Virtual Volunteer

The parkrun Virtual Volunteer is our official timing and scanning application and is available free of charge from Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store.
The Virtual Volunteer app was designed to replace timing and scanning hardware at parkrun events and is critical to maintaining our free-to-participate model across our rapidly growing event locations. All new parkrun events are now required to be ‘App-only’ and we no longer provide stand-alone timers or scanners.

The App has been designed specifically for parkrun events, is simple to use, provides accurate data, and works for any size of parkrun event.

The App has two functions to help parkrun teams generate their results:

Timing participants
Scanning barcodes after participants have finished
The information can then be easily transferred to the Results Processor using email, and we recommend that the Virtual Volunteer results are not cleared until results appear online.

Times can be recorded by tapping the split section on the screen of the device, in addition, either of the two volume buttons on the side of the phone, or on plugged-in earphones, may be used to record the time. One of the earphones may be placed in the ear to hear the beep. On a cold or wet day, for example, the Timekeeper could place the phone in their pocket and they will hear a beep to confirm each participant.

If raining it is strongly advised that the volume buttons are used or the phone is protected with a waterproof case as rain on the screen can cause extra times to be recorded accidentally.


On all screens touching Back in the top left will return to the first screen. The timer will continue in the background, even if the App has closed.
If sound and/or vibrate have been enabled in the device's settings it will beep and/or vibrate. Setting vibrate works particularly well as beeps from nearby devices may confuse.
Printed barcodes only will be accepted. Barcodes presented on mobile phones must not be scanned.
Sending data to the Results Processor...

Click on ‘export results’ at the bottom right of the screen. An option to choose the way that the data is sent will appear. Although there are several ways to transfer the files to the Results Processor, our recommended method is to send by email, either using the phone’s built-in email app or a third-party email app such as Gmail.
Enter the email address provided by the Run Director (for Invercargill parkrun the email is: