parkrun code reminder

As we get back into the swing of things, here is a reminder of the parkrun code.

Participant Code of Conduct
5k events
Pay attention to the pre-parkrun briefing
Respect everyone’s right to participate in their own way
Under 11s always within arm’s reach of a parent or guardian
One dog (on a short lead) per person
Be mindful of your local environment and other people
No printed barcode, no time, no exception
Have fun, it’s only a walk, jog or run
Thank the amazing volunteers


We only ask you to bring one thing to parkrun, and that is your barcode. If you don't have your barcode, you can still run, but you will not get a time.

(If you haven't got a barcode register for one here: - register once and use the barcode for all parkrun events worldwide).

Yeah okay, we admit that we have been willing to make exceptions occasionally on this rule, but it is actually really important that we follow the rule, here is why we need you to have your printed barcode:

* The printed barcode has your name printed on it there are over 6 million parkrunners, to manually input the details, we have to go through all 6 million users and there are many duplicate names, it significantly delays the processing of results each week;
* The printed barcodes also have your “In case of Emergency” (ICE) data. Having your name and ICE details readily accessible allows us to use this information to help keep you safe. Barcodes on phones and watches are displayed in so many different ways that we can’t count on seeing this information, and in many cases we won't be able to "unlock" your device in the event of an emergency.
* Getting the device ready to scan can take longer than getting a piece of paper ready, this can hold up the line, especially at larger events.
* Technology changes all of the time, both hardware and the apps that run on them. What might work today, may not after the next software update. We cannot guarantee that the barcode will scan from the screen of a phone or a watch.

Lastly, please be kind to our volunteers. When you’ve been told they can’t scan your phone or watch, please respect them. Don’t ask them to write your name down, just come back next week with your printed barcode. We’re here every week.

Liz Henry
Event Director
Invercargill parkrun