast conditions as we completed the briefing.  We did have some showers scattered through the event, but it certainly didn't dampen our event!


Today we acknowledged that while we get to start back, that many of the world’s parkrunners aren’t able to get back into it just yet. So each of the events in NZ have adopted a parkrun Country to represent for our re start event. We are proud to be representing parkrun South Africa this week.

As Event Directors in NZ we got together when it was apparent we would probably be the first country to restart,  to try and think of a way to recognise that we were fortunate to be able to start, but still recognise those that are waiting patiently for their Countries to be able to open parkrun as a whole.  We decided to adopt a parkrun country to represent for our first event.   

We have a community of South African's who are parkrun regulars, which is the big reason we at Invercargill parkrun jumped to represent parkrun South Africa.  

As soon as we announced our adopted Country we have had immediate support and positive messages coming to us from our local parkrunners, but also from all over the world, and in particular from parkrunners in South Africa.  We thank you all for your amazing messages of support, it truly has demonstrated what an amazing international parkrun community we have!

Today at our event, our parkrunners wore a rainbow of colours (which was great to see, often we have many parkrunners in dark colours!).   We also had several volunteers dressed as safari animals (including 2 giraffes and 2 gazelles).   Two of our parkrunners (Regan and Ruth Prattley) painted a large flag which we had at the briefing and finish line as a reminder of who we were representing today.

Feedback we had from our parkrunners today regarding representing South Africa:
* "I cried when I saw my home flag, I have been restricted from travelling and I miss my family"
* "it means a lot to me as a Kiwi parkrunner that we are acknowledging that not all of our community is able to parkrun at the moment"
* I truly had no idea how global parkrun was, when you shared posts about some of the events in South Africa I checked them all out, and also looked into what other locations parkrun was in.
* "22 Countries worldwide, I am excited for them re-opening, I now have another reason to travel in the future"
* "so happy to be back!  and happy to show gratitude for our restart, and think of those who will join us soon"


We have loved getting messages of support from our parkrun friends in South Africa as we headed into our event!
We look forward to your start up in due course! Keep safe and enjoy (not)parkrun in the meantime!!

This week 159 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 10 were first timers and 21 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 3 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 21 volunteers:


Thank you to our enthusiastic Volunteers!! We appreciate the support we get from volunteers each week. Without you we can't operate!

As usual, let us know if you can help in future weeks with volunteering. It is great to have the roster full each week, without having to send out requests for volunteers.
Email us: or message us on facebook with your availability.

Congratulations to our first finishers:
Chandell TROLLIP
Maureen ARCHER
Dorothy SMITH great effort today!

We know we had other parkrunners today who completed their first time today, please ensure you register to get a parkrun barcode by going to our website:

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Invercargill parkrun Results Page.

First place today was Kelvin MEADE who completed with a PB of 16:55. First female home was Kimberley IVERSEN with a time of 19:40.

Congratulations to our PB Crew this week:
Kelvin MEADE
Kimberley IVERSEN
Jason CHAN

Fantastic work team!! Great to see the PBs after such a long time off!

We welcomed visitors from Dunedin this week and at least for the next wee while we are back to being the World's Southern Most parkrun Event in the World!

Smile of the Day:
Vicky, who ran today after a night shift! she slept for 3 hours, but made sure to get up to come and join us for our restart this weekend!!
Billy Carter who had an early lunch at 9am, to make it to parkrun and then straight back to work today!
Sean Iversen, who was presented with his J10 milestone certificate this week.

Coming Up:
We are back next week!
18 July is pacer week.

The Stats:

The female record is held by Claire NICHOLS who recorded a time of 18:44 on 29th December 2018 (event number 47).
The male record is held by Lachie BAIRD who recorded a time of 16:29 on 29th February 2020 (event number 110).
The Age Grade course record is held by Debbie TELFER who recorded 90.36% (21:47) on 8th February 2020 (event number 107).

See you next week!

Liz Henry
Event Director

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