Invercargill parkrun Event number 114 11th July 2020

G’day parkrunners and volunteers. It is my great pleasure to once again be part of parkrun, after almost 4 months since we have been allowed to do parkrun in our country, Australia.

My name is Anthony Paterson, and I am living at Moana, South Australia. For the past 17 weeks, we have had to change our ways on a Saturday morning. Normally we’d go to parkrun, but we now do midweek (not)parkruns (some on Saturdays), and various Freedom parkruns still.

We were in lockdown for awhile, and now have a very nice vegetable garden. I try to walk most days, unless the weather is a bit dodgy. I contacted parkrun NZ as a whole to see if I could help out today, SOMEHOW !!! Liz Henry, kindly agreed to let me be a “virtual” volunteer, as the Run Report Writer ….. so here we go ……

Today Invercargill parkrun completed Event #114. On a mild 4 degree, coolish day, partly cloudy with some beautiful blue sky, 119 enthusiastic parkrunners, ran, jog, walked or shuffled their way to complete the 5km in a variety of ways and times.

This event was made possible by 20 volunteers:

Run Director – Barry SMITH.

Timekeepers – Peter BIGGERSTAFF & Bruce HARTLEY.

Finish Token Hander Outers – Glenda WEST.

Barcode Scanners – Liz HENRY & Leanne LIGGETT.

Marshals – Catherine PATTERSON, Erin BRADLEY, Linda TE AU, Anne SNODGRASS,


Photographer – Ross HENRY.

Tail Walkers – Cindy MULROONEY, Azaria DAVIS & Zaviour DAVIS.

First Timers Briefer – Billy CARTER.

Token Sorter – Mel LEMM.

Event Day Course Checker – Billy CARTER.

Run Report Writer from Australia – Anthony PATERSON.

Thanks once again to our team of volunteers. We always appreciate your help, and without it parkrun would not be possible.

Please let us know if you are able to volunteer in the upcoming weeks by emailing us at: or message us through Facebook Messenger with your preferred volunteer role and the date you would like to help out.

Adam COWIE was today’s first male across the line, with a new PB and a time of 19:32.

Mary THOM was today’s first female, with a time of 24:14.

Congratulations to the 15 people with Personal Best Times today.

They were:

Adam COWIE = 19:32.
Sam MUIR = 20:50.
Judah HOYLE = 22:46,
Steve OLIVER = 23:15.
Tane BOOTH = 24:53.
Aaron CAMPBELL = 25:48.
Diesel DOUGLAS = 32:08.
Maree SMALL = 35:02.
Sumo KYAW = 38:22.
Matt MCKAY = 39:51.
Karia KING = 41:19.
Cherie CHAMPION = 41:39.
Ali DAVIS = 50:31.
Nathan HERBERT = 50:32.
Maree HAGGERTY = 54:53.

We had 7 new parkrunners under the banner of “First Timers” today.

Welcome to:

Kate WILSON = 27:56.
Angela LAMONT = 29:10.
Tessa ORR = 33:53.
Zara ORR = 33:57.
Laura HEENAN = 42:52.
Robyn WILSON = 54:12.
Azaria DAVIS = 1:10:24.

The First Place List for each age category is listed below.

Congratulations to:

JM10 – Tane BOOTH = 24:53.
JM11-14 – Diesel DOUGLAS = 32:08.
JM15-17 – Judah HOYLE = 22:46.
SM25-29 – Joel STOTT = 24:53.
SM30-34 – Sam LEE = 21:51.
VM35-39 – Scott HODGES = 20:30.
VM40-44 – Billy CARTER = 20:25.
VM45-49 – Chris HANKIN = 22:54.
VM50-54 – Adam COWIE = 19:32.
VM55-59 – Peter EASTWOOD = 23:43.
VM60-64 – Lindsay KELLY = 24:02.
VM65-69 – Leighton HARE = 32:08.
VM70-74 – Paul HURLEY = 48:13.
VM75-79 – Carl JOHNSTONE = 56:30.
JW10 – Azaria DAVIS = 1:10:24.
JW11-14 – Tessa ORR = 33:53.
SW20-24 – Dana CAVANAGH = 26:30.
SW25-29 – Enya DOO = 25:18
SW30-34 – Jessica CAMPBELL = 24:58.
VW35-39 – Mary THOM = 24:14.
VW40-44 – Juanita THORNTON = 28:09.
VW45-49 – Julie JACK = 29:37.
VW50-54 – Carmen BUNGARD = 28:06.
VW55-59 – Robyn SMITH = 37:41
VW60-64 – Heather HACKETT = 32:12.
VW65-69 – Erin FORDE = 39:15.
VW70-74 – Margaret JOHNSTONE = 1:09:02.

Results are available here:
Congratulations to Sheryll LINDSAY on her 50th parkrun today.
Welcome to the Red 50 T-Shirt Club !!!
There was also another milestone to Junior parkrunner, Caitlyn MCDOWELL on her 10th parkrun in the JW11-14 Age Category. Great stuff !!!

Welcome to our visitors from neighbouring parkruns, Porirua and Pegasus.
It is always great to see some parkrun tourists come to Invercargill parkrun.

If you were at parkrun today and are NOT listed on the results list, please register FREE:
or remember to bring your printed barcode next time .... please !!!

The Female Record is held by Claire NICHOLS = 18:44 on 29/12/18 (Event #47).
The Male Record is held by Lachie BAIRD = 16:29 on 29/02/20 (Event #110).
The Age Grade Course Record is held by Debbie TELFER = 90.36% on 8/02/20 (Event #107).

A special mention must go to Barry SMITH who was very excited about wearing the new style Run Director vest, but then joy turned to despair when he realised the car keys were locked in the car.
You win some and you lose some !!!!

Well, I’ll finish up from South Australia now, knowing that somewhere in this big wide world, that there are some lucky people out there able to complete a 5km parkrun, which makes all of us Aussies very happy to know, and thankyou to Invercargill parkrun and to Liz HENRY for letting me get involved in your event, I look forward to visiting one day in the future.

By the way ...... Next week is PACER WEEK !!!

Enjoy your weekly parkruns !

Remember – ANY 5K IS A GOOD 5K.



Anthony Paterson

Moana, South Australia, Australia.