Invercargill parkrun event number 112 – March 14th 2020

Nau mai, haere mai to Invercargill parkruns 112th event run report!

We were greeted with a beautiful morning and 170 enthusiastic parkrunners, walkers or joggers today!
Some came in their Scottish themed dress to support our event as Invercargill is hosting the 2020 New Zealand Pipe Band Championships!

A big thank you to Alasdair Henry, who was our piper today and got our event started! He also piped in our parkrun community as they approached the finish line!

The event was made possible by 14 volunteers:

Liz HENRY • Riley FERGUSON • Ruth PRATTLEY • Regan PRATTLEY • Mark RYDING • Catherine PATTERSON • Mel LEMM • Aimee WITHINGTON • Craig SWENSSON • Tom MCSORILEY • Samantha LEMM • Bruce HARTLEY • Patria KERR • Darren LUDLOW

Thank you to those who continue to give up their walk or run for 1 week and share the volunteering roles around. Without volunteers, there is no parkrun.
If you haven't volunteered before, send us a message or talk to us about the different roles and we will be happy to ease your mind. None of the roles are difficult.

We have quite a few volunteer vacancies in April and would LOVE to have these filled by more of our wonderful community! You can see the dates and roles at

Message us on Facebook or email us at so we can add you to our roster. Thank You in advance.

Also thank you to those whom put their name on our roster today for me. We appreciate it and I'm glad my gentle nagging is productive.

Our first male finisher home today was Craig IVERSEN at a time of 17:38.
Our first woman home today, with a time of 24:24, and a Personal Best is Joyce WAKELIN! Congrats Joyce!

We had visitors from the UK, Balclutha and Dunedin today! We hope you enjoyed our event and safe travels as you journey on!
25 wonderful first timers joined us and 38 finishers recorded new Personal Bests. Well done to you all!

Smile of the day goes to Rowena HOWE who successfully completed her 50th parkrun milestone  today after taking 5 weeks off for travel. It was wonderful to have you back and safe journey as you travel on!


50 milestone run club:
Jo BROWN - well done!! and thank you for visiting us.

Rowena HOWE

April 11th we change to winter hours! 9am start time from April 11th! Mark it in your diaries.

Invercargill parkrun started on 10th February 2018. Since then 1,939 participants have completed 12,321 parkruns covering a total distance of 61,605 km, including 2,271 new Personal Bests. A total of 326 individuals have volunteered 1,661 times.

Have a great weekend and we will see you next week, at the cricket pavilion 7.45am for first timers briefing and 7.50am for our full briefing.
Our event will start at 8am and afterwards, please feel free to join us at the Cheeky Llama cafe inside the park for a chat and cuppa.

Nga mihi,

Ruth Prattley
Run Director


Invercargill parkrun run report – Event #104 – January 18th 2020

Today we were graced with 151 rad souls at Invercargill parkruns 104th event!

Hooray for a slightly overcast start, even if that meant the sandfly army were out in full force. First male finisher Alec BERESFORD and first female finisher Marika KNOETZE outran the sandflies though, well done team!

27 fab folks joined us today for the very first time!! Thank you for coming along and we absolutely look forward to seeing you again! And again! And again!

Personal bests were smashed out by 37 parkrunners today!! Well done, congrats and virtual high five!

Friends from Balclutha, Dunedin, Wollongong and the UK chose to spend their morning running, jogging or walking with us!

Ann WOOD (pictured below) joined us from Durham in England to complete her 200th parkrun!!!! What an absolutely AMAZING achievement! Ann said she decided to save her 200th parkrun for when her and her husband were in Invercargill and by doing that, has not run for 6 weeks! We were VERY honored and very grateful that Ann chose to spend her 200th parkrun with us here. She loved the course and even more than that, she said our volunteers and fellow parkrunners were easily the friendliest and most supportive she had met. So thank you for the kind words, and thank you to our 16 epic volunteers today and our awesome community of parkrunners!


Our volunteers, named below, included 3 pacers this week! Billy ran 25mins, Barry ran 27.5mins and Gary ran 30mins! Every 3rd week of the month, we have pacers aim to keep to a certain time to help other parkrunners reach a goal if that is what they would like.

Ruth PRATTLEY • Regan PRATTLEY • Liz HENRY • Linda TE AU • Mel YEO • Katrina MCGILLAN • Billy CARTER • Gary MIKKELSEN • Barry SMITH • Robyn SMITH • Aimee WITHINGTON • Alison SAUNDERS • Marise LANG  • Joanne FUKUDA • Tatsuya FUKUDA • Craig SWENSSON

The next few weeks are looking a little scarce on the volunteer board. We would truly appreciate some help with the various positions we have vacant. You can check the volunteer board here:
And email us here:
Or message us on our Facebook page
If you can volunteer for us please.

MILESTONES: Its always exciting to help our parkrun whanau celebrate their milestones. In the next few weeks we have some local champs achieving their 50 run milestone and some are close to the 100 run milestone! We look forward to sharing that with you!

OUR 2nd BIRTHDAY: on February 8th we celebrate 2 years of parkrun here in Invercargill.
After the event, we are having a picnic and have some prizes up for grabs. Please join us to celebrate this brilliant occasion. We look forward to seeing you then.

From us though, thank you for coming along today, well done for getting up and out and being awesome.
Enjoy the weekend, the sun and stay safe.

See you next Saturday, 7.45am is our first timers briefing.... 7.50am is our main briefing and 8am the party starts!!
Don't forget your barcode.

Nga Mihi
Run Director
Ruth Prattley


Invercargill parkrun event number 85 – 21st september 2019

Good evening team Invercargill parkrun! And welcome to the worlds southernmost run report!

What an absolutely amazingly admirable event we had today! 143 inspiring souls joined us to run, walk or jog our 5km, beautifyingly blissful 85th event this super spring morn.

We welcomed parkrunners from Dunedin today! Thank you for joining us! 18 of our awesome members achieved their personal best today! High five guys and gals!
Welcome also to our 15 first timers, we hope you enjoyed it and will see you again next week.

I'd like to take a minute to give a big chest-bump, mid-air-high-five to our 21 positively positive peeps that volunteered their time for us today. Because of these guys and gals, we are able to continue to keep parkrun going. Thank you!

Liz HENRY • Marcia FERGUSON • Riley FERGUSON • Ruth PRATTLEY • Regan PRATTLEY • Julie JACK • Linda TE AU • Billy CARTER • Britta LIEVEN • Justine HOLLAND • Elizabeth RANDELL • Glenda WEST • Liam PRATTLEY • Barry SMITH • Keith BROWN • Marg GRAHAM • Anne SNODGRASS • Poppy MORRISON • Halle FAHERTY • Joanne SNYMAN • Pippa BROWN

We rely on volunteers to help us deliver a  safe and enjoyable event each Saturday morning. We have a few vacancies over the next few weeks. We would LOVE to have you join us and encourage our amazing community of parkrunners.
We require marshals, timekeepers (stopwatch provided), barcode scanners (scanner provided), tail walkers (your job is to walk at the back of the pack to ensure our parkrunners and walkers are safe and enjoying our event), photographer (camera provided).

Flick us a message on Facebook or email us at - to be added to our roster.  We email a reminder the Thursday before your event.

Our first finisher today was Shyam PATEL who is also a first timer! Welcome and congrats Shyam.
Samantha POTTER was our first female finisher today and also an Invercargill parkrun first timer!

Our PB achievers are pictured below.


Smile of the day this week belongs to Imogen Burdon & Alex Henry. These two young ladies shone their smiles bright and have been amazing each week encouraging each other on. Excellent finish Immy! Well done!!


Coming Up:

EVENT TIME CHANGE: Due to daylight savings, our event start time changes to 8am on October 5th. These are our Summer hours.
Our pre event briefing will start at 7.50am and our event will start at 8am sharp.
Please add this to your diaries.

Have an amazing weekend, enjoy our spring weather and we will see you 8.50am next Saturday for our pre event briefing and a 9am start to kick off the school holidays! Bring the kiddos along and we will bring our smiles.

Nga Mihi
Ruth Prattley
Run Director


Invercargill parkrun event 79 – August 10th 2019

What a fabulous turnout today for our 79th parkrun event here in Invercargill.
103 warm and cheerful souls joined us to jog, walk or run their way around our 5km course! Thank you all for spending a morning with us.

Twas a wee nip in the fresh breeze today but that didn't stop some friends from Dunedin joining us along with a few new faces!

We had a few people ask today, what they should do in regards to registering, so heres the 411:

On your device go to - here you will register, which is just putting in some basic details and it's all easy, quick and FREE!

Once you are registered, you will receive an email - there will be an attachment with your own personal barcode. Print that barcode off, and bring it with you next time you come along.

What is the barcode for? The barcode is YOUR special parkrun identifier. It doesnt matter where you travel to in the world, or what parkrun you participate in, you will always have that barcode/parkrun number and when scanned, your time and run credit will be lodged next to your name.

Each week we upload results and registered participants receive an email with their time and other details. It's a great way to work on your personal best. Registering also means when you volunteer, we can add your name to our roster and you will be emailed a reminder the Thursday before your volunteer.

Everything parkrun is free. Freeeeeeeee I tells ya!

We have 14 friendly faces to thank today for giving up their time and a run/walk to volunteer for us and make todays event so Wicked!!

Ruth PRATTLEY • Regan PRATTLEY • Liz HENRY • Riley FERGUSON • Mark RYDING • Jayden PRATTLEY • Blake PRATTLEY • Liam PRATTLEY • Barry SMITH • Poppy MORRISON • Halle FAHERTY • Rachael ALLAN • Christina ALLAN • Kingsley SNYMAN

We have a few volunteer vacancies left in August. Feel free to message us on FB or email us at and let us know when you can help out.

22 of you achieved your PERSONAL BEST Today!! *mid-air-high-five* to each of you!! Congratulations!

Brianna HARTLEY was our first woman finisher today with a snazzy sub 25min time! Boom!
Jono ROSS was our first male finisher back with a sub 20min time! Well done to you both!

Kudos and a back-flip-scott-arrol-airplane-pose to Mark RYDING who completed his 25th volunteer milestone today! Thank you Mark and yay for free tshirts!!

We are still in winter hours, meaning parkrun Invercargill starts at 9am, and our information briefing is at 8.50am each Saturday at the queens Park Cricket Pavilion.

Next week we are having a Sponsors event celebration and a special guest will be joining us - Mr Whippy!! A special thanks to our local sponsor Mee & Henry Law.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend,
Have a great week,

Ruth Prattley,
Run Director


Invercargill parkrun event #76 – July 20, 2019

Good Evening team parkrun Invercargill!

It was a cool and calm morning here at Invercargill parkrun as we welcomed 116 wonderful women and men to the worlds southernmost parkrun today.

5 first timers took on our 5km course through Queens Park and the reviews afterward were good! Phew! Always nice to hear good things about our event (especially when the boss is away!)

A mid-air-high-five to the following 18 spendiferous species who achieved their PBs today! Well done to all!


18 hi-vis heroes made today a smooth and fun success. Thank you to each one of you for donating us your time to help keep parkrun going every Saturday.


Congratulations to our first male finisher Paul LEMON, and our first female finisher Rachel LINES who also achieved her new PB today! Well done!

Special mention to Nalani, Sheana and Kaliya SOLOMON who all joined the junior 10 milestone club today! Well done team!

Regan PRATTLEY achieved a first for Invercargill parkrun today, when he gained his 50 run milestone and 25 volunteer milestone! Congratulations Regs.

Sarah BIGGERSTAFF, one of our run directors completed her 25 volunteer milestone this morning, very exciting and well done!

We have lots of volunteer spots open over the next few weeks. We always appreciate our volunteers and thanks to our local sponsor Mee & Henry Law, our volunteers are offered a drink of their choice, from the cheeky Llama cafe, for free.
Check out our roster at:
And flick us a message on FB or email us at to be added.

The winter challenges are still in full swing. Keep up the good work to those who have entered various challenges. And good luck!

Join us next week at the cricket pavilion at 8.50am for our briefing, 9am event starts.

Enjoy your week, stay safe and if you havent been to see the Invercargill Musical Theatres production of Wicked at the Civic Theatre, you MUST go. You will absolutely LOVE it!

Nga Mihi
Ruth Prattley
Run Director


Invercargill parkrun Event #50 January 19th 2019

It was Invercargill parkruns 50th event today and 102 fabulous faces joined us to run, jog or walk our 5km course through Queens Park.

The sun was shining (somewhere) and the rain was gently reminding us to stay hydrated.

We were joined by 13 first timers, including friends from Auckland, Hamilton, Otago and Balclutha! Glad you enjoyed the course and we look forward to seeing you again!

14 parkrunners enjoyed achieving their personal bests today - congrats team!

We had 13 wonderful volunteers who helped to make this event run smoothly. Thanks to each one of you for volunteering your time. It is always hugely appreciated.

Sadie BOERSEMA • Ruth PRATTLEY • Claire BUCKINGHAM • Maree WILKINS • Elizabeth WILDE • Glenda WEST • Tom MCSORILEY • Arthur ADLAM • Christie NELSON • Mel YEO • Te HUNT • Ant LEATHART • Marg GRAHAM

Our roster is full for the rest of January and we are now taking volunteers for all February dates. If you have a free hour one Saturday morning, please feel free to spend it with us, cheering on our fellow parkrunners. We will even give you a free hot drink. Perfect!

Our first finisher was Nick Van Zoelen - well done Nick!

Exciting things coming up for Invercargill parkrun:

We turn 1 Year Old on February 9th!! So of course, we are celebrating!
We are holding a kids first birthday themed event on Saturday 9th. We will have goodies afterward to nibble on which is being provided by The Cheeky Llama cafe at Queens Park.

Spot prizes will be given out afterward at the party! So please, block out your diaries and come along to our special 1st birthday event on Saturday February 9th.

See you all bright eyed and bushy tailed next Saturday the 26th. Meet us at the cricket pavilion at 7.50am for our briefing, event starts at 8am.

Have a great and safe week. If you are travelling to or from Queenstown for the concert, please drive carefully.

Run Director,
Ruth Prattley


Run Report Event #47 Invercargill 29th December 2018

Morena whānau,

Welcome to Invercargill's 47th and last event for 2018!! We were privileged to enjoy the company of 76 wonderful souls who walked, ran and jogged our 5km course through Queens Park today.

The sun greeted 13 first timers including parkrunners from Ireland, England, Wanaka and Dunedin. 
Thank you for joining us today on the worlds southernmost parkrun. Have a great time while you're here and safe journeys. 

Personal bests were achieved by 13 people today! Well done!! Our first finisher today was Claire NICHOLS, Congrats!! 

A massive thank you to our 11 volunteers today for their awesome help! We appreciate you So Much! 


If you would like to help us and volunteer to help keep the event going, please send us a message on Facebook or email us on

Next week will be our very first parkrun of 2019!! Please join us and remember to bring along your barcode so we can give you a time. 

Thank you for making Invercargill parkrun so awesome this year! We have truly enjoyed it and meeting so many awesome people. 

Have a wonderful and safe New Year! Safe journeys wherever you are and we will see you next Saturday, January 5th, at 7.50am for the briefing. 8am event start. 

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Invercargill parkrun Results Page.

The male record is held by Dwight GRIEVE who recorded a time of 16:41 on 19th May 2018 (event number 14).
The female record is held by Claire NICHOLS who recorded a time of 18:44 on 29th December 2018 (event number 47).
The Age Grade course record is held by Debbie TELFER who recorded 88.45% (21:56) on 22nd December 2018 (event number 45).

Invercargill parkrun started on 10th February 2018. Since then 959 participants have completed 4,594 parkruns covering a total distance of 22,970 km, including 1,098 new Personal Bests. A total of 198 individuals have volunteered 630 times

Run Director - Ruth Prattley


Invercargill parkrun event number 44, December 15th 2018

Kia ora koutou! We made it! Apologies for the late post, we ran into some technical issues. Thanks for your patience and enjoy!

Welcome to the run report for invercargill parkruns 44th event!
113 beautiful souls graced us with their presence on this overcast but pleasant December morning! 26 fabulous whānau joined us for the first time! Welcome! And 28 blasted home with their personal bests! Well done!

The event started with a briefing and two milestone presentations being awarded for completing 10 runs, in the junior category. Congratulations to Jayden & Blake Prattley on your fabulous effort and achievements!

We were lucky enough to be joined by parkrunners from Queensland, NSW, Auckland & Dunedin this week. Our Dunedin visitor, Wendy, chose to spend her birthday parkrun with us! Thank you for that and we hope you enjoyed your visit! Safe travels back and Ra Whānau Wendy.

15 hi vis heroes helped make today's event a great one! Thank you to each of the following volunteers for giving up a run or walk and letting us run a smooth event. Ka mau te wehi!

Marcia TE AU-THOMSON • Arthur ADLAM • Ange MOLLOY • Morgan TAYLOR • Liam

High five to Brennan RHODES who was this weeks first finisher.

Smile of the week goes to: these Smiling Dads with prams!! Well done guys!

Next week is our TUTU event. Anytime an event falls on the 22nd of a month we like to encourage parkrunners to sport a flamboyant tutu. Christmas wear also welcome. Double points if you find a Christmas themed tutu!

We are holding Invercargill's first Christmas Day parkrun this year. Bring the whānau and spend an hour walking through our beautiful Queens Park. Christmas attire hugely encouraged! Same time, same place.

See you all next week, parkrun briefing at the cricket pavilion in Queens park, 7.50am. Event starts 8am. Join us at the cheeky llama afterward for a gossipy chinwag and a cuppa.

Stay safe out there, please Drive safely and Look after each other!

Run Director for the week - Ruth Prattley


Invercargill parkrun Event number 1 10th February 2018

An overcast but warm morning provided a great setting for the Inaugural Invercargill parkrun, in beautiful Queens Park.

The event was made possible by 12 volunteers:

Lian DE CHARMOY • Noel DE CHARMOY • James Alan CARR • Ross HENRY • Liz HENRY • Suzanne HENDERSON • Heather RYAN • Rebecca CARTER • Janet MACMANUS • Jolie HAZLEY • Bevan MCNAUGHTON • Joanne HEBBEND

Thanks Team, your enthusiasm was appreciated!  (Especially to Noel, for attempting to encourage and marshal non parkrunner park users.  And tail walker Suzanne for hanging back to wait for a couple of late additions!)

This week 103 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 93 were first timers.

The lead bike was leading a front bunch of One.  Brennan Rhodes completed the course in an amazing time of 18mins 34 secs, coming in nearly 3.5 mins before the next parkrunner.

Brennan displayed an amazing and supportive attitude at the finish line, waiting to cheer on each of the parkrunners coming through the finish line, and was especially supportive of his brother Koby who came in first place for his age category and a very respectable 17th overall.   It was also great to see their supportive family at the finish line to greet the boys!

The parkrun community came out in force to support our Inaugural parkrun with  24 parkrunners coming from other parkruns.  Thanks to those from the UK, Australia (thanks Pip and Sherman from New Farm!), Auckland (Go Cornwall Park parkrun!), Marlborough, Kapiti Coast, Lower Hutt, Porirua, Dunedin parkruns for your attendance!  (I am sure I have missed someone, so thanks to that parkrun too!!)

Special thanks to Warwick Smith for providing some wonderful and practical feedback on the Course and Finish funnel!  It was so wonderful to have a solution- based conversation with Warwick.  Warwick was running with an injury, and yet got the second fastest time of the day.

Congratulations to Denise Cesca, first female parkrunner home, and to Debbie Telfer who set the age grade course record.  I can tell you that it was a hotly assessed age category, with Crissy Boyce and Pip Stewart having multiple parkruns under their belt (Crissy with 115 and Pip with 217).

Big Shout out to Sarah Biggerstaff for smile of the day!

Whether you ran, walked, hopped or skipped, it was fabulous to see so many come out to support our inaugural event.   Most people crossed the line with a smiling face, and those that didn’t, soon smiled as they reached the scanner.

Well done to all parkrunners

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Invercargill parkrun Results Page.

The male record is held by Brennan RHODES who recorded a time of 18:34 on 10th February 2018 (event number 1).
The female record is held by Denise CESCA who recorded a time of 22:42 on 10th February 2018 (event number 1).
The Age Grade course record is held by Debbie TELFER who recorded 83.43% (22:56) on 10th February 2018 (event number 1).

Thanks to our national sponsor, New Zealand Home Loans and local sponsor Mee & Henry Law Limited for making this event possible.

Key learnings today:  Ensure Sherman Simpson doesn’t veer off course (5:63km parkrun for Sherman today for his 179th parkrun!

Photos will be on Facebook soon.

Looking forward to parkrunday next week!

Liz Henry

Invercargill Event Director

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